My mom spontaneously asked me if I would accompany her to Portland last week. I agreed because it sounded like fun AND I hadn’t ever been to Oregon and the only things I knew about the state came from the show “Portlandia”. I also knew that Oregon had a town called Beaverton because that’s where my best friend’s fake ID said she was from. So as you can see, my knowledge was vast.

“Portlandia” paints the city in a comical way. In the first episode they note that “The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland” which I have concluded to be absolutely true. Compared to the only other Northwest ย city I’ve encountered (Seattle), Portland is a little less polished, and a lot more homeless. They have their fair share of hipsters–trendy restaurants, quirky boutiques, funky hotels. But overall, the city and outlaying suburbs have a quaintness about them that is hard to find elsewhere.

While I was in town I made sure to drag my mom to Voodoo Doughnut with me at 7:30am. If I had to accomplish one thing in Portland, it was to eat a doughnut from this location. Usually I’ve heard that there are massive lines coming out of this shop, but since we went bright and early, we stepped right in. We both got boring, old fashioned doughnuts, but they were really delicious. You can get some really weird creations there. For example, they offer bacon doughnuts and cereal coated doughnuts. I’m a plain Jane so I just do with whatever option looks suitable for a child’s palate.ย 6108795141_effae307fc_z

On our trip we visited some subdivisions outside of the city and did some shopping at a cute outdoor mall. Our favorite store was a paper/stationary/card shop that offered super cute calendars and greeting cards for almost any occasion. We stayed in there for quite some time because outside it started to downpour. Tired of waiting it out, my mom and I took off our shoes and made a mad dash to the car. We ended up soaked. Memories!

For dinner that night, we met up with our blogger friend turned real-life friend, Maggie! Maggie, being a true blue Oregonian, took us to a delicious restaurant called Mother’s in downtown Portland. It was yum. I could’ve just eaten the bread for my entire meal. I love meeting bloggers in real life. It’s so surreal. Maggie is such a happy and funny person. She had such a good energy about her. I told her that I thought her butt looked really nice and she seemed alarmed by that comment, but other than that, I think I came off as semi-normal. She and my mom were like two peas in a pod. It was precious.

The pretty chandeliers inside of Mother's.

The pretty chandeliers inside of Mother’s.

The next morning we met my friend Matt, whom I befriended during my study abroad in Canterbury, UK. He took us to this little place called Bijou Cafe. Super cute. Their bacon was delicious. It was great catching up with him and discovering his new-found talents (he makes metal jewelry!). He really loves Portland and everything that the city has to offer, so it was fun seeing it through his eyes. We all had a good laugh about how much we hate snotty French people, but that being said, we really want to learn French.

Overall it was a fun whirlwind of a trip. I got a little taste of Portland and got to meet up with some great friends. Did you do anything fun last week?



44 thoughts on “Portlandia

    • Hahah that is my favorite skit that they do. I love it when Akili is like, “Nance, you’re being a bitch.”

      But yeah, my friend here in Victoria is trying to eat only locally grown chicken so I feel like Victoria is the Portland of Canada…

  1. Glad to hear Grippy is doing well. (Please say hi for me.)

    we went to Portland two years ago and loved it. If the unemployment rate wasn’t so high, it would be higher on our list of places to move.
    (And Voodoo Donuts bacon donut is delicious.)

    • I will tell her! She is doing better. Ready to start a new chapter in life I think!

      Hah yeah people don’t seem to work very much in Portland. They just line up for donuts and call it a day.

      Haha you WOULD try the bacon donut!

    • Hahah! It was just so cute and perfect. I should’ve documented it.

      “Sorry Maggie, but can you just turn around? I need to take a picture of your butt for my blog.”

      • Wow! I can’t believe I missed this. I gotta go check my notifications. I love Lily but truth be told, she is the only person who has ever noted my butt ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A bacon doughnut? That’s actually quite offensive to my British sensibilities I’m afraid.

    I didn’t really do anything particularly fun last week I’m afraid. I just went to work and came back home again as I usually do. I did put the finishing touches to my latest book but I’m not really sure it was fun as such.

    I took a look at Maggie’s photo on her blog and she really does look like a girl who has a corker of an arse on her.

    • You and your bland British food. Hah I actually miss having Sunday Roasts a lot, so I can’t really make fun your food that much.

      That’s so crazy that you’ve written multiple books. I need to read them one of these days. I have an infinite list of books I have to read…it’s so daunting!

      Lol well Maggie’s butt was so little and cute. It looked really tight and perfect. I was so jealous because mine is really wide and flat–NOT CUTE.

  3. Hm apparently they’ll put bacon into anything. Can’t believe you got a regular donut! Sounds like fun. I’ve heard good things about Oregon… I mean, if you’re into places where, like, no one lives, lol. But on the plus side, NO sales tax…that is SO cool! Lol.

  4. …why do we not get to see the inside of the box of doughnuts? That’s the important part. What are you hiding??? You lied and really got all bacon and cereal doughnuts, didn’t you???

    One of my good friends is in love with Portland and visits regularly. The scumbag has yet to invite me. Or bring me back any doughnuts.

    Glad you had a good time! I am concerned how it would compare to Chicago (which my friend has never been to).

    • Lol that wasn’t even my box! I found that picture on Google. Haha. Since I don’t have an iphone, I never take pictures. I wish I got the bacon one! Next time for sure!

      That’s so weird that your friend loves Portland but they’ve never been to Chi-town! So cray! Portland is fun though. It definitely has a chill vibe that Chicago lacks!

  5. So would you say that Matt is making jewelry now? And that he’s got his life on track? ;D (Sorry, I’m a Portlandia junkie.)

    So exciting that you met Maggie! Meeting bloggers is the best!

  6. Funniest thing about this was not intentional, but the final question about doing anything last week. I thought it would have been something more specific to traveling. I can’t answer the question either because I can’t really remember and don’t know when the week begins or ends, technically.

    I wish someone would tell me my butt looked nice. Someday damn it, it will happen.

    • Haha shut up. I’m so bad at thinking up questions. But yeah I felt like it would be less likely that people traveled recently but what do I know? Do you have a weird work schedule? Your new job seems like so much fun!

      Haha I don’t think I’ve ever received a butt compliment either, don’t worry.

  7. unfetteredbs says:

    I’m a bit jealous that you met Maggie And had donuts. I think Maggie now has to post a pic of her fine arse for all to see.
    Glad you had a happy adventure Lily. Cheers!

  8. I once visited a friend who had moved and was living in Aloha, Oregon. I thought it would be funny to keep pronouncing ‘Aloha’ the way you do in Hawaii instead of the way they do in Aloha. Yeah…apparently I’m not the first ass to try that–my excuse is I was 19–and no one laughed, ever. She never invited me out again.

      • I was told begin and end with a short a, so, a lo a instead of a LO ha.

        Not a huge diff, but, they were all about correcting me, plus, they don’t hand out leis.

      • I see! Leis pretty much go hand in hand with saying the word Aloha, so they should probably check themselves before they wreck themselves.

  9. I envy you, Lily. I have yet to meet a flesh-and-blood blogger.
    Good for you and Mom!
    As for me, my week consisted of a doctor’s appointment that failed to yield any true answers, new comics, new guest encounters and of course, family adventures. So in a nutshell, the same old, same old….

    • Haha we’ll you’ll have to get on that! I feel like you’re closer to more of the bloggers that I know. Don’t a lot of them live in NYC?
      Yeah it was fun! I’m glad we went!
      Haha even though you did the same old same old, your life is still really exciting and fun so I’m jealous anyway!

  10. How, HOW did I miss this?? I didn’t even see the ping back! Thanks Lil, that was sooo much fun!!! Thanks for the kind words on the arse but I have a feeling you would be voted down. And I like your new format, too! xoxox

    • Ahhh no problem! I miss posts all the time. Actually, lately I’ve been a really bad blogger. Lol nooo I talked your arse up so much! Everyone lovessss it! No one cared about anything else!

      Thanks! It’s cleaner looking than my last theme!

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