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If you think this post is going to be me bragging about my blog, you’re totally right. But it’s also going to serve as a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me get this far in the blogging world. I’m really proud of my blog, it’s like my child. My child that I sometimes get bored with and don’t look at for weeks at a time.

A big thank you to everyone on my blog roll and everyone that follows me. I wouldn’t be here without you, obvs. Thanks for listening to my rants and pretending to laugh at all my bad jokes.

Thanks to mi madre, A Gripping Life for always commenting and encouraging me and telling me that I’m a good writer. Can we all agree that I have the best mom?

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in my blog’s stats. I like to see which countries view my blog the most. I only thought people from Illinois and Canada could relate to my life, but it turns out that people all over the world can! In the past 30 days the top countries that have viewed my blog are:

USA-9,911 viewers (ugh it WOULD end in 9/11. Can we just stop with 9/11?)










The list goes on and on. Like, 2 people from Uganda viewed my blog. It could’ve been an accident (I’m guessing the average view is an accident, actually), but I like to think that Ugandans totally understand me and think I’m hilarious.

So thank you USA, for being my home country and supporting me the most. Oh and happy birthday yesterday! Not to be weird, but you’re getting super old!

Thank you United Kingdom for being Canada’s biggest influence and for being so royal and everything. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t compare myself to Kate Middleton and cry, so thanks for that too.

She knows that she’s perfect and it’s bothering me.

Canada–what a bada** country you are. Thanks for adopting me and loving me and letting me make fun of you. I still haven’t met a beaver or a moose yet, so lets work on that.

G’day Australia! Thanks for supporting my blog. Even though there were more people in my graduating class than viewers from your country, BUT WHATEVS. Hopefully I can return to Sydney and have some shrimp on the barbie. Or maybe just some shrimp in the shape of Barbie?

Muchas gracias Mexico! I actually expected more than 382 views because I recently visited Cancun and I felt like I totally bonded with your country, but I guess not? I’ll try harder next time. And maybe I should learn more Spanish than “Hola”?

Thanks Brazil. I mean, your meager effort in views is alright. I just had high expectations from a country whose population totals 192 million…! That doesn’t seem right. Maybe it does. I watched the movie Rio on an airplane and it wasn’t that good, so I guess we’re even?

The only thing more annoying than a parrot is a parrot with Jesse Eisenberg’s voice.

Danke Germs. To be totally honest I didn’t expect much from you schnitzel-eating lederhosen wearing folks. But I’m impressed! And clearly stereotyping because I know close to nothing about Germany.

Thanks Netherlands. I honestly never think about your country, but you clearly think about me, which is weird. Is this what it’s like to be famous?

Namaste, India.  I went to an Indian buffet like 2 days ago and it was amazing. Thank you for your food and for those bollywood music videos that were on in the background. They made me want to be a slumdog millionaire. Okay, just a millionaire.

Lastly, grazie mille, Italy! Only 221 of you came to my blog, but I’m still impressed. If I lived in Italy I would be jumping off a pizza diving board into a pool of pasta while sipping on my gelato smoothie. I don’t understand why all Italians aren’t doing that 24/7?

My swimming pool. Pure class.

Okay so that was annoying. Consider this the last time I say thank you ever again. Here’s to the next 100,000 views!

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My Fave Short Stories

I had started this post last night but my laptop decided to shut down during the middle of the night. Rude. Who shuts down their computers anymore? No one. Different topic for a different day.

Short stories are great because they’re short. Just kidding. But seriously. Despite them being a quick read, short stories can still take you away to a different time and place. I remember reading a handful of short stories in my senior English class and loving all of them. Recommending short stories is a safe thing to do because then people don’t hate you for pressuring them to waste their life reading something that they might end up not liking. This way, they only have to read 30 or 40 pages max. If they can’t do that, then maybe they can’t read and they’re embarrassed to tell people. A likely scenario.

So here’s a list of some of my favorite short stories and your summer reading list. You’re welcome.

“A&P” by John Updike. I like this story a lot. It takes place during the summer in the grocery store, A&P. Unfortunately A&P’s don’t exist anymore, and haven’t since the 1970’s. Still, I find this story super relatable. The main character, Sammy works as a cashier at the store, and as the reader, we hear his entire inner monologue when a bunch of bathing suit-clad girls walk into the store. Definitely a classic.

Waddup ladies.

“Quitter’s Inc.” by Stephen King. I didn’t even realize this story was written by Mr. King until I recently looked it up. No wonder I like it so much. It’s one of the most creative short stories I’ve read, for sure. The story is about a man named Dick Morrison who has a smoking problem. He meets one of his old college roommates who advises him to go to Quitter’s Inc. They have a 98% success rate at helping people kick their addictions. Unfortunately their methods are not typical and Dick finds himself trapped in a scary game that he can only get out of by quitting his bad habit. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but if you’re only going to read one of these short stories, this would be my top suggestion.

“Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. I don’t usually go for futuristic stories, but this one is awesome. Obviously, it’s the year 2081 and because of the additional Amendments to the Constitution (211, 212, 213) no American can be more stupid, ugly, weak, or slower than anyone else. Everyone is perfectly equal. The story takes place in the living room of George and Hazel Bergeron. George is an intelligent man, but the government makes him wear a radio that sends noise through it every so often to interrupt his thoughts, making him have average intelligence. Everyone that has been born with some kind of outstanding characteristic is given a handicap. The ballerinas that George and Hazel watch on TV are weighted down as to not make anyone too graceful and are masked as to not show their beauty. The story is so creative and original. I would recommend buying “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut because it’s full of crazy cool stories like this one.

They’ve made 2081 into a movie! That’s George, weighted down and radio-ed up. 😦

“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. The main character, Sanger Rainsford, is planning a trip to Rio to hunt a jaguar. Being a big game hunter, he’s confident and sure of himself that this will be a successful trip. Traveling by yacht, Sanger ends up falling overboard during the night and being unable to catch up to the boat. He swims to the nearest Caribbean island where he meets General Zaroff, another game hunter. Zaroff tells Sanger about how he has become bored of hunting wild animals because it no longer challenges him. He confides in Sanger and tells him the reason why he moved to the island–to hunt shipwrecked sailors and kill them. If they can elude his hunting dogs for 3 days, he would let them go. Zaroff asked Sanger if he wanted to join him in the hunting of other men. Appalled, Sanger said no. Thus making him the hunted instead of the hunter in the most dangerous game he’s ever played.

I guess they’ve made movies out of all my fave stories?!!?

“Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. Chopin’s work is crazy controversial for the time that she wrote it in the 1890’s. She wrote about women committing suicide, and in the case of “Desiree’s Baby”, people who had black relatives in their family. The story takes place in Creole Louisiana.  Desiree is the adopted daughter of the wealthy Monsieur and Madame Valmonde’ and is courted by another man of great wealth named Armond. They love one another deeply and eventually have a child. People who see the baby sense something unusual about it. Eventually they realize that the baby is the same color as a “quadroon” (one quarter African). Armand immediately blames the baby’s color on Desiree’s unknown roots. It’s a sad story, but a good one.

By now you guys probably know how well read and smart I am. If you read all of these short stories, you’ll catch up to me in no time. Lot’s o’ love.



Spring Favorites

Remember when I used to do these favorites lists? No? Well then you better go back and read every post I’ve ever written. They’re basically lists of my favorite things of the season. Think of it as me helping you figure out what to be interested in.

1. The color turquoise. It seems like everyone has been into this color lately. I’m not trying to brag or be weird or anything, but I’m pretty sure I started it. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I invented the color turquoise. I would be completely comfortable in a house that was doused in the color.

So calming!

2. Peanut butter. Ohmigosh you guys. Clearly I didn’t eat enough peanut butter growing up because I’ve been making up for it within the past 2 months. Peanut butter on toast is so good. Especially if you spread the peanut butter on the toast when it’s still hot because then it gets all melty…brb.

3. The Hunger Games movie. I know it hasn’t been released to the public yet, but I already know it’s one of my favorites. I read the book and I’m just really excited. Has anyone else read the book? Is anyone else dragging their significant other (or being dragged by their significant other) to go see it?

4. Cooking. I never thought I would actually like preparing food, but it’s actually kind of fun! I mean, I mess things up a lot, but I make a lot of good stuff too! I don’t have a blender or an electric mixer, so I’m limited in some aspects, but I’m still learning. I made a really good chicken and zucchini pesto pasta the other day. I was so proud!

5. Spa treatments. I can’t really say that I’m getting a lot of them, or any, but they’re still my favorites. There’s nothing better than having someone rub your shoulders or putting stuff on your face or getting your nails painted. I even like getting my eyebrows waxed. Spring time is usually when I start pampering myself because lets face it, I hibernate during the entire winter.

I love when people paint my face.

6. Working out. Spring time is when society is supposed to get in shape for summer. I need to do this. My sister in law is running a 10k and while I imagine that I can do it too, I just know I’ll fail miserably and end up walking the last 8k. Should I sign up? It’s like 40 bucks which sucks, but I get a t-shirt!

7. Passion Tea Lemonade. Starbucks doesn’t have a lot of cold drinks that I like. I usually take a break from Starb during the warmer months. However, I do love passion tea lemonades. They are yum. I suggest you give one a try. Plus, they’re magenta colored which is kind of cool.

So refresh fresh!

8. Camping. I really want to go camping for some reason. If you know me, you might think I’m on some sort of drug for saying that. But in all seriousness, I haven’t gone camping since the summer before my senior year of high school! I think it’s about time. Plus it would be so blog worthy. I would take pictures and everything!

Thoughts? What are some of your favorites this month?


All Aboard for an Award!

I was awarded a Versatile Blog Award from The Dark Globe! Since their blog actually has 17 writers, they don’t usually nominate people, but someone chose to give me an award! Thank you to them and the entire Dark Globe bloggers. I am touched, really I am!

Like most awards, this one comes with rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly, and nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Include a link!
  • Finally, say 7 things about yourself.

The people I would like to nominate are:

A Gripping Life


Pete Howorth

Michael Cargill

Adair You


No Blog Intended

Dribbling Pensioner

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown


Chez Sasha


Linda Vernon

Is It Possible To See It All

Brian Westbye

Doing the links was so much work. I hate all of you.

7 Things about myself:

1. One of my favorite books is The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.

2. I was in a sorority for a year and a half. Kappa Delta! I made a lot of good friends there. Pearl S. Buck was also a Kappa Delta!

3. I recently found out that I have Morton’s neuroma in one of my toes. It’s not a tumor or anything. The nerve in my toe is messed up and sometimes it hurts when I put pressure on it. So now I get to wear cool insoles in my shoes like I’m 80 years old.

4. I’ve been OB-SESSED with peanut butter sandwiches lately. I have at least 2 a day.

5. My favorite color is turquoise right now. I love when kids say that their favorite color is “multicolor” or “rainbow”. One of my favorite things ever.

6. Once I move to a place that allows pets, I’m either getting a pug or a french bulldog. Help me decide!

7. The only character I really relate to on Mad Men is Sally Draper. Life is hard.

Thanks again everybody. Feel free to nominate me for awards. I never get tired of talking about myself! I joke, I joke. Also, do not feel pressured to do this. Just for fun!


Award Time

I was recently nominated for two blog awards! The first being the Glitter E. Yaynus award from Guapola. Thanks for always reading my posts and making me laugh with your comments, Guap! And the other being the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award from Conchsaladesque. She’s from The Bahamas and I will be forever jealous of that. Thanks for the award Lovely!

First I’ll start with the Glitter E. Yaynus award.

Is that a picture of Lady Gaga's face in a pile of coke? I don't get it.

The Rules:

Name 5 things I do that would make people want to kill me:

I sing/rap in my car a lot. It’s probably so annoying, but whenever a song comes on, I have to jam.

I say super inappropriate things. I usually offend people or embarrass myself on a weekly basis.

I hate flat sheets. Any time I get in a bed that has them, I rip them out. Even if someone made the bed nicely just for me. Flat sheets are so gross and twisty!

I can always find something to complain about. It’s usually about work because I don’t want to get out of bed.

Not getting out of bed. Ever.

I’m supposed to list 5 things I would stick up my butt, but I think I might do the clean, old lady version that A Gripping Life and Linda Vernon did: 5 things I would bring to Uranus.

My iPod. So I can sing/rap in peace.

A coat and legwarmers because I get cold so easily. And I imagine Uranus would be slightly frozen.

A coloring book. So therapeutic. You should try it!

A flashlight.

My iPad. I’ll want to keep in contact with everyone. You know, keep up my blogging and stuff. So necessary.

Run across a freeway blindfolded.

Ummm no?

Pick a Prom Court:

Mooselicker – Because it would be interesting to see if we really are, indeed, the same person. And then kill each other.

Michael Cargill and Pete Howorth – Because we need some Brits at the Prom.

Jell Jell – Because I want to meet EB and cuddle her.

No Blog Intended – Because she knows how to get dressed up!

Addie – To see her reaction when Paul Simon isn’t played.

Onto the ABC award!

I think this award is just simply nominating your favorite blogs. So I will just nominate everyone on my blog roll because I’m lazy. Lots o love to my homies.

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I’ve been nominated for more awards! Can you guys believe how great I am? Me either! I’ve been terrible at following up on the acceptance part of the virtual awards. It’s not that I’m not grateful, because I totally am! It’s just that I always second guess everything! I look to see if other people have accepted them, and if they don’t, I just wait for the proper time. But now, I don’t care. I’m proud of my little blog, and the greatness it’s achieved!

I was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award from Adamsdaughter, I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown, and Random Female Blogger (or No Blog Intended). Each of these ladies makes me laugh or teaches me something on a daily basis. Seriously check them out if you haven’t already done so!

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown also nominated me for the Tell Me About Yourself Award. The rules to both awards are pretty much identical. Here they are:

1. Thank the person/people who gave you the award.

2. Reveal 7 things about yourself (I recently wrote 10 things about myself, but I GUESS I could find more things to share..).

3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers. Let them know that they’re awarded!

About Moi:

1. Colin Hanks recently tweeted me back. Having a twitter account is now worth it.

2. I have a younger bro who’s almost done with college. He’s one of the funniest/strangest people that I know.

3. I’ve never actually had a real job. I’ve only ever babysat or volunteered. Babysitting is such good, tax-free money that it’s hard to resist.

4. I have a degree in History. I literally forget everything I’ve learned though. Seriously, its so embarrassing.

5. In the Chinese Zodiac I’m a Fire Rabbit. I’m a Fire Cat in the Vietnamese version. My astrological sign is Libra.

6. I’m 24 and married. My husband is 30. I would say our maturity levels meet at age 27. Does that make sense?

7. I’m not afraid to leave the house without makeup on. Actually, I prefer it.

Those awarded for both awards (in no particular order) :


Michael Cargill

Adair You

Becoming Bitter

Evolution of Insanity

Brunch for Every Meal

You’ve Been Hooked



Annndd yeah. That’s all the friends I have on here…! Tell me if I forgot about you!

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I think I’ve finally made it in life. I reached 10,000 views on my blog! My mom is probably responsible for about 8,000 views, but still, what an awesome milestone! I was going to do a giveaway, where you guys would have to answer some weird question and whoever gave the best answer would get an awful Canadian souvenir. But I decided against it. Instead, I’m going to share 10,000 10 facts about myself that you hopefully don’t already know. Here it goes!

1. I was born with only one kidney. Well, I was born with one enlarged kidney, and one mini, deformed one. I had to get an operation when I was 3 to connect both ureters to my big kidney ( I think). Being deformed internally is awesome. You get all the attention and unqiue-ness of having something wrong with you, but you also look normal. That sounds terrible. I admit that it must have been the scariest thing ever for my parents when they had to send their child into surgery. I never want to experience that. But hey, if I’m able to joke about it, then everything worked out alright.

2. I performed in the Sydney Opera House with my choir. I love singing. It’s one of those great things that anyone can do if they practice hard enough. I mean, obviously some people are better than others, but anyone could do it if they really wanted to! Unless they’re mute. Then that would be tough. Singing in Sydney was amazing, but practicing 4 hours every day made me want to shoot myself in the face. I need to go back to Sydney to really enjoy it, because I didn’t have enough time. I would post a picture of me standing in front of the Opera House or petting a kangaroo, but I just look so bad in all of them. I was 18 and hadn’t discovered makeup or mirrors apparently.

3. I bite my nails. It’s disgusting. I have really small nail-beds to begin with, so even if my nails have been growing for months, they still look short. Such a curse. Not only do I bite my nails, but I also swallow my nails. That’s right, I eat my nails. Sick, I know. It’s such a bad habit that I can’t lose. I’ve tried growing them out so many times. One time I lived solely on a diet of gummy candies and the gelatin in them must have done something to my nails because they grew so long and super thick. It looked like I was wearing acrylics. I need to try that diet again.

4. I don’t drink. When I was studying in England I drank but only because there’s not much else to do there. I don’t like alcohol with food. I definitely don’t like the taste of it unless the alcohol itself is undetectable. I have my memories of getting schwasted, and I certainly had a lot of fun, but I think I’ve out-grown that now.

5. I wrote in a journal every day during high school. Looking back, they’re the most embarrassing things ever…I had to dispose of a couple. Journaling is really therapeutic. Maybe that’s why I come on here.

6. There was a period in my life where I ran for an hour and ate under 1000 calories every day. It only lasted a year, because really, who can do that for so long? It will catch up with you. It started small, just by eating healthy and exercising, but then it turned into “how far can I push my body?”, “how much weight can I lose?” I didn’t do it out of depression–more out of boredom. I went to college in Utah for 1 and 1/2 years, came home, went to community college, and was bored. Good to know that I can really buckle down and lose a lot of weight if I want to, but I think I’m fine how I am now.

7. I’m an anti-feminist. I wouldn’t mind if men were in charge of everything. I would much prefer having babies, cleaning, cooking, and staying at home than working. I would be fine if women weren’t allowed to vote, compete in the olympics, or run for president. Is that weird? Yes. I mean, I think its awesome that women have done so many great things and fought for their freedoms, but they’re just making life harder for us.

8. I like to bake, but I’m still learning to cook. Cooking is so hard, guys. Why didn’t I ever learn this important skill? It’s hard to mess up baking because the recipes are so exact. It’s almost fool proof. Unless you leave something in the oven for too long and it burns. I’m guilty of that. There’s more experimenting and guessing in cooking…and that scares me.

9. I love nostalgia. I am constantly watching old 90’s shows on youtube and playing video games that I had in 4th grade. It feels good to go back to a simpler time; When I only had to worry about beating a level in Mario 64, and not about the bills. Okay, lets be serious, I still don’t worry about the bills.

10. Freak shows intrigue me like none other. By “freak shows” I mean anything on TLC basically. Hoarders, the Tree Man, bearded ladies, The Elephant Man, Simon Birch, siamese twins, etc. I know I seem like the worst person, but I don’t watch to make fun of them. I’m just so fascinated that people live their lives with such crazy outward appearances. They definitely humble me and make me realize how lucky I am. I have to admit that they’re captivating.

Whew! That was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. Who knew talking about myself would be so exhausting?!?!


Winter Favo(u)rites

Banksy thinks he's so smart and political. Ugh. But he's still so cool.

If you didn’t catch my last favo(u)rites post, you need to catch up on some awesome reading. Occasionally I like to take a break from writing about Canada to write about things that I actually like. I do this seasonally, so don’t expect a super cool post like this every month (unless you guys really like them, then I’ll think aboot it). Let’s get started:

1. Soup. Soup is like one of my favorite foods of all time, but I especially love it during winter. Also, maybe because I have a sore throat so it feels good. ALSO, it might be because I’m lazy and soup is so easy to make. It’s also soup-er easy to eat as well. What other food can you put in a mug and drink while you play video games? None is the answer. None other food.

2. LMFAO. Please don’t judge me. “Party Rock Anthem” is such an addictive song. And if you haven’t seen the “Sexy And I Know It” music video, you should go watch now. Warning: If speedos scare you, refrain from watching.

3. Bill Bryson. I love reading anything by Billy Bry. He writes about his travels throughout Europe and he’s so charming. But he’s also honest–if he thinks somewhere is a dump, he’s not going to lie and say it’s “quaint” or something. The book that I’m reading now is called “Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe”. In part of it he talks about how Paris spends a hundred dollars a year per person on street cleaning compared to London’s thirty dollars a person. He said, “…which explains why Paris gleams and London is a toilet.” I love London, but this is so true.

4. Anti-bacterial. I’ve decided that this is better than soap. Is that gross? Maybe. It just feels cleaner than washing your hands. Also, its so much easier to just pump and rub, than to pump, turn on the water, wash, rinse, and dry. If you anti-bacterial all the time, it has to be better than washing your hands, right? Please tell me I’m right.

5. Spray painting. If you’ve never spray painted anything, I suggest you try it because it’s so fun. Paul and I decided to make a table look brand new by spray painting it white. It seriously makes me want to consider being a graffiti artist. I could be the next Banksy, guys. I mean, he’s creative, but I could do that. Maybe.

6. Saving money. Let’s be honest, saving money is gross and spending it’s the best. I don’t know if you know this, but I came to Canada with no savings of my own. Just a husband, and hopes and dreams. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I’ve started saving money from my under-the-table job (babysitting) and it feels really good! I just recently bought an entertainment center/credenza and I have never been more proud of myself. Besides that time that I graduated…and that time I got married.

7. Candles. Candles are the only thing that can transform an apt from smelling like garbage, to smelling like a magical fairy land. The problem is, no where in Canada sells matches. I’m not kidding. Pharmacies, grocery stores, 7-11’s–nope, none. They only sell lighters. Whaddup wid dat? I eventually went to the camping section in Wal*Mart and found waterproof matches. Boo-yah. Beat the system.

8. Happy Endings. This is a really funny show. My neighbors got me the first season and I started watching it and I approve. Plus, it takes place in Chicago (my home city) so I kind of feel closer to home when I watch it. Also, it’s on right after Modern Family so I can just add it to my Wednesday night line-up. I’m an old lady.

So that pretty much sums up my list of faves this month.  I would ask what some of your faves are, but then I’d have to pretend like I’m interested.


To my loyal readers

I never get nominated for anything. No trophies, no ribbons (my life is a joke). Only a college degree in History. And if I can get a degree in History, basically your dog can get a degree in it as well.

I am SO excited that my blog has been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award! I am just trying to make my way in the world/interwebsphere. I feel so appreciated. I have to thank the lovely, Random Female Blog for nominating me and for being so random and female. Your short and sweet entries truly make me happy.

To follow the rules and to truly be awarded, I have to nominate other blogs that I think are great.

Mooselicker – A guy who lives in NJ, with a plethora of hilarious posts. I’m pretty sure he’s my spirit animal.

Michael Cargill – Sir, my blog is a better place because of you! A blog full of personas, horoscopes, and my personal favorite, Nurse Ratched.

Rage Laugh – A guy named Tony (I didn’t realize people still had that name) who rants and will make you laugh. And he also likes Louis C.K. Bonus points.

Sparklebumps – A relatable gal from Minnesota that makes me chuckle.


Thanks again for reading my ramblings!

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Unpopular Opinion Challenge

So instead of writing about how weird Canada is, today I’ve decided to freshen it up and talk about things that I hate that other people don’t, and vice versa.

1. A selection of television programs you do not care for: Big Bang Theory and Glee. What is so appealing about watching unattractive men talk about science? And like that girl on the show would EVER date any of them. Unrealistic. The only one who is semi-funny is the Jewish guy. Glee just makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Everyone on that show is so pretentious. And their “remakes” of songs sound exactly like the original. Is it supposed to be funny? And I hate how they cater to every stereotype. Talk about unrealistic.

2. A selection of musical artists you do not care for: I don’t really like James Taylor’s music. I don’t mind him as a person, I guess. His voice kind of gives me the creeps. And as for a real unpopular opinion, I don’t really like Dave Matthews. Sorry, everyone that went to my high school. Oh, and Prince 😉

3. A selection of celebrities you couldn’t care less about: Thinking about this makes my brain hurt.

4. A hobby you don’t understand: Running. I used to run every day. And now, looking back on it, I have to question my sanity. I also find it weird when people are super crafty. It’s like, how does their brain think of all these projects? Aliens.

5. A habit you find disgusting: Swearing. I hate when people throw those words around in everyday conversation. It makes them seem uneducated and tacky.

6. Something in your school that you really liked doing that everyone else hated: Orientation. There’s something about setting up my locker and finding my classes that I always enjoyed. Also, on the day of orientation, you would see how everyone changed over the summer. And by changed, I mean how tan they got.

7. Your favorite household chore: First of all, I hate the word chore. Its so Little House on the Prairie. My favorite duty would probably be making the bed. That counts, right?

8. PC or MAC: PC all the way. Mac are weird for the sake of being different. Its like, really? You had to put the exit buttons on the other side of the screen? What purpose does that serve?

9. A sport you don’t like for whatever reason: Soccer. I don’t get it. And everyone is so competitive. Maybe it’s from being in England for so long. And everyone calling it futbol. That just makes it 10 times worse.

10. A sport you really like for whatever reason: I like tennis. I like watching it and playing it. I’m terrible. But there is something about it that never gets old. And I like to swim. But watching swimming is only the most boring.

11. Television programs you love but have gotten teased for liking: The Real Housewives. I know that I am not alone. Can’t get enough of those crack whores. And I also love Extreme Home Makeover even though Ty seems drunk the whole time and its pretty much the same family week after week. I also love any freak show that’s on TLC.

12. Musical artists that you love but have been teased for liking: Enya. I actually have all of her songs on my ipod–THEY SOOTHE ME, OKAY?

13. A habit you have that people bug you about: Biting my nails. Sorry, they’re just so delicious.

14. Something you hated doing in school that everyone else seemed to love: Rollerskating in gym. Me + rollerskates =most awkward thing on the planet.

15. A household chore that makes you want to shoot your own face off: I think we can all agree that dishes are the most sick nasty thing ever. If I could eat off of paper plates every day, I would.

16. A celebrity crush that other people don’t understand: I love me some Alan Rickman. And I legitimately had a crush on Lumiere from Beauty and The Beast, if that counts.