July is Flying By!

I was just at my next door neighbor’s house with my mom and we were talking about how fast time is flying by. The conversation came about when I asked how old their dog was and my neighbor replied that she was 9 years old. UM WHAT. I remember when she was a puppy. Then I announced that in two years I’ll be attending my 10 year high school reunion and almost threw up in my mouth a little bit.  I actually have really high hopes for my reunion. It better be organized and amazing. Like Romy and Michelle’s but with less post-it references and more focus on moi.romy-and-micheles-high-school-reunion

I haven’t been much of a blogger these past couple of months. I’ve actually been trying to be a real human by going outside for the majority of the day. Blogging is great, but sometimes it’s so involved. I went to my best friend’s brother’s college graduation party tonight. It was super fun to see all of my friend’s family and their friends.  The best part was when the guest of honor said that he read every single one of my blog posts. Like, why are people so nice? My own brother doesn’t even read my blog posts. Yet, here is a fan of the dumb thoughts that come out of my head. The sweetest. A lot of my husband’s friends from high school (well, I guess they’re my friends now too) have been telling me that they read some of my blog. It’s just the nicest, kindest compliment ever.

The worst part of the night is that I think I had toothpaste on my face.

I was preparing for super warm weather during my visit home. My mom was telling me beforehand that it was crazy hot but ever since I’ve arrived it’s been rainy and cold. I feel like the universe likes to laugh at my misfortunes sometimes. I brought the wrong clothes for this kind of weather so I went to the Gap and bought some new jeans. So now I have new clothes because of the weather–joke’s on you, universe.

Anyway, that’s about it. Nothing too crazy going on. Just being cozy with my momma in my childhood home. That’s always a good feeling.


30 thoughts on “July is Flying By!

    • I think it was Colgate. Do you have that one over there? I forget.

      Yeah it totally depends on the year. I liked most of the people in my year. Who knows if they liked me. I was pretty oblivious about everything anyway.

  1. Spencer says:

    Ha you think I don’t read your blog posts, dummy. I always do.

    To prove that it’s me…

    “Teeth teeth and ham, teeth teeth and ham”

    • Haha that is proof enough. I was swimming with mom and wanted to do teeth teeth and ham so badly.

      Thanks bud. It makes me feel cool when you read my stuff 😀

    • Hah it’s always a good feeling! You’re referenced in my thoughts everyday!
      New clothes are always a bonus! Especially new jeans. They’re hard to find! Thanks momma!

  2. Good idea spending time outside in the fresh air,,,cause lord knows we spend WAY too much time inside in the winter up here in Canada gurl!
    I’m like Michael,,,I pass up my reunions ’cause I didn’t like most people at my school and well,,,i’m not exactly the hottie I used to be, plus people would just be sooooo jealous of moi!
    Enjoy your holiday!

    • Dude, I agree with Michael on this one. You’re totally still a hottie! The Canadian summer has treated me very well this year! I’m so happy about that! And yeah, of course people would be jealous of you–thats the number one reason to attend! 😉
      Thank you lovely!

  3. You plan to still be alive by the time your reunion comes around? We have completely different predictions for our futures.

    There is NO WAY I am going to my reunion. I already know exactly what people will say and I doubt I have a shot at hooking up with any of the girls anyway, especially since I probably am one of the few people who live an hour away or more.

    • I’ll definitely be around for the ten year one..I hope. You better not jinx me! I’m not too sure about 20 though.

      Hah why not?! Just gooo! It will be so funny to make fun of everyone there. Make sure you go with a friend though so you can gossip the whole time. I know you won’t even go so I don’t know why I’m giving you instructions.

    • Addie! So cruel and unexpected coming from you! I hear the ten year one is the worst because everyone is trying to show off about how great their lives are. Maybe things tone down around 20 years?

      • Addie says:

        Ten years is pretty much the summer after graduation. Twenty is when things start happening!

  4. I didn’t go to my high school reunion because I was in Korea, and I couldn’t bring myself to spend $2500 for a plane ticket home to get drunk in the gym. I would have paid it if it was maybe $1000 though.

    I have been a crappy blogger too these last few months! I never thought I’d say it, but I’m looking forward to hubs going back to work in the fall so everything can get back to normal and I can find the time to talk more about C pooping.

    • Korea sounds cooler than a high school reunion to be perfectly honest!

      Yeah totally! I think everyone takes a bit of a hiatus in the summer. The dreary months are way better for writing. C poops are some of my favorite subjects.

    • Really? But you’re so charismatic! I feel like you would be the life of the party!

      I may have brought some cool Canadian breezes with me…you’re welcome!

    • Aww yeah we miss you Jells! Its like the craziest thing when people say they read my blog. Like, I never get tired of it. I’m glad we’re each other’s fans haha!

      • Aww thanks babygirl. And I’m yours! Even though I’m the worst at reading blogs in the summer. I need to catch up on yours!
        Lol that’s so funny that my pic is haunting your phone. Hah Candy Crush is the best/worst game ever!

  5. I’m just a baby blogger, but recently met some people that read my blog – though as I keep it pretty anonymous, they didn’t know it was me they were telling – weird and awesome at the same time! Good luck at your reunion… I went and hooked up with a popular guy I had a crush on back then and he didn’t believe I was the same person. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I have identity issues!

    • That’s so awesome! I love when that happens!
      Omg that’s like the ultimate dream to hook up with your high school crush! SO crazy! Nice job!

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