Word Purge

I stole this idea from babewalker.com. I have no shame–I steal stuff all the time. Pictures, jokes–honestly, I’m not creative at all. Anyway, Babe advises people to compose a list of words that they hate at the moment, write them down, and  send them into the universe. In order to be a lighter and brighter person, I would like to get these words out of my inner sanctum and free myself of their toxicity:





















downward facing dog


That feels better.

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A month or so ago my husband asked me if I knew what bronies were. I had no idea. He explained to me that bronies are guys who admittedly enjoy My Little Ponies. I know I’m gullible, but I was not about to be fooled by that obvious BS. “Look it up if you don’t believe me” he said. So I did. And he was right.

It’s laughable at first, and then when you give the idea more thought, it’s perplexing. What makes teenage boys and even grown men interested in a franchise that, for so many years, was aimed toward young girls? I’m pretty sure it comes down to entertainment value.

I was surprised to find out that these bronies were entranced by not only the toys, but also the show. The show My Little Pony didn’t amount to much when I was a young lass in the late 80’s and 90’s. Of course I had the toys, but the show came and went. Currently, My Little Pony is in it’s 4th generation reboot, which clearly illustrates character development, relatable story lines, and humor. An all around enjoyable show compared to earlier, weaker versions.My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024

I understand being trapped in an adult body and taking pleasure in shows, movies, and even toys that are meant for children. (That’s why I’m such a great babysitter.)  In a youtube documentary about bronies, they quote Walt Disney who said, “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” I find this to be extremely true. There is a reason why Disney movies have so much success with all generations and genders. Everyone can enjoy them–they don’t single out a certain audience.

As I child I relished in entertainment and toys. I played every game, watched every show available to my eyes, and played with both my brother’s toys and my own. As we got older, my brother was interested in Pokemon, so I began to take an interest as well. I remember being twelve years old and thinking, “Okay I’m too old for this.” But I couldn’t help loving it. I get the same shameful feeling when I take a video games just as seriously now as I did when I was ten years old. It’s okay to stay youthful in the most innocent ways possible. I feel for these bronies.my little pony games

During this day and age, the blue and pink lines that define “boy stuff” and “girl stuff” have been blurred slightly but not completely. I think mothers have taken notice of their children’s preferences and catered to them more, which is great to witness. I love seeing little boys with their toenails painted just like their sister’s. Colorful toes are attractive to all eyes, so why can’t colorful ponies be attractive to both genders?

It makes sense to me. Do you think it’s odd that My Little Pony has a broad fan base?


Giveaway Winners!

I was honored by those of you who were genuinely interested in receiving a mix tape from yours truly. I actually got super sad because I wanted to give everyone who entered a CD, but I’m not Daddy Warbucks, okay? Hell, I’m not even Annie. It really is a hard-knock life.

Annie, after permanently straightening her hair, listens to cool music with her friends.

Annie, after permanently straightening her hair, listens to cool music with her friends.

However, instead of picking one lucky winner, I decided to pick three! Like some kind of archaic animal, I wrote down the names of those who entered and put their names in a bowl. After that I was really exhausted so I ate some food and watched TV. Then I picked three names:

Brother Jon 



Congrats to the winners! Look at that, all American victors. It’s like my fingers could sense the worthiness of these three. Again, I wish I could send everyone a CD. I really enjoyed having this little, terribly organized contest. Thanks to all who entered!



I could start my own cult if my heart desired it. I can’t believe that 1,000 + people have started following my blog. I know not all of them read my words or even remember that they’re subscribed to my blog, but I definitely feel a sense of pride and that “You like me! You really like me!” feeling.

I also feel very undeserving. I kind of let my blogging habits slip away during the summer. I didn’t visit other blogs, I was late answering comments, and I haven’t addressed a lot of the awards I was nominated for. So to make it up to those who have subscribed to my blog recently and those who have been subscribed to my blog from the beginning, here’s some info about myself so you know who you’re following. And so you can immediately unfollow.

  • I am a Libra in western horoscopes and a rabbit in Chinese astrology.
  • I love all things magical and mystical, historical and cultural.
  • I’ve lived an extremely #blessed life that involves lots of laughter.
  • I love looking at photography and have devoted my Tumblr to things that I find beautiful, intriguing, and funny.
  • I have a husband, Paul, who is my best friend and supporter. And by supporter, I mean that he literally supports my life. I would not have food if it wasn’t for this guy.
  • I’m slightly obsessed with music, movies, books, pop culture, beauty products, and video games.
  • I don’t worry about what other people think about me. I like to avoid spending time pleasing others and trying to impress.
  • In fact, I think I displease and offend more oft than not. But I know my soul and my heart and if people don’t get me or understand where I’m coming from, it’s okay.
  • Decision-making is my enemy. But in the end, I’ll usually make a quick choice because I’ll stop caring after ten minutes.
  • I will go on any trip to any location if someone else is paying. I do not turn down free vaycays.
  • I have strong faith that can’t ever be shaken.
  • I love most foods but I hate cheese, milk, and most dairy products. I’m not even lactose intolerant. I just hate them. (I can feel the unfollows occuring.)
  • I like making people laugh and smile.
  • I love all animals (more than I love people).
  • I like spending time alone, but I also like being in the company of others.
  • I sing every day.
  • I like going on walks and meditating with my thoughts.
  • I love my very small, dysfunctional family.

So if you’ve made it this far listening to me talk about myself, I think you’ll really enjoy read my blog. Because that’s all you’re gonna get. Also, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m going to have my first ever blog giveaway right here, right now. Most people that have the pleasure of knowing me in real life would attest that I have gnarly mix tape skills. Mix tape = burned CD. I’d have to agree with these people. So I figured I should share my gift with the world.

The ways you can enter are pretty simple:

Comment below about a song that you would loveeee included in a mix tape made for you. (This is mandatory for your entry!)

And you can follow me on Twitter for an extra entry!

I’ve never hosted a giveaway so if things get messed up, it’s most likely my fault.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone that follows my blog and my very simple thought process.  I started this blog just for fun, kind of like an online journal. I never imagined that people would be interested in what I have to say. So thanks for that. You’re all crazy.


Bucket List

Never in my life have I made a bucket list. I was especially deterred from making one when the 2007 release of the movie “The Bucket List” came out. It disturbed me on more levels than one. Morgan Freeman’s voice can only do so much to save a movie. And no, I didn’t watch the movie. The trailer did enough damage.

I always saw my life’s journey through rose colored glasses. Everything was good, everything was doable, everything was in grasp. Well, now I realize that opportunities and adventures cost money and take time. So why not make a list of things to accomplish in the future–to remind yourself what you want to eventually do when the opportunity arises. Here’s mine:

1. Go to at least one country in Africa.

2. Go to at least one country in Asia.

3. Go to at least one country in South America. (I’ve been to Mexico…but I don’t think that counts.)

4. Buy a designer gown.tumblr_mztxkxCvyR1qzersvo1_500

5. Swim across the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

6. Ride a camel.

7. Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef.

8. Give birth.

9. Go to a nude beach and bare it all.tumblr_n04xcwj2CM1rqbmmzo1_500

10. Save someone’s life.

11. Visit a national park.

12. Purchase a URL and have a .com website.

13. Punch someone.

14. Go to a psychic.

15. Learn to ice skate.

16. Go to an Ashram and learn to meditate properly.tumblr_mwrxln2Kxv1sj11ofo1_500

17.  Pet a whale.

18. See Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights

19. Write a story.

20. Learn to play piano.

What’s on your bucket list?



Dear Kitchen Knife,

We’ve always gotten along. I trusted you, I understood you, and I treated you with care. You were my knife of choice. Whenever I needed to cut meat or vegetables, you were there for me. I cleansed you when you were dirty. I dried you when you were wet. I put you away when you were lost.

The reason I mention these memories is because I’m confused. I treated you with the utmost care and respect only to have the delicate skin of my finger ravaged by your blade today. I am aware that things may have been a bit beyond your control. My husband may or may not have gotten carried away while sharpening your blade as he mimicked Gordon Ramsay. He also may or may not have warned me about the sharpness of your new and improved blade. He also may or may not have demonstrated the sharpness of said blade on a tomato while I watched and said “Oh cool.” Nevertheless, cutting my finger was uncalled for and rude. ramsay

The problem might lie in the fact that you don’t know your own strength. Not only did you cut me, but you cut right through the sponge I was using to wash you. You used to like being washed. Did people kick Jesus in the face when He washed their feet? Maybe on accident if He was too tickle-y. I digress. The sponge did nothing to you. And you destroyed him. Granted, his time was almost up anyway, BUT STILL. You do not control what goes on in my kitchen. You don’t make the rules.

Note: I feel like I don’t know how to properly wash knives.

I’m sorry to say that I will have obvious trust issues with you from here on out. Until you become dull and useless like your old self, I will be forced to use another, less aggressive knife.




Grandma Names

Grandma names are super on trend for babies this year. I’m usually a fan of old fashioned names because, I, myself have been blessed with one. I’ve always been interested in family names–what people name their children, what their maiden names are, etc. Grandma names are basically all the same though. You know a grandma name when you hear one. They always prove to be interesting though–some are plain and some are unique.

Sophia, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy. So many great G-names in one show!

Sophia, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy. So many great G-names in one show!

One time, while I was in a shop on Main Street USA, Disney World, an older woman was working behind a cash register ringing up my purchase. I looked at her name tag and read “Geraldine. Your name is Geraldine?” To which she replied, “Yep! But everyone calls me Gerry.” So awesome.

Some of the more popular G-names that have come up on the celebrity baby-name radar are: Lucille, Isadora, Agnes, Marion Loretta (SJP got carried away with the grandma names), Tabitha, Maxine, Blythe, Hazel, Ruth, Lorraine, etc. All very fun, very weird names.

One of my grandmothers is named Roselynn and the other is named Marion.

Are there any good grandma names in your family?


I Told You So

I love saying this phrase. Maybe because it’s not everyday that I get to prove someone wrong. Not that I want to prove people wrong everyday. It’s just fun to be right when someone else assumes that they’re correct.

Sometimes you don’t even have to say the words “I told you so.” You can give a knowing glance, or just let a smile creep across your face. Or you can play it cool knowing that the other person is thinking “DAMMIT!”

There are also moments when “I told you so” is not as rewarding as it would seem. The phrase “I hate to say I told you so” makes the other party aware of a mistake they could have avoided. Or something of the like.  tumblr_mt4jd2wSnV1rxs3wso1_500

I don’t handle being on the other end of an “I told you so” well. Not that I don’t like learning things from others, or being wrong. I just don’t like learning things from others or being wrong.

I think my love for proving people wrong started when my aunt and I were talking about a 90’s song and she quoted incorrect lyrics and I said “I think it goes like this…” (This kind of thing is usually seen as obnoxious, pretentious behavior, but I was young and dumb, so cut me some slack.) My aunt was so sure that she was right. When we looked up the lyrics, it turned out that I was actually correct and my parents laughed so hard that I schooled her. That being said, I haven’t seen her for years and she’s probably still mad that I’m a lyrical genius.

Have you ever proved someone wrong? Do you like the feeling or hate it?


Unpopular Opinions

My blog is littered with unpopular opinions. Most of them being my own. These bring anger to many people so I’ll do a pre-apology before this list. I’m sorry, this is just the way I feel. Please don’t hate me for having my own, weird opinions.63185100cbe49726c93122bf34e4fc0a

1. I don’t like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, or The Deer Hunter.  I will admit that these classic movies include some great scenes, but overall, I’d rather clean my house a hundred times over before I watch those 3 again. The wedding scenes? They’re as long as actual weddings! Rosebud? Gimme a break.

2. I don’t like flat sheets. God bless my poor husband who has to sleep without a top sheet every night. I’m sorry but why would I want a twisted, loose sheet all up in my slumber zone? It gets in the way of the warm blanket. It also gets in the way of my life and I hate it.

3. I’m kind of getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence.

4. I don’t care if you’re a woman that stays at home and takes care of your children, or a woman who climbs the corporate ladder, just don’t talk to me about how hard females have it. Girls rule the world, right?

5. I have a deep hatred for cheese. The only exception for me is pizza (obvs).tumblr_mfuk7pf4TF1qbe0gto1_400

6. I can’t have a deep relationship with people who don’t love animals.

7. I don’t like beer, or drinking for that matter.

8. I don’t understand the appeal of country music. Something about the twang in the vocals freaks me out.

9. Brightly painted walls make me uncomfortable. I can’t feel settled in a room if the walls are tomato red or dark purple.

10. I really don’t like drawstrings. I like streamlined clothes and drawstrings just seem sloppy.

11. Ryan Gosling is not cute. He looks like a rat.

Do you have any unpopular opinions?