Grandma Names

Grandma names are super on trend for babies this year. I’m usually a fan of old fashioned names because, I, myself have been blessed with one. I’ve always been interested in family names–what people name their children, what their maiden names are, etc. Grandma names are basically all the same though. You know a grandma name when you hear one. They always prove to be interesting though–some are plain and some are unique.

Sophia, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy. So many great G-names in one show!

Sophia, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy. So many great G-names in one show!

One time, while I was in a shop on Main Street USA, Disney World, an older woman was working behind a cash register ringing up my purchase. I looked at her name tag and read “Geraldine. Your name is Geraldine?” To which she replied, “Yep! But everyone calls me Gerry.” So awesome.

Some of the more popular G-names that have come up on the celebrity baby-name radar are: Lucille, Isadora, Agnes, Marion Loretta (SJP got carried away with the grandma names), Tabitha, Maxine, Blythe, Hazel, Ruth, Lorraine, etc. All very fun, very weird names.

One of my grandmothers is named Roselynn and the other is named Marion.

Are there any good grandma names in your family?


51 thoughts on “Grandma Names

  1. I looooove this because I am a big fan of grandma names. You’re in the inner circle so you know that my daughter has a very grandma-esque name, so I can’t wait until she figures out how to knit me a sweater. I really like the name Gert too. Maybe if I have another daughter I will name her that, because then at least we’ll know that we’ll never have to pay for a wedding πŸ˜‰

    • Yes! I’m so proud and honored to know Cee’s name. It’s a good one too. She will definitely love it when she’s older because she’ll be super unique and cool. Yeah Gert is awesome. Such a hardcore g-ma name. Haha too true. Gert and Cee will just be rocking and knitting with plenty of cats to keep them company.

  2. Haha. I am ALL about some old lady classic names. I have a couple of favorites I’m saving for Future Baby #2 if I can talk the husband out of all the trendy, made up names of today.

    • Awesome! I’m sure it won’t be too hard to talk him out of the terrible names of today. Some of them are so, so bad. I lived in Utah for a year and a half and I had never heard of so many fake names before. Kyler? MaKyzlie? LIKE WHAT ARE THOSE?

  3. Maude, but only as my grandmother’s name and as a 70’s sitcom. It was cool for a couple of years during the fortuitous overlap of the show’s popularity and her continued breathing. Of course, the show eventually ended, as did she. She was born in 1902 and nobody called her Maude. “Tiny” was her preferred name, and she was (4-11ish). Isn’t Maude just a simplified Madeline, which is also back and a great G-name?

    • Ooo I actually really like the name Maude. I’m a big fan of the movie Harold and Maude. Such a good one. Never watched the TV show though. Obviously I’ve missed out! Lol the way you write about your grandma’s death makes me laugh and I’m starting to feel bad about it. Tiny is a good nickname though. I think my grandma’s nickname was Pepper. Which is longer than her actual name so go figure.
      Those are some great names though! Thanks for stopping by πŸ˜€

  4. My grandmas are Jane, Virginia, and…..I’m trying to think of my dad’s mom’s name since I never met her. I know the last name is Cleary and I want to say she was Beverly Cleary which she was not. My dad’s dad was Eugene and my mom’s dad was Earl. Jane was my real grandma and Virginia was the mistress. Hmmm this is going to bother me.

    Molly, Dorothy, and Wendy are good grandma names. Is Tabitha a grandma name? I only know one person named it and she was redheaded so yuck.

    • Beverly Clearly sounds very Irish. So you’re Irish through and through on your dad’s side I’m guessing? Those are all great names. I like Earl and Eugene. I feel like E names for men are uncommon, yet both of your grandpas have them. My grandpas have the same name which is also weird…Richard.

      I like Virginia and Jane. Those are two I forget about. I don’t usually think of Molly and Wendy and grandma names, kind of like how you don’t think of Tabitha as one. I think Tabitha sounds more like a witch name come to think of it. But Dorothy, yes.

      It will be weird in 20 years or so when grandmas will be named Lauren and Ashley and Jennifer.

  5. Both my mom and dad’s mom’s were Betty. One for Elizabeth and not sure about the other one. I have two step-gmas too. One is Judy and the other is Luellen, but she goes by Lu.

    • Luellen is awesome! Betty/Elizabeth is probably the numero uno grandma name. Both of my grandpas had the same name! Weird when that happens! I like Judy too. Reminds me of Judy Garland.

  6. Vivienne is totally a grandma name. Growing up, no one had a name like mine but many had grandmothers with it. Now it’s become fashionable again. Such a strange experience to hear people calling their babies by my name.

    • Totally! So weird, I have a friend named Vivienne! I feel like my name has totally come back into fruition as well. I agree, it’s weird to be the only one for so long and now all of a sudden, there are armies of babies that share our name. So strange!

  7. My Muted Voice says:

    I love classic names, too! My former coworker just named her daughter Claire which I haven’t heard in a long time. My MIL is Beatrix and my grandmother was Antoinette. I also have a Gladys. πŸ™‚ Cute post!

    • Claire is a good one. I always overlook it because I had a couple of Claires in my grade growing up, so I always forgot it was originally old school.

      Beatrix and Antoinette are so cool! I love those names! Hah Gladys is always a good one.
      Thanks girl! πŸ˜€

    • Aww such a cute comment! I love the name Lucy–so simple yet sassy. Lots of sassy Lucys have been around–Lucille Ball, Lucy from Peanuts…etc! I never thought about Lucy being a “k” shy of lucky. So cute.

  8. My mom was named after her grandmother (Amy) and an aunt (Rose). She has at least two cousins named Amy as well (my grandmother came from a big-ass family). My middle name is Marie (so original). My other grandmother’s name was Marjorie Rose. My cousins and an aunt trade off middle names – Aunt is Rose, first-born cousin is Marie, next cousin is Rose and the last cousin is Marie. Another cousin got stuck with Doreen as a middle name and yet another cousin has Nina as a middle name (our first names are all pretty original/lame/mainstream). I have at least two more cousins with Marie as a middle name.

    • I’ve never really thought of Amy being an old school name, but I guess it is! Coolio! That’s cool with the Roses and the Maries! I like when families keep the tradition going. I have the same middle name as my mom, Kathryn, and I think someone else might have it, but that’s about it. You must have a lot of females in your family! I do too! Haha I always feel bad for the men in our family because they’re so outnumbered.

      • My dad has 3 brothers and one sister. One uncle has two boys, one uncle has 3 girls, the last uncle has one girl. My aunt has two boys. My dad is the only sibling with one of each.
        My mom has 2 sisters and 2 brothers: One aunt had two of each, the other aunt has two boys, one girl, an uncle has one of each and the last uncle has one girl.
        Notice how Grandparents always came from and had big families? My mom’s mom had 12 siblings. Good Lord! I can barely look after my cat!

      • That is insane. I have 3 immediate cousins in total. Smallest family ever. I don’t think I could handle twelve siblings. I can barely handle one.

    • Both great names. I like the name Evelyn a lot. I always think of it as a female name but in Downton Abbey, a man is named Evelyn and it totally threw me off! Either way, it’s good!

  9. unfetteredbs says:

    Hey there.. My grandmas were Frieda and Isabel.. those are super names. I wanted to name my first daughter Frieda but I was nixed and the hubs wanted Harriet for our second daughter, and I nixed that. Those are totally grandma names. They both have old school names, so we both win. My name is a wierd one.. totally an oddball name. A granny name? Mmmm

    • Ooo Frieda is cool. I wonder if she liked Frieda Kahlo? I also like Isabel. So girly and pretty. Harriet reminds me of Harriet the spy–cute, but I understand why you nixed it. I like that you named your gals old school names! I like the uniqueness of your name. It sounds old school but it could also come off as modern. A perfect mixture if you ask me!

  10. A friend just recently called their daughter Clementine which I though was adorable and another was Clancy. I love old fashioned and girly names. being stuck with ‘Daile’ I’m probably going to go with something more traditional for my kids (if and when!)

    • Clementine is super precious. I think of an old fashioned southern belle. Clancy is cool because it sounds like a family name. Very cute. How do you pronounce your name? I love the spelling of it! I know what you mean about the traditional names though!

  11. I’m constantly lobbying for a Beulah revival. My youngest is named Abigail Winnifred, which is pretty old-timey, don’t you think?
    Aside: All my WordPress notices this week ended up in my junk folder; I thought everyone was just slacking. Consequently, I didn’t see that you were writing about old people names when I was posting about young people names. Cosmic, what?

    • I feel like there was a band called Beulah. That kind of words, right? Abigail Winnifred is super cute and unique. Nice work! I’m sure she’s very happy with her name.
      WP funks up my stuff all the time. At the moment I’m not getting comment notifications which is annoying, but not as annoying as not getting subscription emails. We were totally on the same wavelength! Great minds!

  12. HA! I like the idea of grandma names. I wonder though what the parents of the grandmas who are named Hazel and Ethel were thinking when they named them. Could it have been trendy then to have an ugly name, I wonder. (My new granddaughter is named Lily Lucille)

    • So true! I think maybe Hazel and Ethel were super modern and unique at one point–very weird, I agree. You know I approve of the name Lily! Lucille is awesome because I always think of Lucille Ball and all of her amazingness!

  13. Well. My mom is “Lorraine” there’s one you have already … Others, in my family that are clearly grandma names … Angela. Marjorie. Elaine. Nora. Betty. Sheesh. turns out we got a lot of them … ah the classics *cough cough* relics…

    • Wow you have a lot in your fam! My great grandma’s name was Velma but for some reason she went by Lorraine. So I’ve always liked that name. At least you have fun names in your family tree. Very colorful!

    • Those are pretty modern for grandma names! But I suppose they do count in the sense that not many young girls are named Helen and Karen nowadays!

  14. I so much prefer these names from the days of yore. I always said if I wanted kids I’d have named them Mary, Iris, Jane, John, Matthew, Luke, Peter — the last three, just kidding — but really I do love the Biblical names especially like Caleb, Sarah. My grandmothers are Zemoria and Hattie — can’t get any more olden days than that! πŸ™‚ Oh yes, and my great grandma’s name was Eva — perfect.

    • Hahah you’re cracking me up with Matthew, Luke, and Peter. Yeah biblical names are pretty awesome. I like Iris a lot! I’m a fan of flower names haha. Zemoria is pretty sweet! Never heard that name before. Hattie is so cute. I could see people naming their kids that these days. Eva is a good one too! You have some gems!

  15. Very cute topic! Yes, some of the baby names these days are just ick. We do have a lovely friend who just named her baby Elise. I think that is beautiful.

    My grandmothers were Edna and Marieliese (German). My parents came *this* close to naming me Edna. Soooo fortunate that didn’t happen!

    We have 4 granddaughters, and two of them have classic names, Sophie, the oldest at 6 yrs, and Madeline Rose, at 9 months, the youngest. The other two are Samantha and Gabrielle, not so much Grandma names.

    I love the name Lily, by the way. Some good friends named their daughter Lily, and she is almost 12 now. πŸ™‚

    • Haha you are so lucky to have dodged the Edna bullet! That’s a great grandma name though!
      Your granddaughters have very pretty, feminine names. They are probably very cute.
      Aww thank you! It’s a great name–I like it a lot myself. I’m glad it’s had a big resurgence!

  16. Emily says:

    This is a fun post! One of my grandma’s names is Bernadine and my other grandma is named Dorothy meaning ‘gift from god’ because she was adopted! They were both lovely and so dear to me : ) wished I could have gotten to know them much longer as I was only 12 when they died. They still live on… I feel their presence in life. Thanks, Lily. Hope you’re well! Happy 2014!

    • Those are great grandma names! I like the meaning of Dorothy! Bernadine is very cool. That’s good that you can feel their presence. You must be a very warm and spiritual soul. I am certain that they watch over you, Emily.
      Thanks for stopping by! I love your input! πŸ˜€

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