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Lush Review

Sorry about all the girly posts recently. Whenever I go through a blogging dry spell I have to find ways to inspire myself over again and sometimes that process involves writing about bath products. You know where the unfollow button is.

I rarely go into LUSH because the salespeople are obnoxious to a severe degree. Like, they will follow you around the store explaining every product they have. It’s the all-time worst. But I do love me some bath bombs so occasionally I have to sacrifice any shred of self-worth I once had and let people talk to me about essential oils and vegan soaps.

While I was there, wishing I had been born deaf, I managed to pick up two items for myself. The first one was a bath bomb called Twilight. It’s a pretty purple-pink color with stars and moons on it and a blue-colored core. I’m usually a fan of the Sex-Bomb bath bomb that’s also a purple-pink color, but it’s more ombre in shade than Twilight. What I’m trying to say is that I like purpley-pink things. Unlike Sex-Bomb though, Twilight has a center full of glitter. Yes. Most people wouldn’t buy a bath bomb with messy glitter in it, but I’m not most people. That’s actually one of the things I like about LUSH’s products. Their bombs are so unconventional–they always have a fun detail about each one.twilight

Twilight has a nice lavender scent and it releases this soothing oil into the bath which makes your skin feel silky smooth afterwards. I was kind of freaked out (in a good way) that the bomb gave off oils in the bath. Usually bath fizzes always seem so chalky and powdery. This one was different. However, I was promised that the glitter inside wouldn’t stick to me and that it would rinse down the drain with the water easily. Not so. The glitter stuck to me a little bit. I mean, it wasn’t that much. A couple pieces here and there, a lot around my neck. And you kind of have to man the bath water as it drains because the glitter will dry against the tub otherwise. But other than that, I really enjoyed it. I thought the glitter and the purple color gave my bath a real magical, intergalactic look. Afterwards I was ready to snuggle into a deep sleep.

The other product I picked out that day was a bath melt–something I’d never tried before–called You’ve Been Mangoed. Bath melts are essentially natural butters and oils in a solidified form that melt in the warm water of your bath. The only qualm I had with this product was that it had Mango in the name, yet it only smelled like lemons. Even on the website LUSH describes it as lemon scented. Why not call it, You’ve Been Lemoned? It still smelled good, and it was relaxing, but not as much as Twilight was. Bath melts are no where near as exciting as bath bombs, but it was still fun to try.479-you've-been-mangooed

Have you tried any LUSH products?


33 thoughts on “Lush Review

  1. I thought this was going to be a follow-up to yesterday’s post and be about Lush the band — also pretty girly. But here’s one of their less shoe-gazey songs and one of my favs from them:

    P.S. You smell nice.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I really need to go there, but the closest one is outside of DC so I only get up there a few times a year.

    A bath melt sounds so good, will have to check that out for sure. I’ve also heard good things about the lemon cuticle butter.

    • Ooo I’ll have to try the lemon cuticle butter. That sounds nice. Something else you might like is their bubblegum lip scrub. I don’t know if they still have it any more, but it was awesome because it was made out of sugar and you could lick the remaining bits off. 😀

    • So basically what you’re saying is that you’re a man.
      Haha I couldn’t picture you in LUSH, so I think your decision to stay outside is a wise one!

  3. I had to go into Lush for a gift once, it was a revelation! Only so far as I actually loved the staff, they were all dressed up as witches for some reason, I don’t think it was Halloween….anyway, they were really nice and genuinely so. In the UK service doesn’t actually happen, assistants generally sneer at you and do their best to avoid serving you. So to actually get recognition was a novelty.

    • That’s true. In England it’s so different because you get no service! Good point Joe! It’s probably very refreshing to go in there haha. It’s a fun store because it’s so hand-on. They are always ready to show you how everything works which is nice!

  4. “I rarely go into LUSH because the salespeople are obnoxious to a severe degree. Like, they will follow you around the store explaining every product they have.”

    Omg, that’s so true. As much as I love LUSH, I’d just like to browse without being bombarded. My favorite LUSH product is the Northern Lights soap ( – it’s super obnoxious and smells delightful. Unfortunately, I think it’s only a seasonal thing during winter.

    I’ve missed your posts – glad you’re back!


    • Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! I haven’t tried many of their soaps, but that Northern Lights one looks so cool! They do have good deals during the holidays so I might have to go check it out!

      Aww thanks sweetie. You’re so nice!

  5. I may have to turn in my vagina for asking this….but what is a bath bomb? It sounds dangerous. Especially if it includes glitter. My friends always get jealous if I have glitter on me. They think I went to a strip club without them.

    • They’re pretty much just lumps of soap/oil/stuff that dissolve in the water and leave a nice smell, along with pretty swirling colours and maybe some foam.

      Now, get that vagina of yours handed in ASAP.

    • Lol Pen! Michael is right, they’re just hard balls of powder about the size of a fist. They dissolve in the bath–they’re pretty fun!
      Haha I knew a couple of girls who go to strip clubs for fun but I never understood the draw for women. I guess I have no interest in other women’s boobs and va jay jays. But I am interested in glitter!

      • I think we are just built different from men (Duh – you think?) I went once and was bored out of my mind. I think they let me and my friend in because they wanted to recruit us as dancers – Not happening! But I saw a male strip show too and felt horrible about it. It seemed demeaning and I didn’t get turned on at all. I would give the men $5 if they came around and told them that I didn’t have any more money so they wouldn’t come back. It did not fulfill my fantasies!

      • Haha that’s so crazy! I guess I don’t have any interest in going to see male strippers either. I think you bring up a good point about how it’s even demeaning for men. Very interesting.

  6. I’m very much a shower person myself and haven’t bothered with baths for years. I don’t actually spend much longer in a bath than I would in a shower – I usually got bored of sticking my finger in my belly button within a few minutes.

    Them LUSH people are mean for telling fibs about the glitter though.

    • I’m a shower person too! But maybe like once every 2 months I’ll take a really enjoyable soak.

      I know, right? How dare they lie to me about the staying power of their glitter!

  7. LOL you’re prob spoiled from when I worked at LUSH and you could come in and generally be left alone~ Plus I’ve heard that Canadian LUSH stores are a LOT more intense with the “customer service” thing.

    Sex Bomb is awesome and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of most florals, I haven’t tried Twilight, and You’ve Been Mangoed smells really nice, but yeah, the name is odd… if you do get any bath melts again, I suggest cutting them (just with a regular knife) in half or thirds. One melt will last longer that way obv (you can store the remainders in a cool dry place and they should keep fine) plus maybe I just have weird skin, but a full melt is usually too much for me.

    Another fun thing is that you can mix a bomb and part of a bubble bar or a bomb and part of a melt in one bath to make fun new combinations (bubble bars and melts generally don’t play well together because the oils in the melts can kill the bubbles). One of my faves is the Big Blue bomb with about half of the Sunny Side bubble bar (it has glitter but you can put it into the toe of an old pair of tights/nylons, tie it to/over the faucet, crush it a little bit with your hand, let the tub fill that way, and you’ll get much more bubbles and much less glitter in the bath). It’s called Mermaid Water, it smells like lemon and lime and lavender and sea salt, and the water turns into this gorgeous turquoise or deep seafoam green colour with a bit of shimmer. It’s like you’re taking a bath in the ocean but much cleaner and prettier and nicer-smelling… it’s basically magical.
    You can also take some of the You’ve Been Mangoed and use it with the Avobath bomb. It’s super-moisturising without being too greasy and it smells great too. Or you can use the Avobath bomb with like, a quarter to half of The Comforter bubble bar and the resulting bath smells like Fruity Pebbles, no joke. It’s kind of amazing.
    Sex Bomb is also A+ combined with either the French Kiss or Amandopondo bubble bars.

    Hahahahaha, wow, sorry for the essay!

    • Lol yesss I remember your times at LUSH and you would give me sweet samples and stuff! The Mermaid Water sounds amazing. I didn’t realize you could do combinations! That’s so exciting! I need to try the Fruit Pebbles one as well. You’ve opened up a whole new would for me!

      • Hahaha, yeah, I loved giving out samples ^u^ Combinations are the best! If you go into a shop again, you can get the staff to stop pestering you by asking about “bath cocktails” and getting them to recommend you some (though Idk how nice their ideas will be because I am very discerning LOL)~ Or you could just ask me 😛

  8. Just wanted you to know that because of this post I had to venture to my nearest LUSH store (which is more than an hour away via highway and high speeds). I picked up the Twilight bomb you mentioned (because I love shiz that glitters), some melts and one other item. I am quite enjoying the bomb…thank you very much.
    And you’re quite right, the sales people make (me) want to punch them.

    • AWWW HAHA omg I can’t believe you went there because of this post! You’re the cutest. They definitely have a wide range of bombs, right? I think I need to venture out and try some other ones. They just all look so weird, ya know? I’ll keep you posted if I find any other good glittery ones! And I’m glad you agree about the sales people! Haha thanks Sandy! This made me so happy!

      • I am definitely loving the Twilight bomb and thinking I’m gonna have to head back to stupid LUSH in a few weeks (damn you! ;p). I’m not usually a big bath person but since I bought these things I’ve become addicted – plus, I’ve got shin splints sooooo….I guess it’s a “two birds with one stone” kinda thing.
        I look forward to more reviews from you on things that will make me drive far, far away and spend more money than I should. 😀

      • Haha awesome! You’re too sweet. I also went back to Lush (luckily it’s a 15 minute walk for me! But my addiction is being fueled way too often!) and bought some goodies so I might have another review up my sleeve!

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