Music Review: Austra

I absolutely love going to concerts at this nightclub downtown. The shows usually last about one in a half to two hours and typically end around 10pm. It’s almost too perfect. I’ve seen three shows there so far (Deerhunter, Austra, and Japandroids) all of which were pretty suh-weet. I want to review Austra though because their concert was like an entire experience.

I hadn’t heard any songs by the band before attending. I was “going in fresh” as my husband and I like to say. I wasn’t expecting too much–I mean, I live in a small city in Canada. Let’s be real. This place is slightly behind the times. To prove my point, Shaggy is playing a show here some time next month and STOMP! only debuted here a couple weeks ago. So there’s that.AustraOlympiaAnnouncebyNormanWong

When I entered the club (weird to have concerts in a club amirite?) the stage was set up with these beautiful paper umbrellas facing out toward the audience. As the band started to play, colored lights lit up the brollies and made the stage have this ethereal look. It was mesmerizing. The lights were bright, primary colors and other times they were soft and pastel depending on the song. I really liked that aspect of the show.

The lead singer had such a haunting voice. She had a fantastic range the could deeply bellow or reach those super high notes. I was impressed. I learned later on that she had studied opera so that made sense. There was a female drummer as well as a severely flamboyant keyboardist who wore neon hot pants and black lipstick. The lead singer was wearing pleated gauchos which frightened me at first, but I surprisingly warmed up to them (the gauchos, I mean).

The songs from their album Olympia were up beat and dance-y but in a trance-like way. Wow, I couldn’t have explained that any worse. It was fun music performed in a serious way. After dancing to their songs I found myself clapping as though I had just watched a performance. It was bizarre and different.

I would definitely see them again if they come to back to Victoria.


9 thoughts on “Music Review: Austra

  1. They sound wonderful! Or at least your fabulous review made them sound wonderful. Gotta love anyone who understands the beauty of an arrangements of umbrellas. I will definitely have to check these guys out, any songs in particular you’d recommend to a noob?

    • Haha a n00b. Well, when I was at their show I didn’t know any of their songs so I don’t even know the name of the one that I really liked. Lemme check it out….
      I like “Painful Like” and “What We Done” and “Home” from their album titled Olympia.
      And I like “Lose It” and “The Noise” from their first album called Feel It Break. But I like the sound of all their stuff pretty much!

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