Lush Review

Ello ello Lush lovers. Goodbye non-lovers. How’s it hangin? How’ve your baths been? Your skin? Your hair? Ahh well, don’t worry. I’m back and ready for some reviews to sweeten your beauty regime. We’re not getting any younger so lets get into it.

I can’t even explain how long I had my eye on Lush’s massage bars. They fascinated me. I would touch them, smell them, and ask for hand massages every visit I made into a shop. It was bad. But finally someone managed to talk me into purchasing one–Therapy. 00024

Just like it’s name, Therapy is a stress reliever deluxe. It has an aromatherapy essence to it in a spa-like way. When you rub this solid perfumed bar between your hands or on your skin, the warmth starts to melt the oils (lavender, neroli, sweet orange) and gives you the perfect moisturizer and massage. Therapy has a great design because it actually has bumpy ridges that makes you feel like you’re getting a mini massage. Also the cocoa butter that makes up the majority of the bar is nourishing for dry skin. This massage bar is a great purchase for anyone who likes to pamper themselves and feel relaxed after a long day.

One of Lush’s most purchased items of all time is The Comforter bubble bar. Aptly named, The Comforter smells like happy black current sweets–a light scent that would put a smile on anyone’s face. This item also happens to be the best deal that Lush has to offer–the most bang for your buck. One bar gets you about 3-5 baths. All you do is break off a bit of the bubble bar and crumble it under your faucet for big, blooming bubbles.imgres

There’s not much I can really complain about with this product. However, I do loathe the look of Lush’s bubble bars. They look like Play-Doh creations. Very unappealing. But I must admit that they’re fun to play with and they really do work well.

I usually remember my Lush experiences very clearly, but I have trouble recalling my date with Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. I vaguely recall being let down in the scent department because it’s mainly a citrus based bomb, but it seemed too weak for my nose.  Apparently “this mystical Bath Bomb fizzles, crackles, curls, and ends with a glitter explosion” says the Lush site but I don’t remember any of that happening. It must have been a long day for me. I usually don’t forget a bath bomb with glitter so I don’t know what happened. I’ll have to try this one again. I just remember a lot of white, yellow, and orange fizz and not much more.03154


6 thoughts on “Lush Review

  1. I can just about see the review sparkling and glimmering at me, but I’m afraid my mind is clouded by England’s World Cup loss just now.

    I’m also mildly drunk and have thrown away two unfinished tubes of Pringles.

    I might re-read this tomorrow.

    • Haha no worries Michael. This will be waiting for you later. If not, I understand what a Pringles coma can do to a person. Those tubes are so easy to finish in one sitting…

  2. Girl – you know I love me some Lush! I’m hoping to head into the City soon to refill my basket. I load up on Big Blue….it’s become my favorite.

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