Turning 26

One of the first pointless birthdays we come to in life is 26. Every age before that is considered a “milestone” of some sort. Or at least I look at it that way. The worst part of turning 26 is the realization that 30 is only 4 short years away. The best part about turning 26 is, well, at least it’s not 36?

Twenties are the magical time where people can behave like adults, make adult decisions, be treated like competent humans, yet still feel fairly young. After all, your twenties come after your teens. And everyone knows that teenagers are babies so it’s like I practically stepped out of the womb yesterday. The great thing about your twenties is that you can still get away with making dumb choices without the threat of being thought of as immature. I mean, people might still think of you as immature but you’re in your twenties so what do they expect? It’s really a magical decade.tumblr_mqanjfDFK11sb5083o1_500

The scary part is that big events happen during these years causing people to grow up “faster”. Getting married, having kids, starting a career, going to jail (?) all start to happen around this time which is terrifying. I feel like people have started to catch on to the fact that if they prolong the road to these milestones, they won’t become an adult (or what the world thinks of as adult behavior) right away. The media has depicted the sad scenario of getting-stuck-in-a-rut-early-in-life-and-hating-yourself too many times for my generation not to take heed.

And I think that’s why people stay in school longer, getting Master’s degrees and Doctorates with the thought process of hey, students are young! People are getting married later in life and having kids in their late thirties and forties because that’s way too much responsibility for a youthful soul like mine. I understand why people do this whether it’s a conscious choice or not.

Growing up is always daunting and no one really wants to focus on the years flying by. But I’ve figured out a way to make myself extremely comfortable talking about my age. I surround myself with friends that are at least 5 years older than myself so I always feel like a true youngster.

Who, me? Oh I’m only 26.


35 thoughts on “Turning 26

  1. On my 26th birthday, I remember thinking that that was the first year I actually had something tangible to show for the year before.
    Now, I’m just amazed at how young I was then.

    (And if this is a birthday post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

    • It is a birthday post! Thank you very much.

      Yeah it’s pretty weird to look back on birthdays and remember your thought process. Whenever I look back on my younger years, I shudder at my stupidity.

    • Thank you dahhhling.

      Yeah mine actually turned out to be pretty fun! I had a Woodstock themed party and everyone actually dressed up as hippies so it was pretty rad.

      Oh man could you imagine blogging for 26 years?

    • Haha totally. I have Peter Pan syndrome to the max. I constantly have to surround myself with nostalgic things (mainly old video games) in order to feel okay. Yikes…

  2. Addie says:

    Happy Birthday, Lily! You have a great idea on surrounding yourself with older people–sadly, when you hit 60 and 70 and 80, most of the people even a few years older aren’t always in great shape. Still, you usually look younger than they do, so, carry on!

    Wishing you a year of peace and joy.


    • Thank you very much Ads.
      That’s true, I guess it doesn’t work out/gets depressing once you get higher up there. Thanks! I’m glad you think I look young. Many people think I’m in my 30’s…ughh.

      Thanks again!

  3. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday, Lily!!! I can proudly say that I was still a 30-something in 2k13… I loved 27, so you’re officially in your 27th yr! Have a fantastic day and always make a wish for something special!

    • Thank you very much Emily! I think 27 will be a good one. It just seems good. Thank you so much! I had a great day…a Woodstock party…lots of hippies were present. Fun times!

      • unfetteredbs says:

        I’ve started it. I wish I could just immerse myself in it but with stupid school, it is impossible. The book itself is worn out, falling and very yellowed — it adds to the experience. I keep saying to myself – what did that Lily get you to read?? Shall I admit that I like it? Yes,yes I do.
        How about you?

        Have you ever read chuck palahniuk’s Damned? http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/20/books/damned-by-chuck-palahniuk-review.html?_r=0

        Well,the sequel just came out today,Doomed,and I’m dying to read that as well. Nothing scary. Actually, quite sickly humor. I probably shouldn’t admit that either but you already know my Archer and IT Crowd secret. Might as well throw in my literary cesspool as well haaa

        Ok enough rambling at 5am. Sorry.


      • Hah that’s cool that the book is a little worse for wear. I need to get my hands on a copy. But I’m glad it was a good recommendation!
        I actually haven’t read anything by Chuck Palahniuk. I’ve seen a couple of the movies based of his books (Fight Club and Choke…I think?). They were okay. I’d probs like his books better though. I’ve heard good things.
        Haha I like your taste in entertainment. All good stuff! Thanks Audra!

  4. Haha, surrounding yourself with older people, I like it!

    A very happy birthday to you! I agree, after 25, 26 is just beyond pointless. Unnecessary. I say we all stop aging at 25. Perfectly valid age to stay forever, right? If only.

    • Thanks Lily! Omg how great would that be if everyone was in their best state? Like our parents looked like how they looked when they were 25. That would be freaky. But kind of awesome!

  5. When I as 26, I was living in Calfiornia, working my dream job, driving a 1970 GTO and living with a girl with the greatest ass I have ever seen, Then when I was 27, I married said greatest ass and it all went to hell. Well, not entirely. I still have the GTO.

    • Haha that’s a great, tragic story of love, loss, and your GTO. So what you’re trying to tell me is that I’ll have some good adventures this year, huh?

  6. Happy Birthday!

    26 was a great year for me, since I married my sweetheart that year. In my generation, 26 was sort of late to get married (We’ve been married 28 years). For me, 35 was the difficult year, being half of three score and ten.

    • Thank you so much! That’s very cool that you got married when you were 26. A good year indeed.Crazy that you’ve been married for so long! Good for you two! Yeah 35 seems like a tough one. I’m sure I’ll stop celebrating once I reach 30…!

  7. (I’m a teenager, does that make me a baby…?)
    You’re right about the fact that you’re only 26! Still somemore years to take bad decisions or wear inappropriate clothes or to get piercings and tats! Woop woop!
    And when you turn 30, we’ll buy you a cake and everything will be okay ;).

    • Lol yes! Enjoy your teenage years because they’re the most care-free and awesome. I mean, twenties are awesome too because you have even more freedom and independence, but so much more responsibility. Ugh.
      Hah I will need lots of cake and love when I turn 30! 😀

    • Thank you girlfriend! Oh man. At least you’re still under the 30 mark, ya know? It could be worse! But lemme just say, you don’t look a day past 18. So shut up.

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