Winter Favorites

The temperatures have dropped (unless you live on the southeastern coast of the US) and people are getting in the holiday spirit. We put up our fake tree and decorated it with care. Candles have been lit, cards have been purchased, and gifts were wrapped. The only thing I haven’t done is watch my favorite Christmas movies on repeat. But I have made a list of my favorite things! Unfortunately, I left bright copper kettles and warm wool in mittens off the list.

1. Hot Chocolate. I try to avoid drinking this year round because it would cause me to have the same figure as Santa, but I think I make up for lost time whenever December rolls around. I get mine with no whip cream because that stuff is nast.

2. Disney’s Frozen. Not to be confused with the 2010 film also titled Frozen which is about 3 college students who get stuck on a ski lift and die grizzly deaths. No, not that one. Disney’s Frozen is a cute, Scandinavian tale about sisters who go on a journey of finding themselves and learning about each other along the way. It’s pretty adorbs and it’s got some great tunes!tumblr_mw43fh77Rs1ske259o1_500

3. Faux Fur Hats. I thoroughly enjoy making myself look as Russian as possible during the winter. Basically I just fill in my brows, drink tons of vodka (kidding…or am I?) and wear my furry headband/hat from Club Monaco. It’s the best thing ever and I get so many comps (compliments) on it!brocade4

4. Christmas Themed Bath Bombs. Okay, I know I have an unhealthy Lush addiction, but they have so many awesome bath products that come out during the Christmas season that I actually can’t control myself. I liked the Father Christmas one the best because it changed colors from a foamy white to a vibrant green. Very entertaining.default

5. White hair. For no apparent reason.b67d409cd3a0ed4f6e5d3b495f22d21c

6. The Room App. O my G this app is so entertaining. It’s definitely not Christmas themed, but it’ll keep you company even on the coldest nights. It’s a spooky mystery game that involves a lot of problem solving. I completed the app and now patiently awaiting The Room 2 which should be released sometime at the end of this year. Or so they say…mzl.fvxbhdim

7. Lotion. During the winter, skin tends to dry out and get kind of gross. I moisturize myself quite a bit. The lotion I use isn’t particularly Christmas-y, but it does the trick. Right now I alternate between Philosophy’s Field of Flowers Wildflower lotion and Bath and Body Work’s Pink Chiffon body butter.

8. Philomena. If you get the chance to see a movie with a parent or by yourself, I would totally suggest seeing Philomena. It’s a true story surprisingly written by Steve Coogan starring himself and Judi Dench. It struck a chord with me. The movie itself is kind of sad because it’s about a woman, Philomena, trying to find her son that was taken away from her when she lived in a Catholic laundry nunnery. But there are many sweet and comical moments too which round out the film well.

What are your favorite things this season?


35 thoughts on “Winter Favorites

  1. I’m not really a game person, but I would quit my job to stay home and play The Room all day. My wife would really like that. Oh, and thanks for clearing up that “Frozen” situation before I came home tonight with a movie that would’ve traumatized my kids 😉

  2. Great list of Winter Favorites! You look especially cute in that faux fur hat, btw!! =) Yay for hot chocolate and Christmas-themed anything ❤
    I love your blog, too! I found it through The Duck and The Owl's blogroll =)

  3. Time to Travel !!! . Only local this year since I’m broke, but yeah I can’t wait for my 1 week vacay !!!
    And of course Onsen ( Hot Spring) while watching the snow fall around you ( I wish).

  4. Nifty list. I hadn’t ever heard of either Frozen film but the two of them have piqued my interest… but I probably won’t get round to watching either of them.

    Actually, we have hot chocolate here in the office. I’m going to make myself some, brb.

    • Lol at least you’re honest. I make too many promises to watch, listen or read things that people mention and I never get around to it either.

      Yes. Fill up on that hot chocolate!

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    Number five– for real??? I guess for once, I finally have something on your list. Ha!!

    I love baking massive amounts of cookies…. Knowing that my daughters and nieces are waiting for them. Traditions are coolio.

    • That’s awesome! I love white hair. It looks so rad and it’s pretty unique because most people don’t like white hair on themselves for one reason or another. I love it though!

      That’s awesome. I love cookies so much. Traditions are coolio. Especially when they involve delicious foods.

      • unfetteredbs says:

        ( I’m not totally salty haired… Yet) I hate when people say to ” oh people would pay to color their hair like yours”…. what??? And yet so many color the silver out. I guess we are never satisfied.

      • Yeah we truly never are satisfied. My grandma (who is relatively young) finally let her white hair grow out and it looks so good. Like, she has really fair skin and it just looks so nice.

        You keep rocking it Miss Audra!

  6. Apps have sequels now?

    I used to drink hot chocolate every morning for breakfast with Poptarts. It’s not my fault. It’s what my dad would make me. He wanted to know what it was like to experience a child’s funeral I guess.

    My favorite thing about winter might be the fashion? While girls showing skin is nice, sometimes it become redundant. A colorful scarf mixed with a….yeah I really can’t describe it. I also like being able to wear a hat and coat.

    • Apparently! I guess I’m the perfect market for them since I do literally nothing all day.

      Omg hot chocolate and poptarts! My brother and I could only dream of food like that for breakfast. I think I might have erased all childhood breakfasts from my memory because they were so disappointing.

      I know what you mean. There is something cozy about bundling up–and seeing people trying to stay warm. I always thought tights were a good item that came out in the winter. Kinda sexy…idk. I hate the word sexy. OKAY BYE.

  7. I am currently frozen, Lily – to the bone!
    It is ridiculously – illegal, even – cold in my lobby, as our incompetent construction crew has chosen one of the coldest days of the year to install a new window next to the revolving door.
    Fortunately, I have you to keep me warm, Lily. Your words, I mean!
    Thank you from the bottom of my frozen heart.

  8. Dying to see Philomena, and love the sounds of “The Room” – I might be addicted soon! My favourite thing this season is appropriately unseasonal – totally addicted to American Horror Story: Coven … also like binge watching old seasons of Project Runway. That show is the sh*$! 😉 Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see your lovely face again soon . . .


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