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I think Lush has become my best friend. I spend a lot of time with that store and their products take care of me. I wonder if it’s too soon to say “I love you”?

My skin has been feelings extremely nourished and clean thanks to some of Lush’s top facial products. One of them being their Breath of Fresh Air toner. I’m not one to apply unnecessary potions and lotions to my face, but when I tested this spritz in the store, it was love at first spray.60-Breath-of-Fresh-Air-resized

After I’m done cleansing my face (with Lush’s Buche de Noel cleanser), I pat my skin dry and spray a little bit of Breath of Fresh Air on. It feels like my skin can really breathe once I apply this toner. It’s made with fresh seawater and seaweed extract and smells like aloe vera and rose–just like the spa. I have to admit that I was a little unsure of Lush’s skin care line, but I’ve been totally converted. I am in love.

Not so long ago I tried the Honey Bee bath bomb which promises to soothe skin in honey and toffee scented goodness. I was a little underwhelmed with this one. I guess I’ve spoiled myself with Lush’s other, cooler bath bombs that change color and crackle and pop. This one was pretty tame. LUSH-Bath-Bomb-in-Honey-Bee-Beauty365-PR

The color made my bath a milky, chalky kind of color and the scent wasn’t all that memorable. When I let the water drain out, there was some brown silt-y looking stuff at the bottom of the tub which I now know is Moroccan Rhassoul mud. This mud is supposed to deep cleanse and soften your skin. So that’s kind of cool. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one.

I’ve always been kind of put off by Lush’s bubble bars. I liked the idea of them, but I didn’t like how they looked. To me, they look like dried Play Doh sculptures–not pretty. However, they smell amazing and work beautifully.

Compared to regular liquid bubble bath, bubble bars reign supreme. You use them by tearing off a piece of the bar and crumbling it under your running bath water. The more you mix and slosh your water around, the bigger your bubbles get. Big Hollywood movie bubbles! I love it! karma1

I used the Karma bubble bar. Lush has a lot of products that have the name Karma  because they all have the same spicy patchouli fragrance. This bubble bar in particular is nice because you can get a couple uses out of it. It also gave my water a little pop of color and made it feel nice too. I would definitely suggest this product if you like treating yourself to a cozy bubble bath every now and then.


22 thoughts on “Lush Review

    • Lol Michael, I think you and I are the only people who like these posts. We’re obviously really cool.

      It takes a lot of effort to learn how your skin reacts. I think girls have more unpredictable skin than guys because we have all these hormones racing through our bodies haha.

      I usually shower when I wanna get clean. I mainly bathe if I want to relax or read in the tub or something. 😀

    • Yes! Ask someone to test stuff on you, because I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try it out. (they test it on your hands)

      So far I really like The Breath of Fresh Air toner (but the Eau Roma rose water toner is really nice too!), Goregous moisturizer (but it’s super expensive…I’ve been living off a sample!), and their Buche de Noel cleanser (Angels on Bare Skin is good too). Hope that helps! 😀

    • Lol Tori! My chin area usually gets the most pimply, so I feel your pain. The products are really different and fun! And they’re all-natural AND they don’t test on animals! Kinda fab.

  1. Okay so I was wondering how the Buche de Noel cleanser is like? I’m looking for a new cleanser and toner and I’m sold on Lush’s toners, just got to decide which one hahahaa. But I heard about this cleanser and I was thinking about getting it. Obviously I’d prefer to get a matching cleanser and toner at least brand wise. Okay now I’m just rambling…but I’d really love to know what you think about it! I have very pale and vulnerable skin which is very sensitive. Thanks! Xx

    • The Buche de Noel cleanser is the first Lush cleanser that I ever tried! I don’t know if you’ve tried them, but you take a chunk out of the pot and kind of make a paste with it in water. I really really like the effects of this one. But it’s got a lot of chunky bits in it like cranberries and stuff which tend to get in the way. I asked the sales people what a good alternative to BdN since it’s limited edition for the holidays. They gave me a sample of Angels on Bare Skin which is really nice too and doesn’t have all the bits that BdN has, and I think it smells better–a little more minty. But I think BdN make my skin feel much softer. I think they have normal, liquid cleansers there too, like 9 to 5, but I’ve never tried that one! Tell me how it goes and which one you choose! They will test them out on your hand in the store–that’s how they sold me!

      Hope that helped! Haha 😀

      • I think I literally spent an hour there…my hands feel so soft!! I tried countless products but ended up leaving with 8….I’ve put a picture up on my blog. Regarding cleansers, I ended up with Angels on Bare skin as an exfoliator to use 2 times a week, and Aqua Marina as a daily cleanser. Technically they’re both classified as cleansers, but my skin is super super sensitive so she though it best I try these and see how it goes. I’m going to do a review on every product I bough so I’ll let you know how I find them! Thanks!! x

      • Ahh yeah I should’ve considered your skin type–mine isn’t very sensitive at all, so I use it every day ha! I probably shouldn’t though. I really like Angels. I’ll have to try Aqua Marina. That sounds nice and gentle.

        Awesome! I’m excited for your purchases and reviews! x

      • Yeah, I’m liking Angels. My only problem with Aqua, is it’s so smooth that I wonder if it exfoliates at all. Like the girl said that’s what it would feel like but I’m still a little unsure. I guess we’ll see in a weeks time.

        When do you cleanse? Morning, night or both? X

      • Hmm interesting about Aqua Marina. I cleanse at night just because I’m too lazy in the morning. But I put on some moisturizer in the morning. I’m sure you could do both and then get extra squeaky clean! What about you? x

      • I was doing both, but I’m just at the tailend of a few weeks recovery from hospital, and my moisturizer takes a bit to set so I might have to change to just at night, otherwise I’d probably have to get up at least 30 minutes earlier to do the whole cleanse thing and then wait for it to set. X

    • Ahh thanks Kat! Yeah me either! Lush is kind of hard to get into because it’s solo overwhelming, but they do a lot of demos in the store so it’s pretty fun. I think you would like the bath bombs–they are awesome!

  2. Lily,
    Do you have my e-mail? I’d like to hit you up for 5 answers to 5 fun, random, crazy questions when you have the time.
    Let me know. My blog could use more cleaning up.
    The Hook.

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