Music Review: Lord Huron

I was lucky enough to score some sweet tickets to a Lord Huron concert a couple weeks ago. And by “score” tickets I mean that my husband bought them for us. I was also lucky because the concert took us out of our tired hometown setting and brought us into Seattle for a weekend trip. I’m really living the life of Riley these days.

Held at the city’s Showbox theater, the concert took on a dark, cavernous vibe. It was a pretty crowded show, an all ages event, making it tough to meander around. When the group came on stage they opened with a couple of their most popular tunes, made familiar from commercials and episodes of MTV’s Catfish.

Their set wasn’t painfully long, on the contrary, it was the perfect length. They played their most recent album, Lonesome Dreams, in it’s entirety and threw in some covers for good measure. I personally feel that their music sounds like a countrified cross of Mumford and Sons and some other indie flavor that I can’t quite put my finger on.lordhuronsite

Their look, as a whole, was practically perfect in every way. You know when a band dresses the same as how they sound and it makes the concert feel like a show? That’s what occurred in Seattle. They were dressed like hipster cowboys. Bolo ties and skinny jeans, cowboy boots and suit vests.

They ended with their biggest hit, “Time to Run” which caused everyone to tap their toes. This was my favorite part of the concert because I was down in front, a midst the families, couples, and singles, watching the smiles spread across their faces when they recognized the first chords of the song.


17 thoughts on “Music Review: Lord Huron

  1. Lucky you. I own and like their debut but it’s the type of band that makes me wonder, “What next?” Where do you go with this sound? And if you listen to the lyrics, it’s all very “lonesome pine, open road.” This isn’t a complaint. I just wonder if they’ll stretch, like Fleet Foxes or Avett Brothers, a couple of bands they bring to mind.

    • Totes. I was thinking Fleet Foxes too! Not sure what’s next. Sometimes I feel like bands and musicians arrive at the perfect moment–where people crave their sound because it’s different. But these guys aren’t THAT different. So what I’m trying to say is I don’t know. For this moment in time they are good. But yeah, I could see their shtick getting tiresome quickly.

      • Always hard to know where a band will go.

        One of my favourite Irish Bands is Bell X1 and I remember listening to their early stuff and liking it but thinking they will not get far, I just thought like you said they seemed to arrive at the perfect moment , but I was wrong they are still going strong and their music has changed so dramatically and only gotten better, especially since they dropped the record label and went independent, which was much easier for them to do than other bands given their huge and it seems unwavering Irish support, the only Irish band to get more radio play than Bell X1 is U2.

        Not a bad achievement considering they have only been around since 2001 and U2 have been around since 1,500 B.C.

      • Good point JD! I’ve never heard of Bell X1 but I’ll have to check them out. Sometimes I like when bands stay strong and evolve their sound, but other times (depending on the band of course) it can feel like they sell out, ya know?

        Too true about U2 though haaha

  2. Interesting sound, Lily, I enjoyed the video. I understand where you are coming from, because it’s just fun to get out of the routine, be in a new city, and see live music. I love (almost) all live music, regardless of genre; there’s just something about a show!

    • I know what you mean about going to a show. It’s much more fun to see a band play live. Howeverrrr I almost always prefer listing to studio recorded music than live versions. I don’t know why haha.

      • Oh no, I understand that. there is a reason they go into the studio to record; the final product it is more polished, and sounds (probably) the way the writer and composer intended. Just my lay person theory, anyway! 🙂

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