Spring Favorites

If you’re a new follower, welcome to my seasonal favorites segment where I talk about the things that are currently bringing me joy this time of year. If you’re an old follower, I know, another stupid favorites post.

1. Sleep. In the past, my slumber meter was always filled to the brim. Now that I work I feel like I can’t get enough. I crave it. It will forever be one of my favorite things, but the past few months have taught me not to take it for granted.tumblr_n2jh7zZTPU1r082jyo1_500

2. Nylon Magazine. If you’ve never picked up a copy of Nylon, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems and this magazine doesn’t really solve any of them but it’s still a fun read. The magazine got it’s name because it’s based out of New York and London. NY+LON. They focus on music, fashion, art, and talented people. They also have a men’s version called Nylon Guys. No one is excluded from the greatness that is Nylon.

3. Vivian Maier’s photos. Last month I went to the university theater and watched a documentary called Finding Vivian Maier. I’m sure you’ve heard of it because you’re just so in-the-know, aren’tcha? Anyway, it was amahzing and it really blew me away. In short, it’s about this guy who purchased a trunk at an auction house and it was full of black and white photos and papers that belonged to a Chicagoan woman, Vivian Maier. Her life is essentially traced in the film as the pictures unfold. It’s definitely worth a watch. It stuck with me.VivianMaierSelfPortrait

4. Macarons. Not to be confused with coconut macaroons, French macarons give me life. They are the perfect shape and size and the best treat to give yourself when you’re feeling sad. Or happy. Or when you don’t feel anything at all. There is a store near me called Bon Macaron and they have made my life 100 times better. Merci macarons, merci.tumblr_n1b1d8kewJ1s3j204o1_500

5. Laying on the ground. I know you’re probably like, umm okay I’m done with this post. But honestly, when you’re running around all day it feels so nice to go out into the sunshine and lay out on the grass. It’s like the international sign for “I literally quit life” but it makes me feel good so just go with it.tumblr_mv1l8a11821qc6wuio1_500

6. Ink Master. Not one bit of my skin is tattooed. For some reason though, I love watching Ink Master. Not much is better than a reality show about tattoo artists being judged by Dave Navarro and company (Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck). SO much drama, so many sweet tats, and so many terrible ones. An extremely entertaining competition.

7. Stella and Dot Jewelry. Have you ever heard of Stella and Dot? It’s a company that sells jewelry online, but more commonly through trunk shows and jewelry parties. I’ve been to two parties and have spent hundreds of dollars on jewelry. Judge away. I cannot help myself. I march up the stairs to the houses telling myself that I’m not buying anything and the second I walk through the door I pull out my wallet. Just take all my money. Take it all.

What are some of your favorite things?



20 thoughts on “Spring Favorites

  1. Addie says:

    A friend of mine is a photographer, and he filled me in on Vivian back when her work came to light. I liked it so much, I was going to buy him a print for his birthday, but, after I saw the price, I decided being my BFF was enough of a gift. My favorite things? Easy. Joe and Sam. Their existence brings me such joy, I smile more than I have in decades.

    • Yeah it’s such a crazy cool story. She’s a bit of a freak though. But boy can she take a good picture. Joe and Sam seem like great companions. I’m sure you guys will make a lot of fun memories this summer together. Glad you all have each other!

  2. Sleep, oh sweet sleep…
    I recently discovered that I can get really, honestly happy because of earrings. Just wearing them, watching them. It’s weird, I know, but as long as it makes me feel fabulous I don’t really care :).

    • Haha yeah I remember you saying in the past how much you like earrings. I think it’s good to have something that really makes you smile and feel good. I bought some really cool green ones recently and I love them. I imagine you have a pretty impressive collection of earrings!

    • Lol I’m sure he misses you so much from the 5 seconds that you’re on the computer. Ahh the life of a mommy. No worries girlfriend!

    • Their stuff is so funnn! Did you ever buy anything? That’s so funny that her husband made her quit. I honestly don’t blame him though. The woman that threw the parties for my friends had so much jewelry to show us. It was ridic.

  3. Melissa says:

    Laying on the ground is underrated. I totally agree. And do so while watching Ink Master. Chris Nunez is looking mighty fine this season with his new hiptster look

    • So true. Chris is looking super fly and acting the part as well. Did you see the ep where Kyle attempted to punch CN multiple times? So good.

  4. I blogged about macarons recently and bought one tonight … a beautiful chocolate one. However, my 16-year-old son wanted to try it, and I gave it to him — his first. He enjoyed it immensely. So, I guess I love him more than macarons. I am now ending this comment because I should get some sleep. Thanks for the great post.

    • Haha thanks for reading and commenting! Glad we all share a love for macarons. They are truly delicious! I wish they were more common though. You’re a good mom for giving up that precious treat to your son 😀

    • I just tried to please the people. The real list goes a little something like this:
      1. Sleep
      2. Sleep
      3. zzzzzzz
      4. slumbering
      5. nap time
      6. being in a coma
      7. yeah

  5. I AM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!

    told you so. It may be weeks and weeks later … But Im back to comment! And here I go, lady.
    Ok. Ink Master? Watched this is on your suggestion. YES better than the other show I watch “Best ink” which isn’t bad per se … younger demographic I think and I like to believe I am in fact STILL YOUNG.
    Stella & Dot I keep hearing about this… my dear friend keeps threatening to throw a “jewelry party” and that’s the brand she loves. So maybe I’ll be able to report on this soon. I don’t know how I feel about chunky jewelry on a chunky gal. again. more investigation is needed on my part. or a diet plan.
    I don’t need to express that I have much love and appreciation for sleep, laying down, macaroons or Nylon Mag. I hip to these Spring trends and I am all over them.

    My spring obsession right now is Pur Minerals makeup. It is my first intimate relationship since Jeff and I think it’s serious. My credit card hasn’t been this exhausted since I took him into Lush and forgot the meaning of budgeting. You get it.

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