Beauty Haul & Review

I started becoming interested in “beauty hauls” when I watched beauty “gurus” on youtube in college. If you don’t understand what that sentence means, you’re most likely not a teenage girl. A haul is basically a vlog/blog/podcast/article/etc. from a consumer talking about the products they just bought usually followed by a review of the mentioned products. I like buying beauty products and I’m also interested in learning what products work for me and the difference between similar items from competing companies. But that’s just me.

I went back to LUSH and bought a couple bath supplies. It’s so fun taking baths when you have some fizzy stuff to throw in there with you. I actually had a really great experience in the store during my most recent visit. Usually I have a problem with the over-enthused sales people, but this time they were totally chill (well, one of them might have been too chill because she was rocking blue eye shadows and feathers in her hair). I picked out a bath bomb called Phoenix Rising.03575

I was convinced this one would be more sparkly then the last one I chose, but alas, it had no glitter. No glitter=no clean up! Phoenix Rising is the perfect bath bomb/fizz to introduce as the seasons change. With a real piece of cinnamon embedded into it, this bomb gives off a spicy apple scent reminiscent of a fancy boutique or antique store. If dark purple bath water alarms you, then this might not be the bomb for you. But if you like essential oils and silky smooth skin, then I would suggest this one!

I also recently voyaged to my nearest Sephora to check out the new Marc Jacobs makeup line. Yes, you heard me right. It’s just as glorious as I expected. In a moment of weakness and feeling super overwhelmed, I made an unnecessary purchase–lipstick in a warm pink shade (108) called “Have We Met?” It’s perfect. The packaging he chose is so chic I can’t even deal with it. The lipstick tubes have a magnetic seal. It’s so fun and applies with a thin, neat layer that will leave your lips looking smooth with their pretty hues.


I also tried his O!Mega Bronzer which made me glow like never before. And don’t even get me started on the nail polish packaging.marc-jacobs-nail-polish

And finally, I also purchased a bath melt from LUSH called Happy Blooming which is the opposite of a fall-time scent. It’s kind of misleading because it’s has the word “blooming” in the title but it’s main scents include cherries and passion fruit. The best thing about this body melt is that you can cut it into thirds and extend the life of your purchase. Not as exciting as bath bombs, melts use cocoa butter to make the water luscious but not colorful. This one in particular has calamine powder in it which does a lot to soothe the skin. I don’t know if I would get this one again simply because it doesn’t excite me. It’s good for my skin, but it’s not fun and I’m basically a child so I need entertaining bath products.Happy-Blooming

Have you tried any new products lately?


12 thoughts on “Beauty Haul & Review

    • Hah it’s a fun hunt. Maybe you can help me? Go to your nearest Lush store…hah jk. But I’m pretty sure you would enjoy a bath bomb if you used one!

      LOL so true. I don’t want to get off it either. Glad you’re on board with me 😀

  1. I have a great time living vacariously though your shopping excursions. My beauty regime consists of Vaseline on my lips, Nivea on my skin–including my face, and I splurge on English hand milled soap in a rose scent. I know, I know…I’m pathetic.

    • Sometimes the simplest regimes are the best. It’s also nice to be organized and not have your bathroom brimming with makeup and lotions.

      You should check out Crabtree & Evelyn because they have some nice soaps and room sprays in all sorts of nice, floral scents. I’m sure you’ve been in one–they’re pretty common.

  2. Phoenix Rising is beautiful 🙂 For a really glittery bath, I’d try Space Girl (which is a bit violet-scented) or Sunnyside bubble bar (you can’t miss it, it’s a big ball of gold glitter) 😛

    • Ooo okay! Thanks! I tried one glittery one (Twilight) which was cool, but I didn’t like the clean up. BUT glitter is just way too fun so I’ll have to try those out! Excited!

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