Trend to Watch: Backpacks

I don’t know about you, but I love back-to-school shopping. I realize that school has already started and that I’m not even a student, but I still like having a reason to buy a new wardrobe and writing utensils. I’ve never been a huge backpack gal. I’ve always just carried my books in my arms (or just left my books in my locker because lol) and carried a purse. I was also famous for leaving my purse in my classroom or letting my pens explode inside of said purses, ruining the lining.

I think the last backpack type item I had was in ’99 and it was made out of glittery, clear plastic. So fashion forward. I’m sure I paired it with a shirt from Abercrombie that said some cutesy/douchey saying on the front. My generation had some questionable moments.

Thankfully, backpacks are making a really cool comeback and redeeming themselves. And you can fit more than a pen and some Pokemon cards in them this time.

I’m really into these Hershel packs. They have great colors and patterns and sweet leather straps to class it up. They’re on the pricier side ($70-$100) but they seem like they have lasting power.

Hershel Supply Company

Hershel Supply Company

I’m not much of a skater, but I kind of have a weird love for skateboard brands. This Volcom bag is understated and classic. You could fit a lot of stuff into this size–maybe even use it for a sleepover. You guys still have sleepovers, right?



My boyfriend, Marc Jacobs (I know he’s gay but he can still be my boyfriend), designed these cute nylon backpacks for his Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Even though this is his more affordable line, they still cost a pretty penny. You would have to use a backpack a lot to make this purchase worth it. But still–just buy it because it’s cute.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I’ve always been a fan of Vans. They make great shoes. They also make great backpacks. I’m partial to this girly floral design that adds a fun pop to any outfit. I wear a lot of black, so I think a bag like this one would be a grand accessory for moi!



Have you heard of the brand Pendleton? They’re a super lush brand that was born in Portland, Oregon. One of my husband’s family friends got us a cozy Pendleton wool throw for a wedding gift. We were pretty excited. I would be really stoked to acquire one of their southwestern/Aztec-y printed backpacks. Talk about a pop of color. I could totally imagine living in an adobe hut and rocking this pack all the live long day. (wtf am I saying?)



And lastly I think Element has some cute bags to offer. If you can’t tell, I’m kind of into patterns and I’m a big fan of polka dots. Element knows the way to my soul. Simplicity.



Do you like backpacks? What are some trends you’re hoping to see soon?



18 thoughts on “Trend to Watch: Backpacks

      • Jansport used to sell them as Eastpak in the US, but then stopped, or changed them or something.
        It has one small front pocket, one medium size, then a full size and main pocket.
        For all the crap I carry, it’s the best way to keep it sorted.

      • Ahhh gotcha. I like how organized it sounds. Having certain pockets for certain items always makes me happy. I like your style, Guap.

  1. I find backpacks are too small for my adventurous office lifestyle, so I use them larger shoulder bag things instead.

    I have to confess, I’m very surprised that VANS designed something that is covered in flowers. Those teenage skaters must be furious.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a trend for cheap servants who could carry my stuff for me.

    • For adventurous office lifestyles, messenger bags seem more appropriate because then your papers don’t get all crumpled and stuff.

      Vans has a whole line for cool girls like me and it involves lots of flowers and other cool things.

      LOL yes. Let’s get on the servants trend. So stylish.

  2. I hate hate hate back to school stuff… For some reason it reminds me of being excited and even looking forward to school, after which your hope for something better is crushed again and you find yourself hating people even more every year.
    Perhaps I just can’t stand it that they start spamming you with ‘back to school! yaaay!’ stuff long before it actually begins again.

    I’m totally not a backpack kind of person. It just feels bad. But I do like these backpacks here. There are people who can totally rock them and of course they’re better for your body than a bag, but I’m vain and I always carry a bag with me.

    • Hahah yes. I love back to school stuff but I actually loathe going back to school. And it’s true, they do always pump the back-to-school stuff so early in the year. It’s like that with all holidays now. Not that going back to school is a holiday….

      I never used to be a backpack person, but I feel like I could get used to throwing all of my stuff into a pack and then just going on an adventure. Maybe not for everyday use, but every once in a while. I don’t think I could give up purses either….

    • Haha I had a friend in college who always used to wear a fanny pack. She was so cool though that she rocked it. Super jealous.

      Yeah briefcases are pretty awesome. I was excited to buy my husband one for a gift. I think I love it more than he does.

  3. I don’t remember seeing so many cool backpacks back when I actually had to use them, no fair! I’m drawn to school products too, though I would hate to actually be back in school! Mostly, I’m obsessed with notebooks/journals and colorful pens.

    • I know, right? We only had single color back packs or ones with cartoon characters on them…lol. I love notebooks and journals and colorful pens too! I used to love those Jelly Roll ones. You know what I’m talking about?

  4. Emily Stone says:

    Lily!! I thought of you the other day when I was a Lush store… one of the sales girls was not very welcoming and seemed to boss around another employee who was much nicer. ANYWAY, i defs plan to visit the one in CA when I’m there later this month. There is a cool Lush shop close to the beach : ) In Carmel-by-the-Sea! I LOVE your bags–I recently bought a Cath Kidston overnight bag which is super fun. Navy floral print… I have not used it yet bc I want to keep it NEW! I love all the pictures you posted btw. I wish they would do more hair fasteners /accessories that are easy to wear. I always seem to have a clip in my hair!

    • Ahhh thanks Emily! I’m glad we get excited by the same things! That’s so crazy about your Lush experience. The salespeople are always so weird in there. I’ve never been to Carmel-by-the-Sea but what a cute name! I imagine you will have tons of fun! I hope you make some good purchases!

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