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Saint Looney Toons

Volunteering has to be the worst idea that man kind has come up with. No sane mortal would’ve thought work without pay was a good concept. There must have been a saint of volunteering. Saint Lunatic, perhaps.

Since I’m not a Canadian citizen I can’t actually get a “real” job. Which is fine by me. I’m one of those rare people that doesn’t mind being jobless. I totally didn’t understand why the 99% at Occupy Everywhere weren’t celebrating their awesome luck. No jobs = no worries. Right?

In order to improve my resume, I’ve decided to do some volunteering work. Being an experienced volunteer, I know one or two things about working for absolutely no money.

Never get your hopes up. Unless you’re volunteering at a soup kitchen, no one actually knows that you’re a volunteer. Most people will assume that you’re a paid employee. So basically everyone will treat you like crap.

You won’t get a sense of pride or accomplishment. I’ve never been proud of myself whilst volunteering. If anything, I’m counting down the minutes before I get to go home. Let me tell you, its a challenge for me to smile, pretend like I had a great time and walk nonchalantly to the door. My first reaction would be to grab my stuff, sprint to the door and say “peace out mutha…” Well, you get it.

However, volunteering looks amazing on your resume. Maybe “amazing” isn’t the right word. Some people wonder why I’ve ONLY done volunteer work and childcare. Sorry I’m so Christ-like.

I’m going to volunteer at a museum. Since I have a history degree it kind of works. I’ve volunteered at a tiny art gallery and also at an Archaeological Trust. At the art gallery I literally stood around for 4 hours every Tuesday afternoon. At the Archaeological Trust I cleaned artifacts and learned how to properly spell Archaeology. Jk I used spell check.