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Red, White, and Blue Oscar Apparel

It’s a challenge for me to watch one of my country’s favorite pastimes from a lesser, more embarrassing location. And the pastime I’m referring to is the judgement of people who’ve achieved thespian greatness. Attacking people from the privacy of your own home is the true winter sport. Sorry Sochi winners. Combine it with live tweeting and I’d consider you an athlete.

I couldn’t help noticing that my country was calling out to me through Oscar ensembles. So much red, white, and blue! Granted, they could have been calling out to people from France, The United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, Australia, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Iceland, Laos, etc, etc, etc. But I just have a strong feeling that they were trying to signal me.

Jennifer Lawrence really stepped out of her comfort zone by choosing another Dior gown to sport at the Oscars. This one was pleasant, but doesn’t hold a flame to her dress last year. However, she did manage to trip in both of them. Is it just me, or are her falls a cry for even more attention? In some light this dress looked orange-y.

Pink’s ruby slipper dress was so unexpected and glorious. I think everyone was assuming she would enter swinging from the chandeliers, wearing a leotard, but she classed it up big time. Also, who knew she could sing like that?pink-oscars-1

Jared Leto is sporting a cute little crimson bow tie with his white tuxedo jacket. I was unsure about this combination, but I realized that if he chose to wear something normal, it would feel seriously wrong. Paired with his ombre beach waves, Jared managed to glam it up without being too strange.oscars_2014_jaredleto_650_15_1

Matthew McConaughney also decided to wear a white jacket on the red carpet which made him resemble a cute little busboy. I feel like Matthew and Jared made a pact to both wear white, hoping to please the Oscar gods. Luckily for them, it worked.movies-oscars-2014-matthew-mcconaughey-trophy

Kate Hudson really stole the show in her Atelier Versace gown. Like, stop. This dress is gorge. I mean, she hasn’t even done anything worth mentioning in the past 5-10 years but the girl knows how to dress.rs_634x1024-140302165209-634.kate-hudson-oscars-030214

I have to give some honorable mentions to Naomi Watts and Maria Menounos. They both wore chic white gowns that didn’t ask for too much attention, but were simply beautiful. Also, Maria Menounos shouldn’t even be there, but props on the dress.Naomi-Watts-Oscars-2014 oscars-2014-maria-menounos-red-carpet__oPt

Lupita Nyong’o’s ice blue ethereal number really did it for me. It’s possible that she won an award for that dress alone. She also had such a beautiful and eloquent acceptance speech–I’m certain she was inspired by her frock. Lupita is most definitely America/Kenya’s sweetheart.da78d970-a285-11e3-b834-ef0e1167164d_Lupita-Nyongo-back-dress-oscars

Jason Sudeikis wore a blue tux on this big day, which I applaud because I’m a fan of navy. However, I unapplaud because of the black bow tie. I just have trouble with navy and black mixing. Sorry, I’m not sorry.1393805319_476193135_olivia-wilde-jason-sudeikis-467

Sandra Bullock’s Alexander McQueen dress looked terrible during the televised interview I tuned into. However, the photos online make it look pretty damn good. I also thought her hair was delightful.Sandra-Bullock-Oscars-2014

I have to applaud Amy Adams’ dress solely for the fact that didn’t show her side boob. Congrats on figuring out how to flatter your body, Amy. x700

I think my favorite dresses of the night were Charlize Theron’s, Kate Hudson’s, and Lupita Nyong’o’s. Did you watch the Academy Awards? Which outfits did you like?


15 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blue Oscar Apparel

    • Hah I didn’t notice it before, but she is quite pale for residing in California. I would most certainly have melanoma if I lived there. I gotta give props to the pasty girls that live in sunny states.

      And yeah, you were probably sitting a little too close. 😉

  1. I think Maria Menounos’ dress is my favorite! Ok, this is probably such a disgrace but… I’ve never seen the Oscars in my short life. I don’t have cable at my house so… But it sure sounds interesting!

    • Yeah, I really like those t-shirt style long dresses. Haha it’s not a disgrace. It’s actually refreshing. The people who are in the movies these days are usually full of themselves so I don’t know why we give them so much attention. I just really love movies so I feel like watching the Academy Awards is just something that further interests me.

  2. Nah, I never bother watching these awards ceremonies. I haven’t heard of half the stars nor half of the films that get mentioned.

    Pink deserves an oscar for her uncanny ability to look like Eddie Izzard though.

    • Haha really? I’ll admit that it’s much more fun to watch when you’ve seen most of the movies and performances that are up for awards. If you haven’t seen them, then there isn’t really a point besides looking at the clothes and waiting for someone to mess up on stage.

      Pink is such a weirdo. But she was actually incredible that night. I didn’t see it coming. She does look a bit like Eddie/a man.

  3. I’m all misty and whatnot over Jennifer Lawrence. That girl-next-door type never fails to slay me. Meow.

    McConaughney and Leto looked like sommeliers at a Vegas restaurant that overlooks the fountains at Bellagio.

    Kate Hudson may have stole the show but she is a bomb factory. One horrible movie after another. Who keeps financing her projects, I wonder?

    Sandra Bullock’s Alexander McQueen dress looked like drapery in a vintage 1970’s living room.

    • Really? I’m so over JLaw! I feel like she tries so hard to be relate-able. She does seem pretty easy going, so I have to applaud her on that.
      Haha too true about McConaughey and Leto.
      I agree about Kate’s movie choices but I can’t help loving her for some reason. Okay, “loving” might be too strong. I don’t mind her. Her face pleases me.
      Agreed about Sandy’s dress, yet somehow she made it work. Kinda.

  4. I don’t always watch the Oscars but for some reason this year I looked forward to it — especially for the fashion — and I’m not even a fashion maven so to speak. I loved Kate Hudson’s dress! And Ellen was fantabulous — she’s brilliant! I couldn’t stop laughing. Loved the pizza thing. And that pizza store owner’s getting big business now because of it!

    • I feel ya. Every year I feel differently toward them. This year I had seen a lot of the movies so I felt like it would be an entertaining watch. Ellen is always fun to see. She’s such an easy person to watch. I like how she incorporated the audience into a lot of it. The pizza looked so good! I wanted some!

  5. Melissa says:

    Can I just say that overall all of the Oscar looks were mediocre at best. Everyone looked pleasant enough but there were no standouts like the Halle Berry sheer number or the backless Hilary Swank look. Everyone played it safe and no one took a chance. That is the stage to do it. #failbyplaying it safe. And poor Leo.

  6. I have a Kate Hudson issue so I can’t go with her. And I didn’t even recognize her, hopefully she wont’ follow in her mother’s surgical footsteps. Lupita’s was my fave.

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