Unpopular Opinions

My blog is littered with unpopular opinions. Most of them being my own. These bring anger to many people so I’ll do a pre-apology before this list. I’m sorry, this is just the way I feel. Please don’t hate me for having my own, weird opinions.63185100cbe49726c93122bf34e4fc0a

1. I don’t like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, or The Deer Hunter. Β I will admit that these classic movies include some great scenes, but overall, I’d rather clean my house a hundred times over before I watch those 3 again. The wedding scenes? They’re as long as actual weddings! Rosebud? Gimme a break.

2. I don’t like flat sheets. God bless my poor husband who has to sleep without a top sheet every night. I’m sorry but why would I want a twisted, loose sheet all up in my slumber zone? It gets in the way of the warm blanket. It also gets in the way of my life and I hate it.

3.Β I’m kind of getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence.

4. I don’t care if you’re a woman that stays at home and takes care of your children, or a woman who climbs the corporate ladder, just don’t talk to me about how hard females have it. Girls rule the world, right?

5. I have a deep hatred for cheese. The only exception for me is pizza (obvs).tumblr_mfuk7pf4TF1qbe0gto1_400

6. I can’t have a deep relationship with people who don’t love animals.

7. I don’t like beer, or drinking for that matter.

8. I don’t understand the appeal of country music. Something about the twang in the vocals freaks me out.

9. Brightly painted walls make me uncomfortable. I can’t feel settled in a room if the walls are tomato red or dark purple.

10. I really don’t like drawstrings. I like streamlined clothes and drawstrings just seem sloppy.

11. Ryan Gosling is not cute. He looks like a rat.

Do you have any unpopular opinions?


54 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. I’m half with you on The Godfather and totally with you on the sheets thing. I don’t know why old people feel the need for a duvet, a sheet, a blanket, and that weird extra thing on top that always slides off anyway.

    I personally think that steak is overrated and that there’s no point washing jeans unless they are actually dirty or smelly.

    • Totally! I’m strictly a duvet girl. It’s like the perfect amount of warmth. Haha Paul also hates the thing that slides off!

      Yeah I don’t care that much for steak either. I never crave it. We would be cheap dates together! I NEVER wash my jeans. But I think that has to do with me being afraid that they’re shrink and be un-wearable.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    I agree with you in everything Except the sheet. I must have one. I think you tall people don’t like them– my hubs hates a sheet. He gets all mangled up.
    ..and really, who looks at Ryan’s face?

  3. You don’t like cheese and beer.
    Luckily I’ve known you long enough by now so I can look beyond that ;).

    Unpopular opinions depend on the people you talk to. Though saying you like the music group Sex Gang Children tends to have a weird effect on anyone.

    • Lol I know…I wouldn’t fare so well in Belgium! But I manage to eat most other things. I would eat your chocolate and waffles and chocolate covered waffles. Thank you for still loving me! πŸ˜€

      This is true. There are some unpopular opinions that everyone seems to agree with and other that feel the same way. I didn’t even know that was a group! Weird…

      • As long as you like chocolate, it’s okay ;).
        Yep, it’s a batcave group, like Alien Sex Fiend for example, or the Virgin Prunes. It’s a bit sad that they named themselves like that, because it makes it weird to talk about…

      • Hah yeah but it seems like most batcave groups name themselves awkward names! But yeah that one in particular is pretty bad. But I guess as long as their not actually part of a children sex gang, then I think it’s okay haha.

  4. erinorange says:

    2, 7 and 11 are unpopular opinions we share – a top sheet is just why, beer is disgusting and Ryan who – urgh he’s so average, I’m sure he’s a nice person but everyone needs to calm it down about him.

    • Awesome! All top sheets can be destroyed. Top sheet genocide. Beer is not good. I don’t know why people would opt to drink that when there are so many other, tastier beverages around! Haha Ryan is average! Totally!
      Thanks Erin! Glad we know what’s up!

  5. 1. I don’t like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, or The Deer Hunter: I liked Godfather, but after getting a degree in film and watching every “important” one ever made, I’m only in the market to be entertained.

    2. I don’t like flat sheets: I feel the same way, except in the summer when the sheet is my blanket.

    3. I’m kind of getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence: she’s okay but no big whup.

    4. I don’t care if you’re a woman…: I’d rather be a woman than a man.

    5. I have a deep hatred for cheese: I wish I felt the way you do, I’d weigh less.

    6. I can’t have a deep relationship with people who don’t love animals: ditto

    7. I don’t like beer, or drinking for that matter: I can’t stand beer but I do like to drink other things. I think we can still get along.

    8. I don’t understand the appeal of country music: Girl, you aren’t alone.

    9. Brightly painted walls make me uncomfortable: I think they only do that in sitcoms.

    10. I really don’t like drawstrings: I don’t like the way you have to cinch them tight so they don’t fall down and then it hurts to sit or bend.

    11. Ryan Gosling is not cute: you must admit his body is fiiiiiine, though.

    • Ahh I didn’t know you got a film degree! I love movies. But not these movies. I took a couple of film crit classes, but nothing special.

      It must get hot in CO in the summer if a sheet is your blanket! That sounds nice actually!

      Yeah. I’m tired of everyone making a big fuss about her. Time to move on.

      I’d rather be a woman too. I would make a terrible man!

      Hah yeah not eating cheese is a good diet until you find other foods full of carbs to replace it!

      Animals are the best! πŸ˜€

      We can totally still get along. I did my fair share of drinking in college, so I think I’m good with my diet pepsi now! πŸ˜‰

      Country music…so lame.

      Hah they might. I can make the exception for kids who have colorful rooms, but when someone has a lime green family room, it’s like what?!

      Totally! Bad design! I think elastic waists are way better and more comfortable!

      Lol okay okay you’re right. Thanks Viv! πŸ˜€

  6. Lol on Ryan Gosling. I agree, I don’t get it either! I don’t like beer or drinking either, and people who hate or hurt animals deserve to be locked up. So see, you’re not alone. πŸ˜‰ It is funny though, that the cheese ON pizza doesn’t bother you? Lol.

    • Haha yeah he’s nothing special! It seems like there are very few of us who don’t drink that often or ever. We’re cool πŸ™‚ GAHH I loathe people that hurt animals. I would love to see them get the same treatment done to them.
      Haha yeah for some reason melted cheese on pizza doesn’t bother me but if it falls off, I probably won’t eat it. lol so weird….

    • Haha my husband would agree with you there. I do have lots of love for The Beatles, but I agree that there are other bands that have the same lasting power, and number of hits!

    • Hah thanks Sandy! You’re too kind!
      Glad we are on the same page about Ryan! He has such a tiny mouth…and a weird nose…I could go on and on…!

  7. I tooootally agree with number 2! I pretty much agree with you, except on number 11. But I’ll just take Ryan for myself then πŸ˜›

    One of my unpopular opinions: I hate milk. I can’t even think about drinking a glass without being grossed out.

    • I’m finding so many people who hate flat sheets! Bringing the world together! Haha feel free to have Ryan! I have my eyes on the other Ryan (Reynolds). We can just ignore the fact that Blake stole him from me!

      Omg I hate most dairy products. I NEVER drink milk. It’s so creepy! Haha glad we agree on that!

  8. You know Lily, I’ve met you and you are really fun so I was cool with letting the Godfather thing go but um Ryan Gosling? I just don’t know what to say. I don’t even know you anymore.

    Jennifer Lawrence is becoming ubiquitous but can we first get rid of Jennifer Aniston? Please make her Go. Away.

    Happy Thanksgiving doll! xo

    • LOL well even though our taste in men differs, our sense of humor is similar! You can have him, girlfriend!
      Haha I feel the same about Jennifer Aniston–down with the Jennifers!
      Happy T-give to you as well! Have a good one! xoxo

  9. I am not a Ryan Gosling fan at all, and I don’t really don’t enjoy those films. They make me very sleeeeeepy! πŸ˜‰
    I would say that I may be the one person who can’t stand Angelina Jolie. Ugh.

    • They make me totally sleepy! It seems like my commentors are torn between loving his body, but not much else haha.
      I actually know a lot of people who don’t like Angie. I don’t mind her that much–don’t get me wrong, I think she’s pretty weird–but other people bug me more. I find it fascinating which celebs rub people the wrong way!

  10. Karl Hungus says:

    The wedding scenes in the Deer Hunter probably take up the first 15 minutes of the movie and without them you would not be able to appreciate the interaction that takes place between the characters later in the film especially between DeNiro, Walken and Streep.

    The wedding scene at the beginning of The Godfather is used in a similar fashion as it introduces the main characters in an effort to help the viewer understand what is happening during the rest of the film. For example it might cause some confusion if you didn’t know who Johnny Fontaine was (the heartthrob singer at the wedding) during the group of scenes where Robert Duvall goes to California to confront the film producer, culminating in the famous horse’s head moment.

    While it is not the fashion currently to develop characters at the beginning of the movie in a “meeting place” type of scene, in my opinion it adds a depth to the film unattainable by other means.

    • Thanks for your input Karl. You seem to know a lot about film. I’m grateful that you took time out of your busy work day to comment on my meager post. I think I appreciated the interactions between the characters just fine, but what do I know? I think they could’ve set up an introduction much like the one in Goodfellas where the narrator explains the story and in turn, it proves to be a more stimulating experience for the audience. I understand that both films did not have the same energy that Goodfellas had, but they should have.
      Anyway, you’re dumb.

      Ps. I like your email address.

    • So I’ve heard! I’ll have to check that one out. I really like Goodfellas though!
      I know, I know. I loose a lot of friends over the cheese thing.

  11. I’m with you on the top sheet thing. Except in the summer. I can’t sleep with my nice soft warm quilt in the summer. I’m not that far from you and yeah, it gets hot enough here to only use a sheet.

    Apparently I also live under a rock because I’ve never been tortured enough to watch any of those movies.

    • Huh. I guess I don’t mind sweating in bed? Haha I’ve never thought to just use a sheet. I guess even in the summer I like being warm and cozy!

      Hah well, according to me, you’re not missing much with these three! There are many other great films to watch! πŸ˜€

  12. There was some movie I wanted to mention here in reference to #1 but I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to find the name. I just know there was like an hour dance scene that everyone hated in what was supposed to be a Civil War movie. It came out in the early 80s.

    Some of these are popular. The one about the animals. The one about country music. The only one I really disagree with is cheese. My dad doesn’t like it either. More for me though, right?

    • Gotcha–Heaven’s Gate. Never seen it. But it sounds like the worst. The Civil War is so boring already–do we really have to relive it?

      I know. I’m very unimpressed with myself that all of my unpopular opinions are actually very popular. Your dad knows what’s up. Cheese is gross. Except on pizza and like, if it’s fake flavoring. Like sour cream and cheddar flavored chips. Or cheetos. Or cheezits. You know what I’m talking’ ’bout.

  13. Marya says:

    All of your unpopular opinions are unpopular with me as well. One of your bloggers mentioned that they don’t like the Beatles. I do not like the Beatles. I think it stems from the memory I have of going into by older brothers room, when I was six years old, and behind his door was a photo montage of Yoko (Oprah’s twin) and John Lennon, naked.
    I just saw your post about lullabies. Wow. Loved it. I was with some friends one evening and we were discussing the same topic. One guy added, “My mother would sing over my crib, the popular ’70s disco song, ‘I love the night life, I want to boogie.'” Can you just imagine a former Studio 54 diva, angry she finally got married and is living in suburban hell and singing into her infant’s crib, “I love the night life…?”

    • Ahh that’s cray that you don’t like the Beatles because of naked Yoko. She ruins everything though, to be perfectly honest.
      Aww thanks about the lullaby post! Glad you liked it πŸ˜€
      LOL so funny about “I love the night life.” I think the high pitched “HIIIIIIII” in the song would definitely wake any slumbering child so I do not know how that mother pulled that one off!

    • Ahh yeah I think my husband feels that same way about James Cameron. Sounds like a dirtbag. I think you have a good intuition, so I’ll trust you!

  14. i almost feel like ALL my opinions are unpopular ones – LMFAO! and i naturally develop great fondness for fellow unpopular opinion-ists (if that’s a thing.. lol!) way to go, you!

    ps/ i hate weird loose sheets, too!

    • Haha awesome! That’s a good way to be! I think everyone should have a couple opinions that people disagree with! Way to go yourself!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Lol yeah flat sheets are gross!

  15. You know, Lily, I guess I kind of like the Deer Hunter, although, it’s like the Deliverance movie, very uncomfortable to watch, but I dig writers who go THERE, that make us feel uncomfortable. And, as far as females have it today, well, probably like your Mom, I remember a time when females didn’t have it so great, so I agree with you there, NOW women have it pretty freakin’ great. We didn’t always have it that way. And Ryan Gosling, I’m right there with you, sweetie. I tend to like more muscular, MEN men. But that’s just me. πŸ˜€

    • Haha aww Brig, thanks for stopping by! Your comment made me happy! I like when writers take a chance too. I still need to watch Deliverance! You TOTALLY get what I’m saying about women! I recognize their struggle, but I also like to recognize how far we’ve come.
      I definitely like the manly men too! You know what’s up! πŸ˜€

  16. I’m late to the party on this post, but I am so with you on the top sheet! My mom rolls her eyes at me when I visit her and take apart her artfully made bed to get rid of the awful top sheet that just gets kicked off anyway.

    • Yes! Another thing we have in common. Those pesky top sheets need to be gone once and for all! I do the same thing at my mom’s house as well πŸ˜€

  17. I always like the reaction I get when I say I’m glad that that sociopathic, megalomaniacal, idea-stealer and small company swallower Steve Jobs died…pancreatic cancer is a bastard of way to go but he was a bastard so it stands to reason. I haven’t had one person offer up a fist bump yet.

    • Haha I can see you are savvy with the unpopular opinions thing πŸ˜‰ I know a couple of other people who feel the same way as you about Steve jobs, so I guess you’re not alone!

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