Big Jet Plane

After hearing the melodic voices of this Australian brother and sister duo, I was hooked. When I first discovered them in my last year of college, I couldn’t stop listening to them. I’m not saying they’re the best ever or anything like that. I was just turned onto them during a time when I was looking for something new and different. It was love at first listen.

This song is less “out there” than some of their other songs, especially those performed by solely by the sister, Julia Stone. I really like her voice in that it sounds haunting. However, some people might not like it because it’s one of those voices that people put on, like a voice that can’t possibly be her natural singing voice. Check out her song “And the Boys” and tell me what you think.

I like this simple tune, mostly performed by Angus with background by Julia. I think they make a good combo. Their music video is really great too. Take a listen!


13 thoughts on “Big Jet Plane

  1. Nice tune but his voice is a bit strange and he looks kind of homeless. The video does a good job of capturing the drudgery of retail work as well – I wonder if she’s the one who goes out and earns the money just so he can be a soap dodger all week.

    This one here is a fantastic music video. The music probably isn’t to your tastes so you might want to turn the volume down….!

    • Haha yeah that’s a good video and a good song. It was more of a story which was good. Big Jet Plane is just so sad and depressing and doesn’t go anywhere, ya know? But yeah, nice tune! Thanks for showing it to me!

  2. Emily says:

    I really like this song–relaxing and fun at the same time! The video is nice bc it tells a story and doesn’t push her agenda… just someone who dreams of another place to be. I love the fresh new look of your blog, Lily!

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