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What the what

You may or may not remember that I was having computer problems last time I posted on here. I continued to have them for a while afterward and was in the early stages of having a mental breakdown because of it. I spent a lot of time complaining to my husband how necessary it is to have a laptop for writing blog posts (among other things) and he gave me this big spiel about how no one will use laptops in a couple of years so I should just calm down. Well, until that technologically savvy year comes I refuse to believe that anything of worth will be written by using an iPad keyboard. Autocorrect can suck it.

But really, friends, foes, how are you? I’ve missed being present in the blogosphere. I’ve been a bad blogger and commentor and just bad in general. I need to redeem myself a bit.

I’m on vacay right now so I have time to take a moment for myself to type and eat Nantucket cookies and Pirouettes. Pepperidge  Farm doesn’t mess around. They know what’s up. However, my enjoyment has ceased a bit because I decided to get sunburned in the worst possible place. My butt. Whenever I sit down, wear underwear that scratches, or try to ride my bike, I’m met with a somewhat painful sensation. Wouldn’t suggest it. I will be looking hella tan back there in a week though.tumblr_mnw1vy45be1rvqzzoo1_500

Anyway, that’s about it. Not much of an update but I suppose it will do. I’ll post my vacation mix if I get enough interest in that. I’m still a fan of making mix cds even though apparently cds will be a thing of the past 5 minutes ago.

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Waking Up in Vegas

I never thought I’d use a Katy Perry song as my title, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Just be relieved that I didn’t use “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it.”

This year my husband and I spent our Christmas in Vegas by ourselves which turned out to be a fun little getaway and something very different compared to my past Christmases. Celebrating the holiday in Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart. But it is a great time to go because the weather is nice and the crowds have died down.las-vegas-strip

I find that I always have a running commentary whenever I’m at a public attraction. There’s so much to see, so many people to judge, and a lot of things to laugh at. The following is a list of some of my brain’s dumb thought process while on vacation:

Everyone here is on crazy pills. 

Why are people gambling at 8am? Why are they drinking at 8am? 

A hustler tried to sell me his rap album and refered to me as Taylor Swift. Then he asked for my autograph and I told my husband to give him some money ($3) for his “album.” I got a talking to about interacting with strange men on the strip. Tee hee.

Mmm what smells so good?

So much foooood. Buffet dreamland.

What is the point of see through pants? 

I think my legs are going to fall off…omg what is that? SO SPARKLY!

I hate slow walkers.

That cab driver is my new best friend.

Ahhh spa time.

Ahh jacuzzi time.

Ahh nap time.

Where am I? Who am I?

Elvis impersonator informs me that it’s “illegal to be that cute.” Umm alright. Why do I attract freaks?!

Did Wolf of Wall Street really need to be 3 hours long? Don’t get me wrong, I love Leo, but like, this was so unnecessary. 

While eating the thinnest pizza ever I determine that this is what heaven tastes like.

Merry Christmas, homeless man!

While eating the most sugary milkshake ever, I decide that this is what hell tastes like and throw up in the bathroom like a real lady. Was there butter in that shake?!

Merry Christmas, crack addict!

Do people actually like Celine Dion this much?

She has her own gift shop?

Got tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles Love show and it was literally the bomb.com. I had this creepy smile on my face the entire time. It was gross.

Merry Christmas, Chinese man who’s been playing the slot machines since midnight yesterday!

“The Desert Inn Has Heart, The Desert Inn Has Heart…”

Why is there a five mile line up at Starbucks?

I want to punch that cab driver in the face.

Goodbye Vegas, thanks for the mems!

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What did you think?



My mom spontaneously asked me if I would accompany her to Portland last week. I agreed because it sounded like fun AND I hadn’t ever been to Oregon and the only things I knew about the state came from the show “Portlandia”. I also knew that Oregon had a town called Beaverton because that’s where my best friend’s fake ID said she was from. So as you can see, my knowledge was vast.

“Portlandia” paints the city in a comical way. In the first episode they note that “The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland” which I have concluded to be absolutely true. Compared to the only other Northwest  city I’ve encountered (Seattle), Portland is a little less polished, and a lot more homeless. They have their fair share of hipsters–trendy restaurants, quirky boutiques, funky hotels. But overall, the city and outlaying suburbs have a quaintness about them that is hard to find elsewhere.

While I was in town I made sure to drag my mom to Voodoo Doughnut with me at 7:30am. If I had to accomplish one thing in Portland, it was to eat a doughnut from this location. Usually I’ve heard that there are massive lines coming out of this shop, but since we went bright and early, we stepped right in. We both got boring, old fashioned doughnuts, but they were really delicious. You can get some really weird creations there. For example, they offer bacon doughnuts and cereal coated doughnuts. I’m a plain Jane so I just do with whatever option looks suitable for a child’s palate. 6108795141_effae307fc_z

On our trip we visited some subdivisions outside of the city and did some shopping at a cute outdoor mall. Our favorite store was a paper/stationary/card shop that offered super cute calendars and greeting cards for almost any occasion. We stayed in there for quite some time because outside it started to downpour. Tired of waiting it out, my mom and I took off our shoes and made a mad dash to the car. We ended up soaked. Memories!

For dinner that night, we met up with our blogger friend turned real-life friend, Maggie! Maggie, being a true blue Oregonian, took us to a delicious restaurant called Mother’s in downtown Portland. It was yum. I could’ve just eaten the bread for my entire meal. I love meeting bloggers in real life. It’s so surreal. Maggie is such a happy and funny person. She had such a good energy about her. I told her that I thought her butt looked really nice and she seemed alarmed by that comment, but other than that, I think I came off as semi-normal. She and my mom were like two peas in a pod. It was precious.

The pretty chandeliers inside of Mother's.

The pretty chandeliers inside of Mother’s.

The next morning we met my friend Matt, whom I befriended during my study abroad in Canterbury, UK. He took us to this little place called Bijou Cafe. Super cute. Their bacon was delicious. It was great catching up with him and discovering his new-found talents (he makes metal jewelry!). He really loves Portland and everything that the city has to offer, so it was fun seeing it through his eyes. We all had a good laugh about how much we hate snotty French people, but that being said, we really want to learn French.

Overall it was a fun whirlwind of a trip. I got a little taste of Portland and got to meet up with some great friends. Did you do anything fun last week?


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Surfing USA..ehm I Mean Canada

I have a rule with myself where I can’t hate anything until I try it. Actually that’s not true at all. I pretty much hate everything off the bat and then realize that I really like to do whatever it is I was hating on after trying it. And I’m always up for trying things at least once.

My wonderful husband found a Groupon for a weekend’s stay in a cabin at a seaside town up island called Ucluelet (or Ukee as the locals call it). Ukee’s neighboring town is called Tofino and it’s known for being a quaint little surf town. I couldn’t wrap my head around Canada having it’s own surfing location. Especially in February. How many waves could there really be? And wouldn’t the water be frozen? It’s already too cold to go into even in the summer months, so I figured there was no way people could go in during the winter. I was wrong.

Not only did we have a Groupon for our accommodation, we also had Groupons (given to us by my friend who wasn’t going to use them) for surf lessons.

Ukee and Tofino were dead during this time of the year. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed and there were only locals and die-hard surfers cruising about. The population during the winter in these towns is usually around 2,000 and increases to 10,000 during the summer. Crazy huh? This is the reason why I keep referring to Ucluelet as Ukee–I’m basically a local. Also,  there was a surprising amount of Australians there. I don’t know why they would be in Tofino during the winter, while it’s summer in Australia, but whatevs.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn't go surfing there.

A rocky beach in Ucluelet. I definitely didn’t go surfing there.

Our little cabin that we stayed in was adorbs. It was one room with a loft at the top. There was a mini kitchen, a breakfast nook, and even WiFi! It was called Surf’s Inn. We stayed in what they called a Rainforest Cottage. I bet you didn’t know that Ucluelet and Tofino are home to some of the biggest rainforests. Don’t get excited–not tropical rainforests. Temperate rainforests. I didn’t know they existed either. Kind of like how I didn’t know Tofino or Ucluelet existed.

I was really dreading the day that we had reservations to go surfing. I knew I would freeze in the water and that my body would hurt from all the exercise. But I was wrong. Well, my body definitely hurt from all the exercise, but I didn’t freeze. The water was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and I was swimming in it like it was no big deal. I never realized the beauty of wetsuits until the day that I went surfing in the Pacific Ocean in February.

When we met our surf instructor at Tofino Surf School, I couldn’t stop smiling when I listened to him talk. He sounded like Crush from Finding Nemo. It was amazing. He used words like, “noggin”, “sweet”, “killer”, and “rad”. It was too good. Like, that alone was worth the money. Not that we paid for anything since we had Groupons, but still. He was a gem.Crush

I don’t think I was built for surfing. First of all, I have no upper body strength. Just carrying my board to the beach made my arms ache. So the fact that I tried to push myself up into a standing position on my board and failed miserably, was no surprise to me. I was able to catch waves, just not stand up on them. I gave it a good two hours until I called it quits. My body just wouldn’t cooperate after a while so there was no use. But it was still amazing to try and really fun.

I have no shame anymore so here's a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

I have no shame anymore so here’s a picture of me in a wetsuit. So flattering.

After surfing we had some delicious grub at a restaurant called Shelter. I had a shrimp and bacon sandwich with yam fries. It was just what my body needed. Then I slept like a log for 2 hours.


EPCOT Escapades

My family went to Orlando, Florida a lot when I was growing up. We also went a lot after I had grown up. My favorite part of the Disney experience was always EPCOT. It was a world showcase right in my own country, what more could I ask for? There was food from around the world, makeup and clothes from different countries, and of course, foreign hotties.

One of my first experiences with an EPCOT employee was when I was maybe 15. I wasn’t exactly a catch at this point in my life. I remember entering the Canadian pavilion and wanting to get some popcorn. In EPCOT they will assure you that popcorn was created in Canada. This bit of info seems wrong. Even my Canadian husband has pointed out that Canadians couldn’t have been the first people to heat up kernels. There’s no way.

At the popcorn stand was a super cute guy named Sean. He was blonde and tall and just my 15-year old type. He looked like Barbie’s Ken. After that, I looked at him from afar and pretty much stalked him for the rest of the trip. Exhilarating.

A couple years down the line I was wandering through the Morocco pavilion when a Moroccan guy, not much older than myself ran up to me. He told me that I was beautiful and wanted to see me again. His name was Amine (pronounced ah-meen) and we became instant lovers. And by lovers I mean that we held hands and walked around a theme park together.

One night we decided to watch the fireworks. I could feel my phone vibrating in my purse but I didn’t want to interrupt this romantic moment we were having. I was basically Jasmine and he was my Aladdin. When I was leaving the park, I called my mom only to find out that she thought I was kidnapped. My brother had been out looking for me and even asked Amine’s manager where he was and when he had last seen him. My mom is basically Liam Neeson.

When is she gonna learn that no one will ever want to take me?

When is she gonna learn that no one will ever want to take me?

You would’ve thought I’d learned my lesson to answer my phone but I didn’t. Years later a similar scenario happened. I wonder what my life would’ve been like if I grew up in a decade without cell phones. I guess people would’ve just assumed I was dead after every date.

My last and most exciting EPCOT lover was from the UK. On this trip I was with my friend Janna and we had been walking around for a while when we ran into my mom. She told us there was a really cute guy in one of the shops in the English pavilion for Janna. My first thought was, “What about me?!” So we met this guy and talked to him and he invited us to go to a club with him—yes, Disney has clubs. There, we met up with him and his friend Christopher.

Of course Christopher wasn’t as cute as Janna’s guy (I forget his name) but he was funny and I wasn’t picky. We ended up dancing and making out until midnight. I knew I had to be back at midnight because I was basically Cinderella. After that trip I realized that it’s less work to just admire guys from afar at EPCOT.

Especially the guys in the Norwegian pavilion.


My Trip to Bermuda

I think it’s obvious by now that I like to go on trips and see places that I’ve never been to before.  In 2009 my mom and I wanted to go on spring break somewhere besides our go-to spot in Orlando. So we chose Bermuda.bermuda-map

It was easier for both of us to just meet there instead of me flying home ( I was in England at the time). It was nice because the location of Bermuda was right in the middle. Just kidding. I looked at a map just now and its not in the middle at all. It’s much closer to the US. And its along the same line as South Carolina. And on the other side of the pond, it would be level with Morocco.

Flying there, I was super paranoid that something bad would happen as we entered the Bermuda Triangle. This old lady on the plane next to me said that she went there 3 times a year and survived every time so I figured everything would be alright. God wouldn’t let that lady survive all those times and let me die on my first visit, right?

I survived and met my mom at our hotel. The rooms were separated into little villa-type things. Ours was called The Sea Grape. I didn’t even know sea grapes were a real thing, but apparently they are. One memorable aspect of Bermuda was that there were tons of cats. We had a regular cat that would stop by our room every night, eat some of my shrimp cocktail, and then sit on my bed. One night we had at least four cats outside our place.

Ignore my hair and my body and everything else in this picture besides the cat.

Ignore my hair and my body and everything else in this picture besides the cat.

The weather was nice and sunny while we were there but it wasn’t as warm as we had been expecting. It was kind of a let down. Leave it to me to complain about a vacation.

We went into the main drag in town and that was fun because we felt like locals. Or at least I did. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton which is also the name that I gave one of the cats that decided to live with us.

Bermuda is kind of like Canada in that they have their own currency but they’ll accept US bills as well. They’ll just take whatever they can get, really. Which I respect. That’s what I would do.

My very beachy all black apparel.

My very beachy all black apparel.

While we were there we went to the Crystal Caves which were just Carlsbad Cavern-esque caves with stalactites and stalagmites. I’ve seen both many times and I still can’t tell the difference. I remember our tour guide being slightly in love with me though. But really, who isn’t?2708_520409534189_580493_n

Then we went back to our place and decided that Bermuda was kind of lame and didn’t have that much to do so we booked a flight to Orlando. Seriously.

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My Trip to Sydney

When I was in high school I liked to sing. I still like to sing, but now I just do it in my car. I was involved in my school’s choir and we were competitive to say the least. Each year we traveled around the globe touring and competing. The last trip of my high school career was in Sydney Australia. The last venue that I ever sang in was the Sydney Opera House.

Props to me for thinking I could pull off a horizontal striped shirt.

Props to me for thinking I could pull off a horizontal striped shirt.

That year there were three different trips. I remember because I got to go on all three. I was one of the lucky ones. The most popular trip was obviously Sydney. Who wants to go to stupid old Austria and dumb old Italy when you can go down under? There was always a down side to these exciting trips and that was practicing. Every day during and after school we had to attend practice for hours on end. Even in the airport we would get into formation and sing our hearts out. For some reason I had no shame in high school.

Our days were filled with practice even when we arrived in Australia. We would gather and sing for four hours and then we were allowed to go explore. My teacher was a bit of a bully and she would threaten us not to sleep even when we were overcome with jet lag. We couldn’t play games or do anything crazy in case we got hurt and couldn’t sing. It was super Nazi style.

There was always some kind of activity planned during the day that we were forced to do but it was never anything super cool. Like, instead of climbing the Darling Harbour bridge, we went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Don’t get me wrong, I love little animals, especially little Australian animals, but I feel like we could’ve spent our time doing other, cooler things.

Me and a drugged wallaby. I think they drugged them so they would say still and not hop around.

Me and a drugged wallaby. I think they drugged them so they would say still and not hop around.

Me with the butt of an emu. I think they can be really mean, but he didn't mine me touching his butt.

Me with the butt of an emu. I think they can be really mean, but he didn’t mind me touching his butt.

I remember we were there on a Sunday night and my choir teacher forced us to go to mass with her and it was the most boring moment of my life. Every other night though, we got to roam around Sydney. Luckily, Australia’s drinking age was 18 and we happened to be 18 so we went into bars and danced in clubs and drank Smirnoff Ices. Super hardcore. Our choir teacher said we had to get a note from our parents saying that we could drink otherwise we couldn’t go out. I emailed my mom and she said no. I promptly changed the email to say yes, printed it out and handed it to my teacher.

We were also given a small amount of free time which my friend and I spent at the mall. Other people in our group took surfing lessons at Bondi Beach and we went to the mall. That’s how an 18 year old brain works I guess. We also went to the Sydney Aquarium which was the best aquarium that I’ve ever been to. I swear all of the animals there are on steroids. They have a sting ray that’s triple the size of me.

I’m pretty sure there was a moment when we went to an opal mine and I was super stoked because opals are my birth stone. I bought myself some tiny opal studs because that’s what you do when you’re traveling. You buy gifts for yourself and not for other people.

I remember one day they took us to a farm and I was convinced they were going to kill us. That year I had seen (and walked out of because I was so scared) the movie Wolf Creek which takes place in Australia. It’s about this group of kids that trust this guy to fix their flat tire and he takes them to his house and tortures them. I couldn’t handle it. In a way I was tortured that day because I had to watch a guy sheer a sheep in under a minute. We also learned how to crack a whip and throw a boomerang. Useful skills. Lastly, we watched Australian sheep dogs climb on the backs of sheep to wrangle them all together. It was one of those moments where I was thinking, “What am I doing here?”

Lily in high school. Complete spaz.

Lily in high school. Complete spaz.

Finally came the day when we got to perform in the Opera House. There wasn’t a lot of pressure because there was a total of 40 people watching us. The Opera House was cool, but it was slightly dated. It has a maroon color scheme which wouldn’t be my first choice in decorating, but who am I? I think we finished off the night by eating in a rotating restaurant at the top of the tallest building in Sydney.

You could say that I conquered that city. Actually no, you couldn’t really say that. But you could say that I conquered it’s mall.

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Chit Chat Catch-Up

I usually don’t do posts where I just ramble about what’s going on in my life. Mostly because it would consist of me talking about how I can’t feel my legs because I’ve been laying in bed for the past 6 hours. However, some new and interesting things have happened to me in the last week or two that might actually fill up a blog without me having to mention what I ate.

My mom and I decided to travel the world and go to Nashville to check out real estate. Why do they call it that? Couldn’t they just call it estates? Like, obviously they’re real. No one would look at fake estates. We spent a lot of time relaxing at our hotel mostly because it was awesome. The Gaylord Opryland reminded me of a Vegas hotel; there was so much to do inside the building, that you didn’t really have to leave to have a good time. It was decorated with sparkly Christmas lights and big wreaths. GaylordOprylandHotelHolidayDecorations1

I have two qualms about The Gaylord Opryland. The first one is having to say the name Gaylord. The second one is the word Opry. Where did the Grand Ole Opry get it’s name? I like to think the name originated when opera singers would travel to the south to perform and Tennessee natives would say, “Imma go see the dern Opry to-nite!”

My guess was actually kind of close. It does have to to with opera but I’m too lazy to read the paragraph that wikipedia has on it.

After our adventures there, we went onto Austin, TX. You know the saying, “Keep Austin Weird”? Well, I think Austin will always be weird whether or not people try to keep it that way. There are all walks of life there. Which is good. Prime people watching. While we were there we looked at some estates and met up with some of my mom’s cousins. It’s funny because whenever my mom meets up with them her southern drawl comes out and they all talk about how they’re “blood”.

While we were there we saw Anna Karenina at this cute theater called the Violet Crown. It was rad because it also served as a lounge/bar so you could really make a night of seeing a movie. The movie itself was pretty good.

After that we got fro-yo because why the hell not? It was yum but I couldn’t tell if our cashier was a boy or a girl for real. It was like, the hardest. I think she was a girl. Very Boys Don’t Cry. She was keeping Austin weird. She had also never heard of Anna Karenina.

For some reason I'm really attracted to Hil Swank in this movie. She looks better as a boy. There I said it.

For some reason I’m really attracted to Hil Swank in this movie. She looks better as a boy. There I said it.

Perhaps the best part of our trip to Texas was seeing our blogger friend Jell Jell! You can read all about our meetup here. I was on a blogging high after that and suggested that we do a blog tour and force meetups with every blogger we know.

After that, our trip ended and my mom and I went our separate ways. It was good seeing her and spending some quality mother/daughter time together. Don’t worry, we’ll be reunited at Christmas and I’ll get to show my brother around Victoria for the first time. Lots of special moments.

So that’s where I’ve been. What has everyone else been up to?

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My Trip to Oslo

Since my Seattle post was so well received, I thought I might as well write about my other travel adventures. Especially the ones where I look thin in pictures.

During my study abroad in fall 2008, a lot of my friends were going to Amsterdam. I of course was banned from going there because I would most likely get caught up in the red-light district and sold as a sex slave. Or worse, smoke pot. Luckily, a couple of my friends weren’t interested in going either. We looked on RyanAir’s list of destinations and saw that flights to Oslo were going for a mere 7 pounds! Brilliant. Side note: RyanAir is the sketchiest airline you can take. Flights are cancelled constantly and they fly to airports that are more or less 2 hours outside of the city that you think you’re going to.

I was excited to go to Norway mostly because I am of Norwegian heritage. It’s easy to mistake me for a Viking woman. In fact, when we were there, most people would talk to my friends in English and then talk to me in Norwegian. Unfortunately the only words that I bothered learning were hai hai (hi) and tak (thanks). So my cover was blown often.

As for eating, we had an amazing breakfast buffet every morning at our hotel. We would stock up on food there and then grab crap at 7-11 at night. Oslo had a lot of 7-11’s. But not one Starbucks. Go figure.

I remember when we first got there, some homeless Norwegian put his arm around me and I did a full “As if!” from Clueless.

So that was fun. Besides that clingy homeless dude, Oslo was dead. And by dead, I mean that there was literally no one around. It was a ghost town. Streets were empty. Stores were closed. It was spooky.

We were smart and went on a bunch of free tours to all of the hotspots in the city. One of the most memorable stops was the Vigeland Sculpture Park. So this Vigeland guy basically made a bunch of sculptures of people without clothes on so they would be timeless. Unfortunately everything just looks very sexual. You cannot take a normal picture there. For example:

Not phallic at all.

We went to an amazing Viking Ship Museum which was a definite highlight. I could just imagine my ancestors raping and pillaging other nation’s carefully built towns. Often times their boats were buried with the men who died so it’s a real miracle that these boats are in such good shape.

We also went to the Kon Tiki Museum. Before visiting the museum, I hadn’t ever heard of the Kon Tiki expedition. In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl made a journey to the Polynesian islands. The museum pretty much explains his entire journey. It was a cool place and I got some good pictures most importantly.

I’m probably the most annoying person you’ll ever meet.

I think we also went to Oslo’s Opera house which is right on the water and shaped like a glacier which is pretty bomb. But probably slightly traumatizing for any titanic survivors. Oh, and we went to the art museum to see some Edvard Munch paintings. After being in Oslo for a couple of days, I could see why Munch painted “The Scream”.

Along the way I manged to abuse most statues that I came across.
I hope this post encourages everyone to visit Oslo at least once in their lives. It’s clearly such a hot spot!

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My Trip to Seattle

I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure out what to write. I kind of hate writing about trips I’ve taken because I’m really bad at describing events. At least I think so. My friend decided to meet me in Seattle this weekend. Let’s call her Natalie, since that’s her name. We had a great time eating, shopping, and sight-seeing. But mostly eating. Here is the full account of our trip. Hopefully you’ll feel like you were there in spirit.

The first day we ventured out towards the Space Needle. Buildings that distinguish cities are always the first stop. Paris = Eiffel Tower, NY = Empire State Building, Chicago = Sears Tower, etc. And by “etc” I mean that I can’t think of any more examples.  We walked along the waterfront for a while. There are lots of souvenir stores and seafood stands which made for a fun walk. We got to look at all of the piers with the ships lined up. As well as the new Ferris Wheel that was erected (heh) during July.

The Space Needle was made for the 1962 world’s fair to demonstrate what buildings would look like in the 21st century. Hmm nice try architects.

I had been to the top of the Space Needle during my previous visit, but only to the rotating restaurant. Natalie and I went to the observation deck. We weren’t expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got to the top. Tourists are able to walk around the entire 360 degree crown of the Space Needle. We took some good pictures. There was also a Starbucks and plenty of places to sit. Sitting is definitely one of my hobbies. Bonus points!

Later that day we did some shopping and then ate at this cute little Italian restaurant called Luigi’s Little Italy. It would’ve been super romantic if Natalie and I were a lesbian couple, but alas, we were not. The food was super good and put us into a carb-coma for the remainder of the night.

Mmmm yum!

On day two we went to Pike’s Place and the Original Starbucks which are both next door to each other. There’s not a whole lot that distinguishes the Original Starbucks from any other except the sign out front is brown with the first drawing of the Mermaid instead of the green, modernized one we see today. Other than that, just a regular old Starbucks.

I can’t remember if she’s a siren or a mermaid. I wonder if she can walk on those two tails of hers….?

Pike’s Place is basically just one big market. People sell things from leather goods to flowers to mini doughnuts. There’s a huge fish stand there that is famous for their workers who throw and catch any fish that’s ordered. They sing and yell–it’s a fun watch. I managed to find a creperie and ordered one Crepe au Chocolat (Crepe covered in Nutella). Natalie, not having ever had a crepe or Nutella, finally tasted heaven.

After that (I hope no one is still reading this…) we went to Seattle’s Underground tour. It was cool because we actually got to go underground (weird, right?) and see where Seattle’s original streets were. Apparently the city was 15 feet lower than it is today. They had to raise the city streets because the ocean kept eroding the land and making the streets muddy and stuff. I don’t know, I zoned out half way through.

At night we went to a really good sushi restaurant called Nijo. We had something called Dancing Shrimp and omigosh it was amazing.

On our last day we went to the Seattle Art Museum. It had some good stuff, but it wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. They had some Georgia O’Keefe, John Singer Sargent, and Robert Reid so it was definitely worthwhile.

Love me some Georgia.

After that we went on a boat tour of the bay which was fun. It was nice to see the city from afar. I like city-scapes. But I don’t like them enough to go on the deck of the boat when it’s cold out. So I stayed inside the boat for most of the ride and observed from the windows.

Overall it was a great trip full of fun memories and lots of food. My deepest apologies for this long post. I hate myself for writing this much.