Neflix Fix

Hey gals and ghouls. What’s new? What’s the haps? Okay I’m done. I’ll tell you what’s new with me. We cancelled our cable subscription! You’re probably wondering how I’m functioning. That’s so sweet of you to worry about my well-being. I’m doing just fine actually. Cable is one of those things that you don’t miss once it’s gone. Good riddance, sayonara, adieu.

The reason for our extreme decision was that we were spending an unhealthy amount of time positioned in front of our tube, not talking to each other, playing on ipads, and melting our brains. We were like a zombiefied married couple. So we nixed the cable.

We have replaced our TV watching with Netflix (baby steps…), reading, and socializing. However, the cable cancellation has coincided perfectly with my unemployment. In turn, I have nurtured my relationship with Netflix to an unhealthy level. How fun it is to press a button and have hundreds of episodes waiting to be marathoned. C grade movies whispering sweet nothings in my ear, promising entertainment and tickling my guilty pleasure fantasies. tumblr_nb6zw3lCGT1tvaq8go1_1280

Some of the shows I’ve been into lately are:

Kenny Vs. Spenny-Unabashed, silly, and often times cringe-y. This odd couple has won me over tenfold.

Archer– Adult cartoons aren’t for everyone, but Archer is hard to resist. Witty and light–a fun take on the world of secret agents.

The Mindy Project– Definitely a show for all the thoroughly modern gals out there. Mindy Kaling’s character is relatable and definitely puts you in a good mood.

Orange is the New Black (OITNB)- If you like lots of realistic lesbian scenes, this show is right up your alley. Whenever life hands you lemons, you should watch this show and realize that life actually isn’t that bad after all. You could be in prison.

Friday Night Lights- Teenage angst and high school drama. Oh, and add a dash of football and a whole lot of countrified culture.

What have you been watching lately? Any shows I should start watching?


19 thoughts on “Neflix Fix

    • I’ve heard that American Horror Story is pretty great but I haven’t watched it myself. As for movies, I would say stick to the classics, which I’m pretty sure you have because I saw on facebook that you watched Nosferatu. Proud of you. I can’t really speak for myself since I just watched Sharknado…

  1. We don’t get Netflix in Australia! Wahhhh. Oh, boo, why am I complaining, I just go online to watch stuff.
    I usually just re-watch all stuff because I have a notoriously short attention span for new TV shows, but I am loving Faking It, Awkward, Plebs and…don’t judge me, The Amazing Race. I know that reality television sucks out your brain cells, but if I can’t be travelling 24/7, I at least want to watch other people do so. Plus, when something goes awry, as it always does, I feel slightly better about having somewhere to sleep haha.

  2. Soul sister! For reals! More like Soul Cousins! We cancelled cable this summer only b’cuz all we were watching was “Fashion Police.” Lo and behold, a few months later, Joan Rivers died, and well, so did her show. Cable TV? #hastaluego

    Shows I watch…Gracias a Netflix? Mindy Project, Scandal and this evening per a request from my sister (whom your mom called co-pi) I am going to launch into “Reign”

    • Hah awesome! Yeah I’m still actually mourning Joan rivers’ death. Why couldn’t it have been guilianna rancic? Sounds like you watch some pretty dramatic shows. I hear Scandal is quite scandalous. For lack of a better word.

  3. I don’t watch much telly these days. I’ve just started the last season of House MD, which I very much recommend if you haven’t watched it yet.

    Realistic lesbian scenes sound very interesting though, I may have to check them out.

  4. If I had Netflix, I would definitely be watching Gilmore Girls from the start. That was one of my guilty pleasures. They were so funny because I was always laughing at a joke and they would be three sentences ahead by the time I was done laughing. Crazy that Sooki ended up being a bigger star than Lorelai.

    • Dude Gilmore Girls is like cheese factor 9. However, I have watched it in its entirety. There are way too many references in that show to be realistic, but it is pretty addicting. But yeah Melissa McCarthy owes her career to that show pretty much!

  5. Archer is a total favorite. My evil and secret love, it’s so bad. I’m waiting for season 5 darn it!! I’ve been glued to rewatching the x-files .

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