victoria b.c.

The Worst Excuse

I had never lived on the west coast before I moved to Victoria, B.C. I never even paid attention to the west coast. Actually, I never even paid attention to anywhere outside of Illinois. Living on an island above Seattle, we get Seattle-like weather here. Not as rainy, but still occasional gloominess.

My new favorite thing is when people say that they have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I agree that rain and snow are depressing and can cause people to feel tired and depressed. Totally understandable. But isn’t that just part of how the seasons work? Shouldn’t you be used to rain and winter since, I don’t know, birth? Seasonal affective disorder = being human.

What I really love is when people use this as an excuse not to do things. I am the queen of unnecessary excuses. I cancel on people but I usually just tell them I’m too lazy to do something that takes little to no effort. But when you have to come up with an excuse like, “Sorry I can’t make it, my SAD is really kicking in today” then you should just consider ending your life. Buy a full spectrum light and get over it.

I also like how it’s called a “disorder” as if only certain people have it. I’m pretty sure everyone I have ever met feels gross and lazy when it’s rainy and feels awesome when it’s sunny. That’s not a disorder, that’s just life. Kind of like when parents claim that their children have ADD when they really just gave them too much juice.

I would respect people so much more if they just said how they were feeling instead of making excuses. Everything you’re feeling doesn’t need a title in order for it to be considered an actual complaint. Just say, “I feel depressed” instead of “I have seasonal affective disorder so that’s why I’m so depressed.”  Groan. Just leave the complaining to me, okay?