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I’ve been trying to space out my Lush Reviews because I know not everyone is interested in them, but I’m also aware that some people love them so I try not to hold off too long. It’s a fine balance. I have some good reviews lined up so let’s jump right in, shall we?

The last time I was at home in Chicago, I made a couple Lush purchases to soothe my frozen soul body. The scent in particular that really calms me, and is said to calm most folks, is lavender. So obvs I picked up the Golden Slumbers bath bomb. Not only is the bomb dusted in a sparkly golden powder, but it smells of lavender oil and chamomile. It seems to go the extra distance to assure that your body will be relaxed. It even has little sprigs of lavender that float around your tub to give off that earthy-romantic feel. You know what I mean? Sadly, I think this bomb might have been discontinued which is actually really rude of Lush.3_lush-golden-slumbers-bath-bomb

When I was bathing in my bath of luxurious lavender, I popped the French Kiss bubble bar under the faucet for extra entertainment. I don’t typically enjoy the look of Lush’s bubble bars–they look like children’s Play-Doh creations–but this one actually appeals to me. It’s white and purple with a sprig of lavender popping out of the top. Like a tie-dye Hershey’s Kiss. It makes big, beautiful bubbles and gives off a strong lavender and rosemary scent. It’s also infused with coconut oil so it makes your bath water nourishing and causes your skin to be silky smooth when you step out.lush-french-kiss

I was also brave and decided to try one of Lush’s shampoos–a cult product, BIG. I don’t know about you, but I don’t use quality shampoo. I’ll usually purchase the cheaper brands that tend to smell good, but don’t do a lot for my already limp locks. Hairdressers will often comment how my scalp has a lot of buildup (thanks?) and how my hair doesn’t have a lot of lift (sweet). BIG definitely helps with these issues of mine. Made with tonssss of sea salt, this shampoo scrubs my scalp and cleanses my head leaving my hair follicles light and my head surprisingly clean. The scent is hard to describe. It’s very perfume-y with hints of citrus and vanilla. I try not to use this shampoo daily. Maybe once every week and a half because you don’t get much bang for your buck with this product.LUSH-Big-Shampoo1

What beauty products have you been using lately?



9 thoughts on “Lush Review

  1. I feel like a deaf person reading a review of Mozart’s Greatest Hits yet I’m intrigued regardless of my ignorance of the subject matter.

    If a hairdresser told me that I had a lot of buildup on my scalp, I’d assume that they’re talking about my hair, which is why I go to them in the first place.

    I’m actually glad that I shave my own head so don’t have to worry about such things any more.

    • Hah I love your description of feeling like your deaf listing to Mozart. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it, if you like it that’s all that matters, right?

      Having scalp build up is the opposite of cool. I wish I had scalp build up that consisted of hair and had a crazy overgrown mane. But mine was mostly old shampoo and conditioner that didn’t want to leave my head (gross).

      It must be so nice to not have to worry about hair. Like, such an easy life.

  2. Bah … I am so broke I can’t shop at Lush, I have to wait all year till SOMEONE *cough cough … husband are you reading this?* buys me a gift, so I am not only happy to live through you BUT IT IS A NECESSITY!
    I’v long been afraid to try the in-a-pot shampoos and so on. I don’t have a rational reason for this … But in my youth, before baby when money was plentiful, I used to adore “Veganese” (sp?) conditioner and Juicy shampoo – both bottle products but from Lush and amahziiinnng. However, last time I checked they raised the price again. Now each bottle is like 30 dollars. Did you let that sink in? THIRTY FREAKING DOLLARS. Sigh. I can’t even talk about this anymore because I am about to go shower in a bathroom so devoid of Lush anything, I think it might be an unlabelled entrance into FIREY HELL.

    … love this update – thanks.

    • Lush is so expensive. I feel your pain. I’ve actually been pretty good about avoiding the store. I just have a lot of old products that I haven’t reviewed yet!
      I’ve never tried Veganese or Juicy! The only conditioner I’ve tried from them is American Cream which is okayyy. I like the smell of it. I’ll have to try both of those! The pot shampoo kind of scared me too, but I don’t mind it as much anymore. It is tricky though because you only need to use veryyyy little of the product, but because it’s in a pot, I tend to scoop a bunch out, thus wasting precious dollars.
      DUDE I KNOW. SO EXPENSIVE. I hate it because they know the products that people are addicted to and they know to jack up the price. So rude.
      I feel your pain, girl. Glad you liked it! Thanks for always commenting 😀

  3. I for one LOVE your Lush reviews. In fact, your reviews are what got me turned back onto Lush products and I’m addicted. Fortunately, as you know, the closest Lush store is more than an hour’s drive via highway from where I live so I have to stock up and use my products moderately (I don’t throw a whole bomb in the bath – usually just pick off a chunk and toss it in).
    I reinjured my back last week so I’m daily looking forward to my end-of-day baths to relax and hope the scent of my Lush shiz will make the pain go away. If not, wine sometimes helps.

    • You definitely have some strength. I’ve been trying to stay away from Lush because it’s a total money suck. I need to get a job so I can spend more money there. Not using an entire bath bomb is hard for me! I love to throw the whole thing in! Unless it’s uber big and then I’ll halve it.
      Ahh sorry about your back! Definitely invest in some nice products. My latest obsession is Lush’s massage bars. Maybe get someone to massage your back for you? 😉

  4. Lily, I am so out of the loop, I have never even heard of Lush, before reading about on your blog, of course. The products sound absolutely yummy, and I love lavender anything, anyway. I probably don’t want to do this, but I may have to check out if yonder Atlanta has a Lush store…lol.

    • Oh yeah there are at least 3 stores around Atlanta! I just checked for you! Haha. You should definitely check out some of their products. They have really fun bath bombs and stuff. I like their stuff because they don’t test on animals!

      • Lily, you are the best! I looked online, and two of them are not that far away, even though I live out in the country. I hope this doesn’t become an addiction for me. If so, it will be your fault. 😀

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