Bathroom Stall Poetry

Whilst inside a women’s bathroom stall on Friday night, some beautiful words jumped off the wall and spoke to me. I want to share them with you.

Eat Pray Love shut the f*ck up.

Ur mom is hot

(a drawing of a daisy)

I see you.

Jen was here.


Thank you for joining me. Those words reached out and grabbed my soul.


41 thoughts on “Bathroom Stall Poetry

  1. Addie says:

    I wonder if I can get these made into some of those script decals in order to put them on my bathroom wall? Then, Pinterest here I come!

  2. Wow, those beautiful words are just bringing me to tears. I feel inspired! Where is the closest public bathroom? I need to make my million in bathroom wall poetry, such as this.

    • Haha I feel like you could do well with bathroom poetry. You just have that special somethin’. I’m glad these words triggered such a powerful emotion in you.

  3. I was camping in Vermont last summer when came across the word “jazz” etched into the door of a bathroom stall. I thought, “Wow, man, what a great exhortation to be creative and free! What a surprise!” Then I looked closer and saw it said “jizz.”

    • Haha my husband and I often exchange those words for the other. Because we both have the sense of humor of two 16 year old boys.
      I really like your exclamation about being creative and free. If only someone had felt strongly enough about saxophone solos during their bathroom break…

    • I knew you would like this one. It very much reminded me of your beat poetry slam. I wanted to add the drum beats, but that’s totally your thing and I’m not gonna steal it!

      But yes, art in the everyday world is the best kind.

  4. I don’t think girls do their best work while urinating. Or in the case of your “model” straddling rapidly-filling sinks while awaiting a lover (?), or contemplating life’s mysteries.

    • It’s definitely a weird picture but it totally fit, ya know? Just casually posing on the sink with her legs spread. So ladylike.

      I’ll have to scout out some more bathroom poetry and see if I/the women of Victoria can impress you.

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