Love Your Fellow Beast

In recent Canadian news, two young brothers (ages 5 and 7) were strangled to death by a python that found it’s way into their home through ventilation shafts of a reptile pet store next door. The store owned many animals illegally, and the breed of python (African Rock) that killed the children was not on the radar of the specialists who moderate the sales of exotic pets. It was unknown that Reptile Ocean (the store) had this type of animal in their company.

It’s sad when animals make a bad name for themselves by simply living their lives. I know that people will look at snakes in a negative light after this tragedy. If they didn’t already. I mean, they’ve pretty much had a rough time ever since Satan appeared as one. Imagine Satan appearing a panda bear or something. Life would be so different. And hell would be such a cuddly place. I digress…

Take Steve Irwin’s death. He was a lover of life–all forms of life. He died doing something that he loved. However, there was a lot of hate being put on sting rays. The sting ray was just chillin’ and got scared by Steve’s crazy nature and accidentally stung him in the heart. HIS BAD. You shouldn’t hate sting rays because of it. I have spent many a vacation petting the rubbery, floppy skin of rays, and let me tell you, they are the happiest creatures ever. So loving. I know it sounds crazy, but I love me some sting rays. Also, I know for a fact that Steve Irwin would never want people to hate on rays.grand-cayman-stingray-city-12

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not fair to hate on creatures who kill humans. Animals aren’t malicious. They’re innocent and trying to survive. So many animals get caught off guard or scared and end up attacking people when they’re only trying to protect themselves. Some animals just want to eat you. Some want to protect they’re young. That doesn’t mean that you should hate an entire species because they’re wild and undomesticated.

No, I don’t hate the snake that killed those two boys. I’m sad that the boys died, yes. Totally. I’m sad that exotic animals are being pulled from their normal habitats and sitting in pet shops in New Brunswick, Canada too. Next time you’re ready to judge an animal that maims a human, make sure you take into account of why that animal acted that way. Was it trained to attack? Was it scared? Was it outside of it’s natural habitat? There are plenty of reasons why animals hurt people–none of which they should be blamed for.

I’d rather see an animal hurt a human than a human hurt an animal.tumblr_mlx2qtaCNp1rkh3gdo1_500


10 thoughts on “Love Your Fellow Beast

    • It’s okay to dislike them for sure. Most flying insects aren’t on the top of my list, but I wouldn’t want to see one get tortured.
      lol they do you blitzkrieg tactics. Biting holes through sweaters and what not.

  1. I can’t stop thinking of Satan as a panda in the Garden of Eden…

    I think it’s fine to hate a specific animal the way it is fine to hate a specific person. Like if a lion kills your family you have every right to go after that specific lion. I never understood deer hunting. If you have to hunt do it against something that can fight you back.

    • A panda in the garden of Eden would be so cool. I would eat anything he told me to. Like, what if he tempted Adam and Eve with bamboo shoots? That version of the bible would be so chill.

      Yeah I don’t like hunters period. I think it’s so gross. But yeah I can understand hating a specific animal if it kills one of your loved ones. Like Jaws or something. One shark that needs to die.

  2. Years back, when I was working on the Chronicle, I had the great honor of meeting and talking privately with Steve Irwin. That guy was 100% real – he wasn’t as manic in private as he was on TV, but the guy was just so committed and passionate and authentic about what he did. And that whole sense of wonder and friendliness he portrayed onscreen was there about him when he wasn’t working. A amazing, amazing man.

    • Seb, that is awesome. I always liked him because I could sense that he was genuine, you know? He was doing what he loved and never tried to impress people. He was just himself. I was super sad when he died. You could just tell he loved what he did. I’m glad you got to meet such a cool dude.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. Animals are innocent and should be left in their own habitats. This was a total tragedy but hating snakes because of this, is stupid. Also, don’t live above an exotic reptile pet store without making sure the vents are solid and impenetrable. Duh.
    I love all animals. I love them more than people. Sad, but true. Not really sad… Ha!

    • Of course you couldn’t agree with me more–you taught me to be this way! I couldn’t imagine being another way though. People who don’t like animals are missing a chip somewhere. But yeah totally, that family shouldn’t have lived by a reptile store. What were they thinking?!

  4. The remaining animals in the store’s inventory are headed for Niagara Falls, Lily. They’ll be cared for, I promise. Although, you’re right, they deserve to be free.

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