Lush Review

Because my birthday was at the beginning of the month, I acquired some extra cash to spend entirely on Lush products. Most people would save their money or spend it on something worthwhile, but nope, not me. I spend my money on items that literally melt and fizzle into thin air.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to try some other Lush products besides the bath bombs even though they’re the most fun in my opinion. I’m a big fan of scrubs–face scrubs, lip scrubs, salt scrubs–love ’em all. I don’t have sensitive skin so I don’t get irritated too easily. But I can understand if your skin is problematic that you might not like this product, Buffy. I’m so in love with this one and I’m pretty sure I’ll be repurchasing it. Essentially Buffy is used in the shower to scrub away all your dead skin cells and smooth out all of your bumps. Ground rice, almonds, and beans are used as the grit in this product. The thing I like best about Buffy though is that when you wash away the bits of the product left on you, a layer of cocoa and shea butter is all that remains your skin. It’s so moisturizing and smells like warm oats. I usually lay around in my robe afterwards and let the butter soak in. It’s absolutely amahze.9999902127

The next purchase I made was a bath melt called Ceridwen’s Cauldron. I’ve touched on bath melts in past Lush Reviews, but basically they’re solid oils and scented butters that you drop into your bath to help nourish your skin. Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a little different from other melts because it comes in a muslin wrapper that you pop in the bath as well. See, this one has a lot of oats and loose materials to it, so it’s easier if you keep it wrapped up. It will still melt in your bath, but it will leave you with a little packet of oats to use to exfoliate your skin if you like. Or throw it out (if you’re like me). This one is supposed to be infused with sandalwood and lavender to sooth sensitive skin, but I didn’t really smell those scents. This one kind of bored me to be honest. I didn’t feel super moisturized after I got out of the bath and compared to other bath melts, it just doesn’t hold it’s own. img-thing

I was REALLY excited when I went to Lush and saw that they had a limited edition bath bomb for Halloween called Lord of Misrule. It’s green and speckled on the outside and then when the outer shell melts, the inside of the bomb is a deep red which makes your bath have a wine-colored hue. I was nervous that my husband would walk into the bathroom and freak out because it seriously looked like I was bathing in blood. Silky, perfumed blood. I don’t usually go for the spicier scents, but I really liked this one. It has patchouli and black pepper oil in it as well as pop rocks! This bomb was so entertaining. I felt like a child who didn’t want to get out of the bath. I suggest going to your nearest Lush and purchasing one of these before they all disappear! 03898


28 thoughts on “Lush Review

    • Haha I know right? I think the names fuel my addiction. I’m like, “Ooo I haven’t tried this one yet…”

      Hah that’s what it sounds like! I think it’s supposed to be inspired by the Feast of Fools. So idk…that’s what the website says. Haha

  1. Rachel @ Skull and Crosstales says:

    Buffy is my everything.
    Do not be tricked into trying Aquamirabalis though, it is a way, way less superior scrub. And it smells too almondy and melts everywhere.

    • OMG thank you! Everyone says such great things about Aqua Mirabalis and I was seriously thinking about buying one to try it out. You just saved me some money, girl!

  2. Rachel @ Skull and Crosstales says:

    Its obviously just a personal preference but if you’re happy with Buffy, stick with it. AM is much less moisturising and I feel that I use it much quicker because it is less solid and gets very milky when wet. I’m just waiting to finish it so I can justify going back for a Buffy!

  3. Dude….MY birthday is at the beginning of the month too…..ooohhh….eerie. 😉
    I am heading to Lush this weekend. I shall enlighten you with my purchases. I’m quite excited.

  4. Emily Stone says:

    Lush should pay you for writing the greatest reviews of their products ever!!! Do they make a fine scrub to use for the face? I know they have a lot for body and face, but I kind of prefer the micro-dermabrasion type of scrub. Thanks, Lily!

    • Haha I know, right? I could totally get hired by them and then just never leave my bedroom. I think they make a face scrub but I’m not sure how fine it is because I’ve never tried it. It’s called Ocean Salt and it’s a blue color. If you end up trying it, tell me what you think! A non-Lush micro-derm scrub that I absolutely adore is Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Face Polish. You can find it at Sephora. I love it! Kind of pricey though. But it lasts a long time.

  5. Emily Stone says:

    Oh thank you so much for this generous rec!!! I’m always up for trying new facial products and this sounds perfect. I’m making a note in my phone for the ocean salt, too! Have a wonderful day! Em x

  6. I love your comment, “Most people would save their money or spend it on something worthwhile, but nope, not me. I spend my money on items that literally melt and fizzle into thin air.”

    Meeee too. I’ve been spending tons on LUSH stuff recently using the excuse, “It’s my early birthday present to myself.” haha Lord of Misrule has definitely become my favorite bomb. Going to try Buffy next after your glowing review. Thanks! 🙂

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