Last Words

Have you ever thought about your death-plan? Do you want to die surrounded by people you love? Would you like to outlive your friends or die before your spouse so you never have to live a day without them? Traditional burial, open casket, or cremation? What about a funeral parade like they do in New Orleans? So many choices!

I think I would like to die at 80 years old. I don’t want to have trouble functioning. I feel like 80 is young enough where you still have (most) of your dignity intact, yet old enough where people will say that I lived a “good long life.” Like a deceased family pet. There is a part of me that is convinced that the end is nigh in both the biblical sense and in the we-really-screwed-up-the-earth sense. So I feel like I could die really early because all life will come to a halt anyway.

But let’s say the latter doesn’t happen–or at least it doesn’t happen during my life time–and I need to make a choice about how my body ends up. I think it would be ideal to donate my organs (assuming they weren’t too old to use) and opt for cremation. I’ve always liked the thought of having my ashes sprinkled in the ocean. The ocean is so great and envelops the world we live in. I like the thought of being able to travel all over the globe even though my body won’t be here.tumblr_ls8b6mIeKr1r38w10o1_1280

I don’t want to take up space in the ground, I want my spirit to be present. My body is just a shell for who I really am. So once I die, I don’t need my body anymore. I definitely don’t need people at my funeral looking at my corpse. I’d rather them look at a picture of me in my youth because I think everyone has a youthful spirit no matter how old they are. Plus, youthful pictures are wayyy hotter than 80 year-old dead bodies.

However, I’ve been super intrigued by cemeteries and graveyards ever since starting college. When I went to school in Utah, there was an insane cemetery close to school grounds that you could wander through for hours. When I went to school in England, my tombstone infatuation only grew stronger because I could visit graves that were moss-covered and eroded. It added another dimension to the cool factor.

Have you ever thought about what you would put on your tombstone? I might put “Loving wife, blogger, and offender of the people.” Jk jk. I really like the first stanza of William Blake’s poem: “To see the world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” But I also saw this on tumblr and I really like it:tumblr_mlmbo2RTwF1qb5esko1_1280 What are your death plans?


18 thoughts on “Last Words

  1. I’d like to live long enough to see my future spawn grow up and procreate. I’d prefer to pass before I start losing my mental or physical abilities. About my body–I’m still on the fence. I think cemeteries are a bit of a waste, because I really wouldn’t want anyone to spend a lot of time in there visiting me. Too morbid. But I also don’t want anyone to be tasked with disbursing my ashes or keeping an urn somewhere.

    • I see that you’ve done some deep thinking on this subject. I like it! I would also like to see my spawn grow up–something about starting a generation is kind of cool. Yeah I feel you on the cemetery front. I appreciate them, but I feel like they’re a bit of a waste as well.
      Haha yeah I definitely don’t want my ashes sitting in an urn in someone’s house!

  2. I think I would want to inhale some helium with my last breath so no matter what my last words were they would sound hilarious.

    Not sure about the death plan, I like your idea of having ashes scattered in the ocean, I’d have that written in my will but I honestly don’t trust my family to not get lazy and flush my ashes down the toilet and say ‘ah sure they’ll get there in the end.’

    • Omg your entire comment is perfect. See, your outlook on life is what everyone should have!

      Lol about your family. Come to think of it though, if someone asked me to take care of their ashes and spread them somewhere, I’d be like “Ughhhh so much work….”

  3. Great line from William Blake, and I think that gravestone from tumblr is thought provoking. I haven’t really thought much about this topic, so I will have to ponder on it for a little while. With wine. 😉

    • I could see you dancing and singing on a bar top, slipping in a puddle of beer and dying surrounded by party-goers. Haha that’s kind of how I expect you to die–having fun.

  4. I am obsessed with cemeteries too! When we went to France, we spent so much time in cemeteries because they’re always free and you can see the gravestones of famous people. I remember that we went to Pere Lachaise in Paris and that’s where Jim Morrison is famously buried, but the best monument there is for Oscar Wilde. It’s like 10 feet high and people have covered it in heavily-lipsticked kisses. That’s what I aspire to: having my gravestone covered in the loving germs of the masses ;D

    • Ahh I’ve always wanted to go there! The closest cool grave that I visited in Canterbury was Joseph Conrad’s. But I would really like to visit Pere Lachaise because they have cooler people and that just makes it like, the best cemetery experience of all time!
      I would also like my gravestone covered in kisses! Putting that in my will!

    • Yeah I think it makes people uncomfortable to think about–especially if they have kids. I think you’ll be around for a while! Haha
      Cremation is good.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My death plan, to avoid it for as long as I can.

    I actually don’t care. It would be nice to be able to have my organs donated to someone though. I’d start murdering people through them though to get my revenge, even if my death was natural.

    80 is definitely a good age. By the time you get there that will be the equivalent of about 70 now. And I said you and not us because I plan to be frozen when I have the money then reemerge 100 years later.

    • Hah I could see you haunting someone’s soul through your old organs.
      You would freeze yourself like some evil genius on a TV show. I can’t imagine our world lasting another 200 years.

  6. unfetteredbs says:

    I love that you wrote “everyone’s spirit is youthful” and that ” your body is just a shell of who you are ” very insightful and true Lily.

    I actually have it in my will that I want to be cremated and then nothing… No send off. Just ditch my ashes in the trash. I told my daughter to donate a bench in my name and put it either in the town or the nature preserve. When she and I take walks, we always sit on them and quietly watch life…Ever since she was a baby.

    • Thanks Aud. I tried to explain how I feel as best as I could, but I have trouble describing what I mean sometimes. I’m glad you got what I was going for.

      I like the bench idea because it would be a great think for your girls and future grandchildren. Haha yeah ashes in the trash, I feel you. So useless. If we have no use of our bodies anymore, why would our kids want to hang onto them?

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