Prince George Gets Christened

A couple days ago Prince George finally made an appearance and was baptized. It’s a good thing too–who knows how many sins he’s been committing. I, for one, am glad that his infant soul has been saved.

Both families were out for this event to support George on his big day. The Prince wore a replica of the centuries old robe (the original is too fragile) which was a pretty boring choice. Can we do something new for once, royal fam? I’m all for tradition and stuff, but George is not gonna be pleased when he looks back on these pics and he’s dressed in a lace frock.rs_560x415-131024141815-1024.3prince-christening-george-catherine-william

Maybe Kate could be the one to work on that because she’s known for her polished clothing choices. For her son’s Christening she wore an Alexander McQueen ensemble with a ruffle going down the front (so brave) which was similar in color to George’s gown. It was almost as if Kate’s outfit said, “I know this is George’s day, but let’s not forget about me.”

William just sat there smiling the entire time while the Queen was frowning the entire time. The Middletons just looked happy to still be relevant and Harry made an appearance because he had to. Overall it was a typical royal family event.

Prince George was beaming the entire time. He’s the only one who can truly use “#blessed” and have it actually mean something. He knows he got it good.


7 thoughts on “Prince George Gets Christened

  1. Blimey, you know more about our hallowed inbreds than I do.

    To be honest, I flipping love Kate. She’s lovely and always seems to be smiling (mind you, living in a huge castle must be a right laugh) and I’d happily tickle her feet at the end of a hard day’s royalling.

    William looks and sounds a bit like a daft forgetful uncle who forgets to put his trousers on.

    George just wants to poo in his nappy and put his fingers in is mouth.

    • Hah I try to know everything about pop culture and the media!

      But yeah Kate seems like a charming gal deserving of the royal life. I’m sure she’d take you up for a foot tickling!

      Hah yeah Wills seems like a good guy though. He’s always pretty funny in his interviews. It’s kind of nice that he’s not all stuck up and everything.

      I know, right? Georgie seems pretty chill right now. He looks just like Kate!

  2. sassybookworm says:

    This is such a great post! I love Wills and Kate, and baby George is a lovely addition to the royal family! I recently posted an article about Prince Charles after reading an article in a newspaper the other day – it’s on my blog if you would like to have a look?!

      • sassybookworm says:

        Haha- It sounds rather odd calling the future King a nugget! Thank you, I would appreciate you checking out my post if you have a spare minute or two! I can send you the link if you like?

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