Tennis Lessons

I enjoy writing about my adventures in trying to be sporty. I’m all for trying new things. It’s sticking with them, or even learning to like them that I have a problem with. However, I’ve always really liked tennis even though I’m don’t have much skill.

Luckily for me, my husband is a bit of tennis champ and doesn’t mind running me around the court for a while. Playing with him really improved my skills. But I’m still at a very basic level. Being the sweet guy that he is, my husband bought me beginner’s tennis lessons for a birthday present.

It’s nice because I don’t work during the day (or at all…) so I was able to sign up for one of the day-time classes that weren’t as crowded. I even got a free racquet! The best part is that my class has only two other women in it and they both have little to no experience playing so they make me look like Venus Williams. One lady wears jeans for every class.

My coach uses me for the demonstrations before the lessons which is fun but intimidating. He’s from Portugal originally and his accented English is pretty good. He refers to me as “Lee Lee” which I quite enjoy.tumblr_mnavnujRCH1qgcra2o1_500

So far we’ve learned a lot about grip, positioning, and different types of swings. There’s so much to think about before you make a move! I kind of prefer not knowing anything about anything and just being a spaz on the court. But, I guess I’m becoming a better player.

I always feel so awkward whenever my teacher asks us to go through the motions instead of actually playing or hitting the ball. The practice swings make me cringe and any time he suggests we do a “warm-up shuffle” I’m liketumblr_mjga0iZnU51rsdvumo1_500

And sometimes my teacher, ehm sorry, I mean my COACH asks us really confusing questions. Like, questions about technique or other stuff that I have no idea about. I also have trouble hearing him when he’s on the other side of the court. I probably look so confused the entire time. I’m usually like “Ummm idk?”tumblr_lqgdsbVGMq1r0gsgto1_500

So yeah overall tennis has been pretty fun and challenging. I’ve also had a private lesson because the other two women weren’t there during my last class. Next time you see me, I’ll most likely be at the US Open.


18 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons

  1. So proud of you taking lessons! I, too, just like to jump around and hit things on the tennis court. I am not one for practicing which is evident by my horrible musical-instrument-of-the-week skills. 😉

    • Ahh thanks girl! Yeah I’m pretty proud of myself! I feel like I’m learning a lot which is good, but I have trouble remembering all of the tips! Haha! Dude. Learning to play musical instruments is uber hard! That’s amazing that you can play multiple instruments!

      • I wish I could play multiple instruments! I tried piano and flopped, then guitar – it hurt my fingers – lol, and then ukulele but I didn’t practice. Maybe I just need to play the kazoo. 😉

  2. Nice! I imagine myself taking lessons in something, a sport or dance or something, but never actually do it, so go you! I always liked the idea of tennis. But I have really shitty hand-eye coordination, so that never worked out, lol.

    • I would love to take dance lessons! I occasionally take dance classes at the YMCA but nothing professional. That would be cool though. I have really bad hand-eye-coordination as well. Kind of tricky. I feel like if I don’t concentrate, I’m way better. Haha.

  3. I used to like running around the woods, smashing things with sticks. If someone started warbled on about technique I’d probably hit them as well for trying ruin my fun.

    Before the Olympics last year I didn’t like tennis but Andy Murray converted me. Wimbledon this year was BRILLIANT, we had live streams and channels on the BBC every single day.

    I haven’t played it since school so I reckon you’d beat me quite easily. I could even call you Lee-Lee in my posh English accent (or a cockney gangster accent if you would prefer it) and ask you questions that you can’t hear properly.

    And that ‘how about no’ thing made me laugh.

    • Niceeee you totally just set the scene. Great visual–loved it!

      I usually hateeee watching sports but I love watching tennis. It’s so fun! I got the chance to actually go to Wimbledon in 2009. So awesome. But yeah I only follow the higher players, like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, etc etc. I don’t follow the girls as much though.

      Glad I made you chuckle 🙂

  4. unfetteredbs says:

    Kudos Lily or shall we know say Lee Lee? My daughter played in HS and she told ( screamed) me to shut up when I would cheer for her. I guess it is uncool to scream at a tennis match the way I do at my other gal’s softball games?

    • Haha you can definitely call me Lee Lee. I’m getting used to it. Hahahah that’s amazing that your daughter freaked out at your cheering. I kind of love when kids yell at their parents. It’s so insane. You were just being a good mom! 🙂

      • unfetteredbs says:

        That was three years ago and it still cracks me up when I think about it. I totally knew I was being a wise ass…. It’s fun to mortify a teen. She was all sassy in her little skirt and ponytail. Ha!

  5. If you want to be good at tennis you’re going to have to get really ugly. Maria Sharapova might be the only attractive one that’s any good. Female tennis players are monsters.

    I hate warming up for things too. Especially my heart to those in need.

  6. Addie says:

    Do they still teach you to tuck your second tennis ball under the elastic of your tennis shorts? I imagine that would be difficult for Girl in Jeans.

    • I don’t think that was ever taught. Just part of convenience. I haven’t worn shorts or a skirt to play so I haven’t been able to do any ball-tucking, but I will once it gets warm out! Yeah I don’t think Girl in Jeans understands sports.

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