Up the Junction

This is probably my favorite Squeeze song. And I like a lot of Squeeze’s repertoire. Whenever this song would come on in the car my whole family would stop talking so we could sing along to it. The lyrics aren’t particularly amazing or anything, but they’re very real. There also isn’t a chorus, which I like. It’s just a story. A sad little slice of life.


22 thoughts on “Up the Junction

  1. You continue to amaze me. Great song. This song is like the Kinks’ abandoned child. Never noticed there was no chorus. Huh.
    I’m partial to “Black Coffee in Bed” for the singalong factor. You have Elvis Costello and Paul Young doing backup with the “Black… coffee in bed,” except the first time there’s one “black,” the second time, two “black” and the third time, three. And because the music is built around fours, the order changes each time it comes around. Brilliant!
    So, um, yeah, have a wonderful day. I’m a geek.

    • Haha I’m sure this will creep you out, but as I was posting this, I was like, “I hope Ross likes this one!” Haha at least we know that we both have perfect taste in all things music related.
      You’re right about Black Coffee in Bed. Like, I noticed it, but I never thought anything of it. That they added another “black” each time. I also didn’t know EC did backup for that song. So awesome.
      My mom has a soft spot for The Kinks. And by soft spot, I mean that one of the Davies brothers kissed her during a concert. I don’t remember whether she’s blogged about it or not. Pretty sweet though.

      • I’m blushing a little.
        A kiss from a Kink! That’s something. I need to know which one and whether the brothers got in a fist fight over your mum. (Note “mum” spelled with a U ’cause they’s British an’ all…)

    • Yes the lightning bolt shirt is awesome. I also like the Squeeze shirt. Nothing like wearing your own band’s merchandise.

      Yeah Squeeze is awesome! Check them out!

    • Awesome! Haha I don’t know who played the bass. I only know the key boardist because he has a talk show in england. Haha so random.
      Nice! As per usual, I’m exrtemely jealous of you.

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