Musical Mysteries

I don’t know about you, but I have some questions having to do with the people behind the songs we listen to. I don’t think I could have worded that sentence any worse. But seriously, have you ever thought about how weird and mysterious some musicians can be and the freaky events that surround these artists? I have. Well kinda. I’ve thought about them but I haven’t fully researched all of my questions. There are definitely answers to most of them, but I haven’t Wiki’ed any of them so I’m gonna pretend they’re still mysteries. This post has already gone way downhill.

Jack White and Meg White.

Has anyone else been seriously confused by the relationship of these two? At first I thought they were brother and sister, then I thought they were married, and later on I thought they were siblings who wed. I truly don’t understand their relationship and I don’t want to google it because it will ruin the magic for me. The music making magic, that is.

Stevie Nicks.

The age old question–Is Stevie Nicks a witch?–is still prominent today. Okay, maybe not prominent, but I think about it a lot. I’m fascinated by witches (only because I might be one myself…I’ll post on that later) and I’d love to know how Stevie develops her craft. Some of her lyrics mention “crystal visions” and asking the listener if they have any dreams they’d like to sell. SHE WANTS TO BUY DREAMS. I mean, they used her songs in the Practical Magic soundtrack for crying out loud. If that’s not a surefire answer, I’m not sure what is.Stevie-Nicks

27 Club.

The 27 Club is basically a list of entertainers who’ve died at the age of 27. It’s a bit of a mystery, but the number keeps repeating itself to this day. One of the most recent singers/songwriters to die at this ripe age was Amy Winehouse. Not super surprising, but it wasn’t long after she acclaimed fame from winning 3 Grammys including “Song of the Year”. Kind of strange. Her reaction to winning is super cute and very real. She seems genuinely shocked which I love. Other 27 Club members are Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. 27 seems way too young for anyone to die, but I’m assuming that the drugs and alcohol didn’t help their cases.

Amy Winehouse's reaction to winning.

Amy Winehouse’s reaction to winning.

Tegan and Sara.

Similar to the Jack and Meg White debacle, I’m not sure about the relationship between Tegan and Sara. These two girls look identical, so my first thought was twins. But then I re-thought that scenario and decided they could be sisters who look very much alike. BUT THEN I was like, what if they’re just lovers who kind of ended up looking like one another, ya know, like how people end up looking like their dogs? Or what if they’re lesbian lover twins? It’s hard to say. But I’m intrigued nonetheless. CT  CTH Tegan and Sara-a.jpg

Airplane Deaths.

Why have so many popular musicians passed in fatal flights? Is it a coincidence or were they planned? Maybe it’s an easy way to murder artists without anyone assuming it’s you because you’re dead too? John Denver, Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many others died in crashes. Maybe God doesn’t like country music? John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is kind of haunting now.

Are you mystified by any musicians and/or bands? 




27 thoughts on “Musical Mysteries

  1. 27 is only three years away for me. Thank God I’m not a famous singer.

    I suppose I am mystified by Presidents of the United States of America. Not mystified, but wondering what they are on when they write. There music is still catchy.

  2. I’m mystified that Keith Richards is still alive, that people still pay to see Bon Jovi, that people ever paid to see Dave Matthews. But the biggest all-time mystifier is how Lyle Lovett landed Julia Roberts.

    • Oooo good ones! Keith Richards is a medical mystery, really. He looks like father time. Actually, I think father time had less wrinkles. Lol so right about Bon Jovi and Dave Matthews. I hate his voice so much. Everyone in my high school worshiped him!
      Yeah, I don’t trust Julia Roberts’ choices at all.

  3. 1. Love Stevie, she may be a witch, and, with that said, always questioned her choice of natural bangs (that would be a fringe, Michael). I have curly hair. Rule 47 of CurlyHair Club is–no natural bangs. She did that before the flat iron. D you know how difficult it is to iron your bangs on an ironing board?

    2. I’ve always wondered if John Denver was humming Leaving on a Jet Plane that day. What? Too soon?

    • I think her hair styles were very timely. She straightened throughout the years but she rocked the natural curly headed mop for a while. Pretty intense!

      Death jokes are never soon enough, but I do have a soft spot for Johnny D. His songs are so soft and sweet. Love that guy!

      • John’s songs were a treat. I was visiting Denver one summer, and a friend and I saw him in concert at Red Rocks (you can’t fully appreciate a concert until you’ve heard one there. Magnificent!) where he preformed with the Denver Symphony Orchastra. When they did Calypso, the song filled the natural amphitheater, the full moon was overhead, pot fumes were everywhere (I did not partake) and I cried, it was so amazing.

  4. I used to wonder the same thing about The White Stripes. They’re just weird and wanted to confuse everyone. I met someone who said he was friends with Jack White and he’s a real prick.

    Tegan and Sara I think are sisters who happened to also be lesbians. That happens quite a bit. I think this proves that being gay is a choice. Everyone always wants to do what their big sister is doing!

    • I think Spence also told me that Jack White is a jerk but I refuse to believe it. Although, he probably is if two people we know have attested to it.

      I think their wiki page says they’re twins. So who started lezzing out first?

  5. Here’s an even bigger mystery…okay two bigger mysteries.
    I don’t know any White Stripe songs, is that the Jack and Meg White band?
    I didn’t know you have another blog? What the hell?

    • Whaaaa? You must know some White Stripes songs! Listen to Seven Nation Army, Blue Orchid, Doorbell, Hardest Button to Button. There that should be a good intro!

      Yeah! It’s all about kids shows! Tim and I have wayyy too much knowledge on the topic to just keep it to ourselves. Feel free to guest post any old time you like!

    • Yeah! I used to do that but now I kind of like a bit of a mystery. However, it makes you seem way more knowledgeable when you know all about the band members!

  6. Jessica says:

    Lily, I’m finding your new layout a little hard to browse around. It’s hard to figure out the order of the posts 😦 I love your writing but I just can’t seem to figure out this layout. You don’t have to change it if you don’t want, just throwing in my input.

    • Thank you Jessica! It is a little difficult to figure out, I agree. Each post has a date posted above, but I understand the confusion. You can also click on each post so it looks like a more normal layout instead of reading them in skinny article form. I’m actually getting kind of tired of it so I might change it soon!

  7. The whole mass of airplane related deaths just makes me think of “Josie and the Pussycats”. It’s a big conspiracy to keep selling fads to the fans. Whenever the musicians figure it out, they kill them.

    • LOL I used to LOVE that movie. I would listen to the soundtrack over and over. The songs were actually pretty decent. Haha so funny that you mention it!

      • I totally listen to the soundtrack still. I love that movie a lot. One of Parker Posey’s best roles 😉

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