Independence Day Mixtape

Canada Day has come and gone but the 4th of July is slowly approaching. Will you be bbq-ing it up with friends and family? Watching fireworks alongside the embarrassing people you have to share your neighborhood (and country) with? Maybe you’ll just spend the evening inside, watching Netflix and eating those awesome fireworks popsicles. You know the ones. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you may need a Independence Day mix to get you through the day. Celebrating our nation is tough and I have just the thing to make the day go a little smoother.

Side note: Some major American-themed songs have been left out due to my personal preference (ex. Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen). You can use my mix as a base if you like, and add all of your other American faves later. Or don’t.

America-Simon and Garfunkle

National Anthem- Lana del Rey

American Pie-Don McLean

American Girl- Tom Petty

Hollywood-Marina and The Diamonds (Simply for the line “Puking American Dreams”)

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

American Woman- The Guess Who

American Boy -Estelle/Kanye West

Washington DC -Magnetic Fields

4th of July – Aimee Mann

Independence Day-Elliott Smith

Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus (because I miss the old Miley)

Young Americans- David Bowie

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Canada Day!

I just wrote an immensely awesome post about Canada Day and WordPress somehow erased it. Usually WP is really great about auto-saving, but this time they failed. Instead of writing about Canada Day, I’m going to write about how WordPress owes me big time. They can pay me back in Freshly Pressing all of my posts from here on out.  Jk I’ll write about Canada Day. But I’m not jk-ing about being Freshly Pressed.

While all of you are being distracted by the recent American tragedies (the death of TomKat and Adele’s pregnancy announcement), the Canadians are celebrating. Celebrating what?, you might ask. That’s a good question. You should Google it. Any time you ask a question you should Google it. Asking questions is SO 90’s.

Canada Day is basically Canada’s Independence Day. Like their 4th of July, but except it’s on the 1st of July and full of Canadian pride. On this day in 1867, the British North America Act (aka the Constitution Act) was signed, uniting 3 colonies into a single country called The Dominion of Canada. This is great and all, but they were still under British rule in a way. Like, if they wanted to pass a law or anything, they had to go through Parliament. Cray cray, right?! In 1982 (aka 30 years ago aka lol) the Canada Act was passed which made Canada a distinguished, sovereign land. No more “Dominion of”, just plain old Canada. Yipee!

This was my first time ever celebrating Canada Day. I didn’t want to admit to myself what a great time I was having. I was part of a human flag! Do you know what that is? It’s pretty self explanatory, but I imagine all of my readers to be complete idiots. Here’s a picture of what I was a part of.

Isn’t that cool? Aren’t you jealous? I was in the Maple Leaf part of the flag. That’s the best part. Who wants to be the boring old white part? Or the red stripes on the side? The Canadian flag is a pretty lazy design when you think of it. Obviously not as lazy as say, the Japanese flag, but you catch my drift.

After that we meandered down to the food pavilion. Mainly because I kept talking about how hungry I was. There were a series of food tents of all different ethnic delicacies. Of course Paul and I opted for the Jewish Community Center’s stand. We each got a huge kosher hot dog. We were eying the blintzes, but we didn’t want to be complete fatties, so we walked away. Quietly sobbing to ourselves.

Later on we had a BBQ and played with our friend’s kids and dog. I’m forever entertained by dogs. They never get old. Well, technically they DO get old, but you know what I mean.

Speaking of things that don’t get old–the fireworks at night were awesome. How are fireworks so cool? It’s literally fire being shot into the sky. We see them at least once a year, yet they are always awesome. They were displayed over the harbor and everyone around us was drunk and singing O Canada. It was a night to remember for sure.

Thanks, Canada. Here’s to many more Canada Days to come!