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You may or may not remember that I was having computer problems last time I posted on here. I continued to have them for a while afterward and was in the early stages of having a mental breakdown because of it. I spent a lot of time complaining to my husband how necessary it is to have a laptop for writing blog posts (among other things) and he gave me this big spiel about how no one will use laptops in a couple of years so I should just calm down. Well, until that technologically savvy year comes I refuse to believe that anything of worth will be written by using an iPad keyboard. Autocorrect can suck it.

But really, friends, foes, how are you? I’ve missed being present in the blogosphere. I’ve been a bad blogger and commentor and just bad in general. I need to redeem myself a bit.

I’m on vacay right now so I have time to take a moment for myself to type and eat Nantucket cookies and Pirouettes. Pepperidge Β Farm doesn’t mess around. They know what’s up. However, my enjoyment has ceased a bit because I decided to get sunburned in the worst possible place. My butt. Whenever I sit down, wear underwear that scratches, or try to ride my bike, I’m met with a somewhat painful sensation. Wouldn’t suggest it. I will be looking hella tan back there in a week though.tumblr_mnw1vy45be1rvqzzoo1_500

Anyway, that’s about it. Not much of an update but I suppose it will do. I’ll post my vacation mix if I get enough interest in that. I’m still a fan of making mix cds even though apparently cds will be a thing of the past 5 minutes ago.


16 thoughts on “What the what

  1. Lily! Welcome back! Life hasn’t been the same without your unique snippets of social commentary.

    Is your computer actually working now?

    Nantucket cookies and Pirouettes sound scary, so I hope there’s a fully fledged Lush-style review coming in the near future…

    • Thanks love! That’s sweet of you to say. You’ll remain on my good side. πŸ˜‰
      It’s working here and there. I always thought I was savvy with internet stuff but turns out I’m not really…
      Lol they are the opposite of scary and quite delish. You know I’ll take care of you in the Lush department!

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    How I’ve missed you. Pepperidge Farm is the best… Mint Milanos are my fave. Yum. What are you reading whilst you’re burning your rump? ( and I am with you, typing on the IPad is awful. Formatting and such, forget it!)

    • Ahh thanks lady! I’ve missed you too. We are a Milano loving family as well. You really can’t lose with cutesy named cookies, can ya?
      Oh I’ve got a nice book review coming up soon so you’ll just have to wait and be surprised! Yeah iPads are good for so many things but none of them are blogging related.

    • Lol well, if you must know, in past years I would go to the tanning salon during the winter months so I would have a nice base tan before vacation. However, I’ve decided that it’s bad for me so this year I was super pale before going to the beach and I guess I missed a lot of spots around my bum and I got super burned because I was so white! PAINFUL.

      • So, you’re not like that chick who was spotted recently sunbathing her bare ass out the window of her apartment (which, allegedly led to some motor vehicle accidents). And…well hopefully you’re not strolling around the public beach with your bare ass….unless it’s a nude beach…and then THAT would be a whole other blog post.

  3. Emily says:

    Lily!!!! I have missed you : ) so happy you are back! I love lush almost as much as you!
    Hope you enjoy an amazing summer!

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