Hounds of Love

I feel like most female artists sound so similar these days.  Whenever I hear someone who sounds unique, I immediately like them just because it’s so refreshing not to hear the same old Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry crap that’s out there now.

My mom introduced Kate Bush to me when I was a youngster with her song “Wuthering Heights”. I was like, “Ummm okay this is weird” but then it grew on me. Most of her songs are pretty strange, but they have a soothing quality and great instrumentals. Kate Bush also really likes to dance and perform so it’s fun to look up clips of her doing weird dances in front of live audiences.

Hopefully you like this tune. If you do, The Futureheads do a great cover. It really rivals Kate’s version! (Do you like how I refer to her as Kate, like she’s my best friend or something?)


20 thoughts on “Hounds of Love

    • Haha thanks Michael. Unfortunately my voice isn’t super unique. I was in choir for a long time and I blended right in. 😦

      The lyrics on the other hand, would be totally cray cray. I agree with you on that one!

    • Yes! And Cloudbusting. And This Woman’s Work. And that Australian-y one. Haha basically everything? She has a song called Lily but it’s not anything to write home about unfortch.

      I do love the 80’s quality of this video. She’s a cool kid. Thanks momma gal 🙂

  1. unfetteredbs says:

    Never heard this before. I liked it–Little odd, kinda like Amanda Palmer weirdness. The opening scene reminded me of a George Tooker painting.
    My current music obsession is Lorde. — not that you asked Ha!
    Cheers Lily. Thanks for the love at my place today. ( smile)

    • Never thought to compare her to Amanda Palmer! I feel that.

      I feel like I’ve heard of Lorde on the indie radio station that we listen to in the car. Every so often I hear their name come up. I need to check them out further though!

      Thanks Audra. Of course! I feel bad that I don’t make the rounds enough!

  2. Great pick!
    It’s not just female pop singers – there’s also a lot of “sound the same” in indie rock that John Phillips and I have seen way too often. Its like the “we can all be Pearl Jam and Nirvana!” grunge from the 90s.

    You might like the sound of this band I just started listening to, Lake Street Drive.
    (It will probably be “todays music” if I write anything this week.)

    • This is true! I feel like any sound that gets a lot of praise, people copy immediately. Like when Mumford and Sons hit it big, all of a sudden a lot of Mumford-sounding bands came out of nowhere. So annoying.

      I like this tune! Kind of jazzy and catchy. And I like seeing people play instruments. It’s very refreshing compared to some of the singers these days who only sing and get auto-tuned. Thanks for this!

  3. Everything that’s 80s has my sympathy, unless it really, really sucks (but honestly, that abrely ever happens.)
    I must admit I sort of not dislike Roar by Katy Perry, but that is because it somehow sounds like a song from a group I used to be fan of. The lyrics do suck though. I hate it when all the lyrics are about love and going out and drinking. I mean, isn’t music the best place to talk about freaky, dark stuff?

    • The 80’s were such a great era of music. Everyone seemed to be experimenting with new sounds. So much new wave madness–I love it!

      Lol I’ll admit that I like most pop music (like Roar) just because they make the songs so damn catchy! But yeah the lyrics…ugh. Good lyrics make such a difference!

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