Winter Favorites 2015

Are you cold yet? Are you tired? Do you want someone to shoot you in the face and just end it all? Sounds like you’re ready for some snuggling up. Go get cozy and listen to my winter favorites, won’t you?

1. Grimes. Why am I only now discovering the smooth electronica tunes that Grimes has to offer? This Canadian (I know, I KNOW) gal is really keepin’ my feet tapping and my head nodding with her high vocals and catchy rhythms. She reminds me of a normal version of Die Antwoord. But don’t worry, not too normal. I can’t stop listening to “Oblivion.”

2. The Year of the Goat. Or Sheep. Or Ram. Or who cares? Ever since I was young enough to crack open a fortune cookie, I’ve been entranced by Chinese Horoscopes. I love the animals representing a new lunar year, and in turn, calculating the personality of the lives born within that cycle. Often people question, how can everyone born in the same year have the same characteristics–it doesn’t make sense. Oh but it kind of does. I like to think that the stars helped organize who we are. Lets say everyone born in the year 2015 would have similar behavior, but depending on how they were raised, all turned out to be different. But deep down, in their raw form, their true selves, those characteristics still lie. I think it’s fun to think about, at least.tumblr_neot14lEOU1qc9ey0o1_500 3. Green Tea Lattes/ Matcha Lattes. It must be the color that gets me. Green tea lattes are a beautiful pale milky green. So much better than drinking brown sludge every morning. Matcha is essentially finely milled green tea. I’m unsure about why it needs it’s own name, especially one like “matcha” but okay. It’s hard for me to explain the flavor of this warm beverage, but imagine a milky, sweetened, green tea delight. 4. The Honolulu Museum of Art. This place is too real. I’d like to assume my husband, my brother, and I are the only people in the history of existence to visit Hawaii and spend a day inside studying works of art. But on the off change you’re just as odd as we are, please stop by this hidden gem. It’s outer appearance is a bit bland, but once you enter the gates, you’ll be met with winding courtyards, twinkle lights, outdoor cafes, and airy galleries. It’s really a magical place that truly swept us away.VRP_041_lg 5. Roses. Man if I could just shove a rose bud up each of my nostrils, that would be wonderful. I’ve basically fallen in love with anything and everything rose-scented. Some of those items include but are not limited to: Crabtree & Evelyn’s Rosewater Handsoap (lotion, eau de toilet, etc. I WANT IT ALL.) Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Rose Queen Bath Bomb, and Rose Jam Shower Gel. GIMME. Fresh’s Rose Face Mask and Rose Floral Toner. YASSS. 6. Rifle Paper Co. Every single thing this company produces is darling. I have purchased countless items from them and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I’ve been drooling over their prints for quite a while as well. They’re so unique yet simple. Fresh, yet charmingly old-fashioned. If anyone wants to order me some personalized stationary with a customized illustration of my face, feel free. shades-art-print What are some of your favorite things?


13 thoughts on “Winter Favorites 2015

  1. Lily! Welcome back!

    That Grimes tune is quite nifty, sounds quite haunting and has something of an 80s vibe to it in places.

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming Rifle Paper Co reviews that I’m sure you’ve got planned…

    I’m working from home today so I guess that could be a very boring ‘favourite thing’ for me.

    • Thank you!
      Yeah she’s pretty cool. I know you like the electric beats. Have you ever given Alt-j a listen? Very good as well.
      Lol you never know. I do love a good review. And it seems like you’re the only one who appreciates one.
      It must be nice to work from home. I always imagine it being so cozy. Such a nice environment to be in whilst working.

  2. People get their hate on for Grimes for some reason. I like what I’ve heard. Bits of Montreal and McGill University in that video too, with the tell-tale “Sortie” sign in the locker room.
    My favourite thing these days is a big fur-lined ear-flap hat that probably has a proper name but I’m not that smart. They were popular a couple of winters back, and this one I rescued from our basement bin of woolies. It was probably my daughter’s but she’s backpacking through Europe so I don’t feel bad at all.

    • Do they really? What’s to hate? She’s new and different. Haha of course you would concentrate on the Canadiana in the video.

      I love those hats! I used to have one but it was faux shearling lined I think. So cozy. I like the humble-brag insert of your daughter backpacking. Although I suppose its not a brag because you’re not actually the one backpacking. But I’m still managing to feel jealous. I’m excited for her adventures though. Europe is a wonderful place!

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