Girl Crush of the Week: Gap-Toothed Gals

Gap teeth have never gone out of style for me. I’ve always been a lover of things that are different from the norm. It’s not often that you see ladies rockin’ a front gap, but when you do, it’s almost refreshing!post-26-072855300 1297853260_thumb

A lot of people born with gap teeth get them corrected (like Demi Lovato) or their teeth will naturally correct themselves. I’m a fan of the gap so I don’t know why people would purposely choose to rid themselves of such a cute natural accessory. I used to have a gap when I was young, but it closed up unfortch. Bummer.

One of my favorite seasons of America’s Next Top Model featured a contestant who had a frontal gap in her teeth that the judges suggested she get fixed. I couldn’t believe that people who worked in the fashion industry would tell someone to get rid of a part of them that made them unique! Luckily, the contestant was adamant about keeping her gap as her trademark and met the judges halfway by closing it in a bit.

Here are some of my favorite gap-toothed beauties:

Georgia May Jagger is at the top of my list. It doesn’t hurt to have Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall as your parents. Georgia has proved her worth in my eyes by becoming a model and staying true to her gap.Georgia-May-Jagger-Harpers-Bazaar-Australia-7

Vanessa Paradis AKA ex-wife of Johnny Depp really intrigues me for some reason. Did you know she’s a French pop-star? Oh, well she is. You should probably download some of her soft melodies and let her whisk you away to Paris.

Lara Stone is a Dutch model who has been ruling the zines for a while now. All thanks to her signature gap methinks.Vogue-Russia-January-2013-Lara-Stone-Hedi-Slimane-3445454

Anna Paquin won me over when she was a young lass in The Piano. Her little accent and bonnet stole the show…and it didn’t hurt that she rocked a gap. Anna-Paquin-212183-2-402

Lauren Hutton is an old school model–one of the gap originators. However, in older shoots, she does a lot of closed-mouth smiling. Was she unsure of her gap? Did photographers tell her to close her mouth? The world may never know. lauren-hutton

Jess Hart is one of my newest obsessions. This Aussie model is making me so happy because she flaunts her gorgeous smile all the time. I cannot get enough of her.c101c6c96cslaugh

Lindsay Wixson has mesmerized me for years now. Her look is so different from anyone I’ve ever seen. She’s had a huge career after only a couple of years. I’m assuming it’s all thanks to her gap.lindsey-wixson

Do you have any girl (or guy) crushes with gap teeth?


30 thoughts on “Girl Crush of the Week: Gap-Toothed Gals

  1. I couldn’t agree more. A crooked smile is so much more interesting than a “perfect” one. Have you ever seen “girl on a bridge” with Vanessa Paradis? I fell deeply in love with her back then.

  2. As lovely as those ladies are, I’ve never heard of them. Maybe that means I’m secretly racist against gap-toothed people.

    Also, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone shorten the word ‘unfortunately’. You’re one hell of a pioneer in these blogging spaces.

    • You very well might be an avoider of all things gapped. I’m sure you mind the gap very well on the tube.

      Lolz. Thanks for noticing. I try hard to break the language barrier and start new trends. Not a lot of people have caught on though….UNFORTCH.

    • Nice! I have a bit of a chip myself, but you can’t really notice it because it’s on the top layer of tooth so it doesn’t look like anything is wrong. My tongue can feel the difference though. If you don’t chip at least one of your teeth during your childhood, your life hasn’t been lived to the fullest. That’s how I see it. 😀

      • Absolutely true! And, like you, my chip is hardly noticeable, mostly because it has been worn down by my tongue over the years. It’s been my experience that people without a chipped tooth or interesting scar aren’t usually very interesting. Coincidentally, they’re almost always good at checkers and oboe soloist trivia.

    • Totally! Love his gap! He has a great smile. I actually wanted to include some men on my list, but I couldn’t really allow it since it was my “girl crush” post. I’m glad you mentioned Michael. He needs some love.

  3. When I had braces, I had an artificial gap for a few weeks. I hated it, because it looked really weird and big. I didn’t dare to smile for a long time. Besides that everyone thought I had black teeth, but that were just the attachments of the braces.

    Gaps bring back those horrible memories.
    But next to that all these women totally rock that gap! If it’s natural, I wouldn’t want to be forced by some jerk to get it fixed. They look great with it!

    • Hahah people thought you had black teeth? That’s so weird! I can understand that gaps aren’t for everyone. Especially when you have a traumatic experience involving one!

      Yeah they really do look good with gaps. I don’t know if I could rock one, but maybe if I had one I would be self conscious…who knows?

  4. Oohh! I’m not a fan of the gap at all! But I do remember that ANTM episode and I thought that gal was pretty great to stick to it the judges (did she end up winning anyway).

    Glad that some people are a fan of a gap. Met up with a guy I once dated a few months ago and he said he was a fan of Jess Hart solely because she had a gap and therefore was closer to his level (in attractiveness). I decided then and there he was an idiot.

    • Did she end up winning? I feel like she came close but she didn’t win. Maybe she did. Imagine if she closed her gap for the judges and then she didn’t even win! Hah that would’ve sucked.

      Hah omg that guy sounds like a loser. Glad you ditched him. Jess Hart is hot! Love her gappy smile.

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