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Oscar Noms

I was feeling super uninspired a couple of minutes ago until I read Katie’s post about the fashion choices at the Golden Globes. I was obviously really passionate about this topic because I wrote her a 100-or-so word comment sharing my thoughts and feelings. Then a little light bulb went off in my head–Hey the Academy Award Nominations have been posted! I can write about that! And everyone knows I’m extremely talented when it comes to talking about movies and judging celebs because that’s the topic I was Freshly Pressed for. See, I’m good for something. tumblr_mjom5uWBbV1qaaafzo1_500

And that’s how I arrived at today’s post. And it’s going to be a lazy one. I’m going to filter through all of the nominees and determine which ones I would choose if I were single-handedly running the awards show. This is a really creative idea for a blog post, so no one steal this. It’s never been done before. I’m in awe of my innovative spirit.

Best Picture:

I would award Wolf of Wall Street best picture even though it’s probably not. The length really does it in for me. Did it really need to be 3 hours? No. Could a full hour have been cut out and make the film feel more concise? Defs. It was slightly indulgent on Scorsese’s part, but it was an entertaining show and a good story. Also I didn’t see 5 of the other movies up for the award soooo that kind of narrowed it down for me. Also, I just spelled Scorsese without looking it up.

Best Supporting Actress:

I’m glad JLaw got a Golden Globe because I will literally jump through my TV and pull a Kanye if she get’s another Oscar. Especially with the terrible NY accent she had in American Hustle. I think Sally Hawkins should win for her performance in Blue Jasmine. She was pretty great. However, I wouldn’t be upset if Lupita N’yongo won just because of the awesome red dress she sported at the GG’s. She has proven to be a person of worth.

Me, thinking of Jennifer Lawrence winning.

Me, thinking of Jennifer Lawrence winning.

Best Supporting Actor:

I like all of these fine men (except maybe Barkhad Abdi because his teeth scare me–I’m sure he’s nice) but I think Bradley Cooper deserves an Oscar. Or Michael Fassbender. Or Jared Leto. Or Jonah Hill. Idk all of them? What if “Idk all of them?” was on the envelope for Best Supporting Actor? I would make a great Academy.tumblr_mfnr9kolNf1r6kb4xo1_500

Best Lead Actress:

I think Cate Blanchett did a fantastic job in Blue Jasmine. Like, I’m not the biggest Woody Allen fan, but I thought the part of Jasmine was beautifully tragic and…I sound so dumb. I really liked Judi Dench’s character, Philomena, but I don’t think it required a lot from her. To be honest, I would be happy with either of these ladies.

Best Lead Actor:

Aww poor little Leo. He tried so hard. Give him an award already. Plus, I really don’t want to hear Matthew McConaughey’s voice again.tumblr_mjpp1agTA11qenmvro4_500

Best Director:

David O. Russell for American Hustle I guess. Purely because his movie rhymes with his name.tumblr_mxhoco5O8t1r7fvkfo1_500

Best Animated Feature:

Frozen. It’s the only one I saw and the only one I needed to see. Do we really want a movie called The Croods being awarded with a golden statue?

Achievement in Cinematography:

This is bordering on “boring award” territory, but I loved the movie Prisoners and I think it deserves to win something. Since this is the only award it’s up for, I thought I would give it some love.

Adapted Screenplay:

Philomena gets my vote. Did you know that Steve Coogan was one of the main writers? It’s a lovely and heartbreaking story that I think everyone should watch.tumblr_my6aedVUyj1qepf8yo1_500

Original Screenplay:

Okay, I didn’t really like Her that much (I thought it would be weird, but just weird enough where it was okay. It turned out to be I-forgot-how-gross-Joaquin-Phoenix-is weird.) but I applaud Spike Jonze’s creativity.tumblr_my9fcqoa8B1sqwfb9o1_250

Who and what are your top picks for this year?


33 thoughts on “Oscar Noms

  1. I think if Gravity doesn’t win every category, plus several new categories that should be made up just for them to win, it would be a travesty.
    Gravity, I say.

    (Disclaimer – gravity is the only movie in contention for anything that I’ve seen.)
    (But man, it blew me away!)

    • Lol I will take your word for it then! I never saw it, but I heard lots of good things. I wish I had got around to seeing more of the movies up for nominations. I’ll root for Gravity with you, Guap!

    • Hah you’re too pure now. It was a little over the top. However, whenever I mentioned that it was unrealistic, everyone came back at me with “Well, it is realistic because it’s a true story!” But it just SEEMS so unlikely!

  2. You liked Prisoners? It scared the shit out of me! Traumas! Therapy! Seriously, after seeing that movie I was home alone in a dark creeking house and I was sooo not happy. I regret having seen that one. Definitely.

    I liked the rhyme in combination with that glitter gif, haha 😀

  3. You really turned on J-Law fast. I only saw one movie last year and it wasn’t nominated for anything. I’m very out of touch with everything.

    You should do a follow-up to this called Oscar Nom Nom Noms and have it be about food people can eat while watching the awards show.

    Brilliant on David O. Russell’s movie rhyming with his name.

    • True. The second that celebs can “do no wrong” I immediately hate on them. There were actually some decent movies this year compared to last.

      Haha that’s a really good idea. I might do that actually. I just like saying nom nom nom.

      I know! It was like he planned it or something…

  4. I haven’t been to the movies in so long, but just got some tickets as a gift. Your post can help me make some decisions about what movies to see. I’m still watching all the old horror movies from the late 1960s, early ’70s on netflix — haw haw!

    • Awesome! There are a lot of good choices out there right now so I think you would enjoy whatever you choose! Gahh Netflix is so great for that kind of thing. Early horror movies are so prime! Happy viewing! 😀

  5. I either haven’t seen or haven’t even heard of most of the films here so I’ll just have to assume you’re utterly correct about it all.

    I think I’ve only seen two films from 2013 and the only one I can actually remember is Pacific Rim which definitely isn’t Oscar-worthy.

    • Lol yeah just assume that I know what I’m talking about. I feel like a lot of people don’t go as movie crazy as I do around awards season. I mean, I feel like I don’t even go that crazy since there are plenty of films that I still haven’t seen yet. I guess I’m just partial to sitting alone in a dark theater, not talking, and munching on candy.

      haha Pacific Rim..

  6. LMAO! This has been the best post I’ve read all morning. Thank you.
    I hope Leo finally wins an award (albeit, even if it is for WoWS because it borders on porn and I’m a prude) because, I mean seriously, the guy has paid his dues. He’s come a long way since little Luke on Growing Pains.
    And you’re 100% right, Jennifer Lawrence, although I like her and she’s a great actress and all, does not deserve an Oscar for American Hustle. In fact, can we please take back her Golden Globe for same?

    • Haha thanks Sandy!
      I know! I felt the same about WoWS. Doesn’t leave much up to the imagination, does it? I’m a bit of a prude too–I think it’s better to be like that 🙂
      But yeah I think Leo deserves a little something for all his hard work!
      Haha I agree about JLaw’s Golden Globe as well. When they called her name I was like “really?”

    • Hah yeah probably Iron Man IX. Out of all the Marvel movies, I like Iron Man the least. Or I might just hate RDJ. Can there even be a Best Robert Downey Jr?

  7. You must see GRAVITY and you must see it in a theater and you must see it in 3D. Those are your instructions. I have spoken.

    I wouldn’t see The Wolf of Wall Street for free. I wouldn’t see it if Scorsese set up a screen and projector in my living room and Leo popped pop corn in my kitchen and brought it to me wearing an apron with “I’m a Piddy Ting” embroidered across the front. I’ve been a graphic designer in the investment banking industry for quite some time and I am sick to death of Wall Street douche bags. I’m surrounded at work and sick of reading about their misdeeds in the paper every friggin’ day. Three hours of that crap-ola? No, THANKS.

    Philomena. What is that?

    • I can see why you wouldn’t want to see Wolf of Wall Street. I actually didn’t know much about WS or stock brokers so it kind of gave me a bit of information about that whole world. At least more so than I had before watching. If anything, the acting is pretty good. I feel like you might watch it if Leo came to your house and popped you popcorn. That would be very hard to resist.

      I will try to check out Gravity soon. A lot of people that I’ve talked to really liked it.

      Philomena is a about a woman who was forced to give her child up for adoption in Ireland and her search, years later, to try and find her son. It’s very sweet and sad.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hahaha. I would much rather you pick the winners over the snooty ‘Academy’ any day. I don’t mind a good film here and there but the ones I really like never win. Like, seriously, why isn’t there a ‘Best Rom Com’ section? Then at least more good quality rom coms would be made.

    I agree that Prisoners was great, but somewhat terrifying, but I disagree with you on J-Law! I thought she was great, and finalyl lived up to her hype.

    • Lol they should totally have a Rom Com category! Good thinkin’, Lincoln.

      JLaw definitely had some good moments in the film, I’ll agree with you, but she just didn’t quite do it for me. To each their own, I guess! 😀

  9. Hmm, well in my defense I don’t think I’ve actually seen any of the other films that people are nominated for. Although, I did try and drag Paul to see Blue Jasmine and he thought it looked ‘too sad’. Bah.

  10. Once again, feeling like I live in a box. I haven’t seen any of these movies! I have at least heard of a few of them….maybe you could be my personal consultant and keep me up to date on all this stuff? Are you bored enough to have that job? It pays in candy and gratitude. 🙂 Seriously, this was a fun read.

    • It’s not too late, girlfriend! Most of these movies are still in theaters! If you’re ever bored, just pick one and go see it! I see movies by myself all the time 😀
      I will definitely be your personal consultant–especially if you pay me in candy! Thanks lovely.
      I love your avatar by the way. Did you draw it yourself? If so, bravo!

      • My Muted Voice says:

        I would LOVE to see a movie whether with my husband or by myself, but I either have to go to Luxembourg (not a huge deal but about 45 minutes away) to see one in English or go on the specific day and time the local theater is showing in English. Also not a huge deal, but then I have a 20 month old. Kids. They require so much attention! 😉

        Ok. Good. What’s your favorite candy?

        Thanks! And no, I wish I could! The drawing is by an artists, Destiny Blue. I link back to her on my legalities page. 🙂

    • Haha I don’t think I’ll ever be featured in that awards show. But I’m glad I would have at least one viewer if I was!
      I know what you mean though…it’s always the same old thing. Celebs being awarded on top of the millions they make.

  11. Is that Marlon Brando? What movie is that? Gorgeousness. I vote for Dallas Buyer’s Club for best actor, best supporting actor and best picture. I still haven’t seen 12 years a slave so I don’t know. I love J. Law and I think you need to emotionally prepare yourself for her going 2 for 3 in the Oscar world. I haven’t seen Blue Jasmine but I will try to before March 2.

    • I think you were right the first time, actually. Marlon Brando. What a hunk of burning love. I actually haven’t seen DBC yet, but I’ve heard good things! I should probably see it because then it would give me a clearer sense of who should be awarded. Yeah I think I was talking about Blue Jasmine when we were having dinner! Haha

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