Fall Favorites 2014

Isn’t it gross that winter isn’t technically here yet? I love fall though. I really love the gross weather–it’s so cozy and there’s no pressure to go outside or to be active. Recounting my weekend events as sitting in front of the TV or “doing nothing” is suitable and acceptable. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving recently.

San Francisco. Holy crap guys, San Fran is cool. It made such a great impression on me even though I had only three days to experience it’s greatness. I would’ve had four but United cancelled my flight. I was so livid that day, I cannot even express it in words. But yeah, I went to Alcatraz on Halloween, cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge and visited Sausalito, walked around Chinatown, enlarged my calf muscles by hiking up to Lombard Street, and giggled at barking sea lions on the pier. It was all just too much.tumblr_m6bfftJchs1qi9nyro1_500

Jo Malone Perfume. Like, just stop it with these luxurious scents, Jo. I used to think they were overrated, but I recently decided to take the plunge and I’m oh so happy I did. I walked away with a bottle of English Pear and Freesia along with some sweet sample of Peony and Blush Suede. Heaven.8012594_fpx

 Tattly Temporary Tattoos. If you’re like me and can’t commit to inking your skin, but still have respect for those who do, these might interest you. They have fun, silly designs that truly only work in a temporary sense. The one I’m sporting now looks so real that it fooled a coworker.tattly_fiona_richards_cartolina_blooms_web_design_01_grande

Songza. For those of you unaware, Canadians are too poor and gross to receive Pandora stations so, in turn, Songza is our replacement. It’s pretty decent though. And by pretty decent, I mean that it has a station called Echoes of Fleetwood Mac that I cannot stop jamming to.image

Daddy-O Violet Shampoo. Thanks to Lush, my locks have returned to their golden splendor. I’m totally scared of violet shampoo because it can actually turn your hair violet if you leave it in for too long. However, the Lush employee gave me a huge sample of it and violet hair is kind of in right now, so it was kind of a win/win sitch. And I feel like it actually got some of the brass out of my highlights and lightened them up. 110-Daddy-O-resized

What have been some of your favorite things this season?


14 thoughts on “Fall Favorites 2014

    • Oh sandy I’m sorry. Or should I say, I’m sorey? You would’ve hated my blog for the first two years I had it up and running. Jokingly making fun of Canadians is what I do best! The reason lily in Canada exists! I was only joking. And to be fair, many a Canadian have made fun of my American ways. So I would say it’s a mutual joking relationship that I have with America’s hat. 😉
      I’m one of your biggest fans too! I’m just the worst commentor…

      • Ahhh…thanks for the lovely apology. You know how much I enjoy your posts (I mean honestly….I look forward to them – especially the Lush reviews)….so my heart was breaking a bit. As long as your mean streak is in jest we should be good. xo

  1. That bridge looks MENTAL, so I’m not surprised that you feel all smug and superior at having cycled over it.

    Having a perfume called English Pear is quite funny actually; it manages to sound both drab and mundane, and elegant and Victorian at the same time.

    • Haha did my smugness and superiority complex come across in this post? I thought I masked it quite well…

      Haha oh true. Over here anything with “English” in it is considered fancy. But I guess when you’re actually in England and there’s a chav pissing on the remnants of a spewed up kebab, the word is less appealing.

  2. We’re having such a good fall, it’s getting cold, but the sun shines most of the days – like oon a postcard, really 🙂
    As for me, I’m totally in love with a band called Warpaint and with tea with honey. Aww yeah!

    • Oh nice! I love the cozy weather. My favorite is when it’s sunny, but super cold. For some reason that kind of weather makes me feel like I’m living in Scandinavia. Haha
      Warpaint, huh? I’ll look em up. Tea with honey is so yummm!

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