Fresh to Death

I’m constantly changing the look of my blog because I find myself bored and uninspired of the same old, same old. I want my blog to be exciting and fun and I want the material to interesting–something for everyone.

My friend has encouraged me to spice things up with this blog using other formats of communication. I usually find myself making excuses for not following his suggestions, but I think I’m ready to do something new. I know I have good ideas in my brain, but I have trouble getting them out.tumblr_mt5qtc4Tcq1rhhgbso1_500

My question is, what would you like to see more of?:

Vlogs (videos of me talking about things that I would normally be writing about)

Podcasts (essentially a radio show with me and a couple of my friends)

Tweeting (I have a twitter already but I don’t use it enough)

More Reviews (of Movies, TV shows, books, video games, music, restaurants, makeup products, etc.)

Travel Diaries (a record of where I venture to, what I do there, and where I want to go in the future)

Current Events (my random thoughts on news stories)

Giveaways (fun prizes and presents just for the fun of it!)

Crafty Posts (Where I try to make things…)

Poems (lolz)

Other Suggestions???

Or if you think my blog is just fine the way it is, that works too!




24 thoughts on “Fresh to Death

    • Aww thanks bb gurl. I haven’t been a good tweeter lately! I need to leave my house once and a while so some comical things happen to me… 😀

    • Haha. I feel like my main comments on your blog always say “I suck at these” whenever you have a poll. I feel ya!

      You’re right. And yeah, I try to do whatever I want. I started my blog just assuming that I would be the only one reading it, but I guess I want to make it a fun place for other people too. Haha.

      Thanks Guap. You’re so sweet.

    • Okay well, if you say so! I was just trying to spice things up and now I’ve been met with so much love. I need to do this more often. Haha
      Thanks Audra. xoxo

  1. I personally don’t bother watching/listening to vlogs or podcasts but the other stuff is perfectly fine. Part of the reason I read your site is for the quirky comments and they can be inserted into just about any type of post whether it’s a review of soap, a book, an attempt top make something, or a childhood memory.

    So as long as you keep the quirky humour stuff, then the actual thing you are writing about isn’t overly important.

    I can certainly help you out with the giveaways though…

    • Aw thanks Michael. That’s very kind of you. I just feel like vlogs and podcasts would be a lot of work compared to how easy blogging is.
      However, I do feel like my quirk has gone downhill. I need to think of some funny stuff asap. Your posts are consistently funny and it’s not fair!

      Hah yeah giveaways!

    • I have a total lack of booty so you wouldn’t ever see me twerking. I will try to figure out vlogs and/or podcasts. I think they could both be fun but I need to invest in some good equipment.

  2. Emily Stone says:

    Lily!! You have a very authentic sense of who YOU are and your own writing of course… so this makes whatever you do unique and adventurous! I think enjoy whatever inspires you and since you definitely have fun, this matters a lot for anyone who joins in too!

    • Ahh thank you so much Emily! I know that I should be writing for myself and not caring what other people think, but I want it to be interesting for everyone, ya know? But thank you so much for the uplifting words! You are too kind!

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