Shirts I Want/Need

My wardrobe is pretty perfect, but it would be even better if I had these items at my disposal. There’s nothing like a good shirt that makes people giggle.

However, there’s a big difference between chic, funny shirts and annoying graphic tees that chunky high school boys wear while they play Magic: The Gathering. Hopefully you can tell the difference.

So enjoy these bad boys that I found perusing Tumblr and Pinterest.

“In Memory of When I Cared”9fbd60fde106116b8016c73b5cf8b35c

“Shut Up You’re Not My Real Dad”tumblr_mj3ukbGbSw1qhk110o1_500

“More Issues Than Vogue”tumblr_mmn79eLQgV1r8efu6o1_500

“Kill Them Without Kindness”tumblr_mm0hooW5b61qh91v3o1_500

“You Had Me At I Hate That Bitch Too”c8197e34b2512c62902c1290a513aada

“I’m Sorry It’s Just That I Literally Do Not Care At All”



17 thoughts on “Shirts I Want/Need

    • That’s my favorite one too! It’s the most funny when teenagers are mean/abusive to their parents. Well, deserving parents at least. Hah!

  1. Funny t-shirts are always good until you realize it means everybody is examining your body and silently judging.

    I had a t-shirt that said “How do you keep an idiot busy? (See back of shirt)” and on the back it said “How do you keep an idiot busy? (See front of shirt)” I once had to turn 3 times before some girl understood the joke. For some reason my parents enjoyed buying me shirts like that.

  2. I once saw a girl with a T-shirt that said ‘I’m schizophrene” on the front and “Me too” on the back :D.
    These T-shirts are great! Though I think that the ‘Kill them without kindness’ might cause some people to be angry… I’m surprised it’s not forbidden yet in some places. I’d imagine America would totally freak out…

    • Haha that’s a good one! I feel like a lot of homeless people could wear that and get a lot more money from strangers!

      Yeah I think the “Kill them without kindness” could make some people angry now that I think about it! Haha

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