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A month or so ago my husband asked me if I knew what bronies were. I had no idea. He explained to me that bronies are guys who admittedly enjoy My Little Ponies. I know I’m gullible, but I was not about to be fooled by that obvious BS. “Look it up if you don’t believe me” he said. So I did. And he was right.

It’s laughable at first, and then when you give the idea more thought, it’s perplexing. What makes teenage boys and even grown men interested in a franchise that, for so many years, was aimed toward young girls? I’m pretty sure it comes down to entertainment value.

I was surprised to find out that these bronies were entranced by not only the toys, but also the show. The show My Little Pony didn’t amount to much when I was a young lass in the late 80’s and 90’s. Of course I had the toys, but the show came and went. Currently, My Little Pony is in it’s 4th generation reboot, which clearly illustrates character development, relatable story lines, and humor. An all around enjoyable show compared to earlier, weaker versions.My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024

I understand being trapped in an adult body and taking pleasure in shows, movies, and even toys that are meant for children. (That’s why I’m such a great babysitter.)  In a youtube documentary about bronies, they quote Walt Disney who said, “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” I find this to be extremely true. There is a reason why Disney movies have so much success with all generations and genders. Everyone can enjoy them–they don’t single out a certain audience.

As I child I relished in entertainment and toys. I played every game, watched every show available to my eyes, and played with both my brother’s toys and my own. As we got older, my brother was interested in Pokemon, so I began to take an interest as well. I remember being twelve years old and thinking, “Okay I’m too old for this.” But I couldn’t help loving it. I get the same shameful feeling when I take a video games just as seriously now as I did when I was ten years old. It’s okay to stay youthful in the most innocent ways possible. I feel for these bronies.my little pony games

During this day and age, the blue and pink lines that define “boy stuff” and “girl stuff” have been blurred slightly but not completely. I think mothers have taken notice of their children’s preferences and catered to them more, which is great to witness. I love seeing little boys with their toenails painted just like their sister’s. Colorful toes are attractive to all eyes, so why can’t colorful ponies be attractive to both genders?

It makes sense to me. Do you think it’s odd that My Little Pony has a broad fan base?


19 thoughts on “Bronies

    • Bronies are definitely weird. But yeah, everyone has a couple of weird things about themselves. It actually gives me a lot of joy that, of all things, My Little Pony has a super-following.

  1. I thought it was really weird at first. And then I (albeit as a girl, but a tomboyish one not really into ‘girl’ shows) actually sat down to watch it with my little sisters. And it’s actually not that bad. It has some jokes and references in it which remind me of other age-leaping cartoons like Regular Show and Powerpuff Girls, and the characters are more well-rounded than you’d think. Might be strange to some, but hey, it floats your boat.

    • Yeah, I watched some when I was babysitting and I was pleasantly surprised! I’m glad that it got re-discovered in a way. But this is coming from someone who is a big fan of cartoons in general so I might not be the best judge haha. I’m glad you understand though! 😀

  2. Haha, I am a proud Joanie, then. My friend is actually into My Little Ponies… Except she’s a girl, but she knows bronies. Actually, she calls herself a brony. I think that everyone likes different things, and that they have a right to like whatever they like. After my friend’s suggestion, I researched a boy named Michael Morones. He was an 11 year brony who attempted suicide after being bullied for liking My Little Pony. So, some people take it very seriously….

    • Oh I’m sure some people take it very seriously. I think it would be way harder to be in elementary/middle/high school and be a brony compared to being one in college. It’s hard because school always makes kids want to feel “normal” and be “cool” but it’s not until later that we realize being yourself is the most normal and cool thing possible. Poor little guy. :/

  3. Sammy says:

    I laughed out loud at you first paragraph. Not so much that there’s adults that like My Little Pony, but that there is a name for it. Who comes up with this stuff?

    • I know, right? The name is so perfect! I wish we had known about them in college because I think we would’ve had a lot of good laughs about that one!

  4. I watched this movie a few weeks ago. It wasn’t very good for the premise, probably because they tried to make the Bronies seem normal. I still can’t understand why an adult male would obsess over the show. Appreciate it, yes. But they traveled to New Jersey for the convention!!

    • Yeah I think there was a Netflix documentary which was probably way better than the youtube crap that I watched. I feel like that’s the fine line that we balance on with kidzshowz because we obviously appreciate shows, but we aren’t obsessed with them. And sometimes we have strong feelings of hatred toward shows (which I think is the most normal reaction of all).
      Dude, that should be a selling point for New Jersey tourism. You should go to the convention next time as an under cover reporter.

  5. We live in a world where Ellen crashes Twitter with an Oscar “selfie”, but people barely vote, Lily…
    The world is beyond odd these days, don’t you think?

    • It’s quite a weird little planet that we live on, yes. I think it’s the simple things that really get people going. My little ponies and pictures of celebrities are way easier to focus on that politics!

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