Summer Vacay As A Wee Lass

Today I’m gonna try participating in Emily and Ashley’s linkup blogathon. Basically every week they’ll provide a childhood related blogging prompt. Usually I’m not a fan of people suggesting what I write about, but I am a fan of all things adolescent so I’m pretty game for this. This week’s prompt is Summer Vacations.

I’m going to focus my energy on the elementary school era. School was my arch nemesis when I was a youngin. I would do anything to get out of going and seeing the same dumb people every day and playing on the same dumb playground. Staying home was just so comforting and cozy, so the idea of summer vacation–when I could be home all day for 3 straight months–was the best thing ever in my book.

I didn’t even really do anything that memorable with my time off. We lived on a cul-de-sac and happened to have lots of young neighbors my own age. It was nice because my neighbors were all so different, so I played a lot of different games depending on who I hung out with.

Right next door to my house were my friends William and Emily. They had two older sisters too, but I didn’t really play with them and they weren’t interested in “playing” anyway. William and Emily had an awesome wooden swing set in their yard as well as a huge tree perfect for climbing. Whenever we all got in the tree (usually William, Emily, Me, and my little brother) we would pretend to be jungle animals. I always wanted to be a baby snow leopard (NOT a jungle animal just for the record) that was “zero years old.” Because I was a tall kid, I was obsessed with being small. It was creepy.

Okay, who WOULDN'T want to be a baby snow leopard?

Okay, who WOULDN’T want to be a baby snow leopard?

One time a neighborhood girl across the cul-de-sac from my house was selling lemonade with her family. She was pretty young so I never really talked to her, unless of course, there was lemonade available. I remember her mom offering me a cup that I probably drank in one gulp. I’m pretty sure I asked for 3 more cups. They started to get annoyed, but to be honest, no one was gonna drive down a cul-de-sac so they probably wouldn’t have sold anything anyway. They were lucky to have me around.

The neighbors diagonally in back of us (our backyards met) had a little girl named Ellen. Ellen was my brother’s age and she had a lot of sweet toys. Her mom eventually had twins so that was another thing to entertain us as well. I did a lot of living and learning over at Ellen’s house. One time I told her that giants were coming to take our parents away and she started crying. Oops. You live, you learn. Another time we were playing dress-up in Ellen’s backyard and her mom was video taping it. It was pretty fun until I ripped a fake sword out of my brother’s hand and he started crying. Oops! You live, you learn. Because that sad moment was captured on video, I can relive it whenever I want. Ouch.

The neighbors to the very back of us were Sarah and Laura. They had a younger brother (maybe two younger brothers?) but we didn’t play with them. Sarah and Laura were slightly older and went to a different school than most of us did. I think they went to the Christian school. Fancy. They were awesome though because they liked to play and they were really dramatic. One time I took all of my Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry and stuck each piece carefully in the branches and bark of a tree. I brought them over and they were so mystified and impressed with my work. We played with the tree jewelry as if we were magic fairies coming across these beautiful gems. That was like the one and only time I was creative. Otherwise I was a baby snow leopard.

There were nights when I caught fireflies with those girls and even went to their Christian Summer Camp (it was pretty cool, not gonna lie). Ellen would come over and swim in our pool that we had to fill up with the hose. Sometimes we would beg to go to the public pool. William and Emily would play hide and seek with us until the sun went down. We would ding-dong-ditch our own houses, play with each other’s pets, and draw amazing pictures on the sidewalk only to have them washed away overnight.

My summer vacations were simple, but they were full of adventures.remember-the-time


21 thoughts on “Summer Vacay As A Wee Lass

  1. You meet some strange people too. The only neighbor I ever interacted with was George and I would yell “George you suck” out my bedroom window. I wonder if your neighborhood friends think of this as ridiculous as you do.

    By the way, have you gotten shorter and younger? – only you would be flattered by that

    • Haha are they really that strange? I made myself sound like the strangest one. George you suck! Hah sounds like something out of a kids movie. My neighborhood friends would probably be grossed out that I wrote about them. I should show it to them….or not. Ellen is married. Actually, so is William. Gross.

      Lol no one has ever asked me if I’ve gotten shorter. That would be so flattering though.

  2. Isn’t it fun to make smaller kids cry? One time I put on my dad’s super scary zombie Halloween mask and jumped out in front of this little kid who lived across the street and she was terrified. I should have known better. In an interesting twist of fate, I ended up babysitting her when I became a teenager. Poor kid.

    Great post, Lils! Come hang out with us anytime and remember to add your link to the blue box at the bottom of Ashley’s or my post. Then everyone can read yours 😀

    • Haha! Masks are great props for scaring. Omg I made sooo many kids cry on the playground by asking them if they were a boy or a girl. I was pretty vicious. At least I grew out of that behavior…kinda?

      Thanks Em! I added my link so I think I’m good now! I feel like one of the cool kids 🙂

    • A grand adventure indeed! Thanks for reading!
      I don’t think my mom even knew that I went over there and drank their lemonade. Heheh. I was the worst neighborhood kid besides Dennis the Menace.

  3. I was never in the house when I was a kid, I discover books in HS and that’s when my mom got worried cause I won’t go out anymore. Anyways, I was very small and petite as a kid, ( ha you’re jealous aren’t you 🙂 ), and most of my playmates are boys and my tomboyish cousin. I came from a big family so lots of kids my age and a little bit older. Summer is usually spent playing with marbles, rubber bands, spiders , skipping ropes and running around the street. And did I mention as small as I was, I got into fist fight with both boys and girls :D, gold old days !!

    • Summer was always great being a kid. We were always outside, right? Haha I’m so jealous that you were a small kid! I would’ve given anything! It makes all the difference when you have kids your own age to play with! Glad you had awesome summers to remember 🙂

  4. You had young kids around! Jealousy. I have been living here for 18/19 years now, and only discovered I’ve got young neighbours two years ago… But still, I was more on my own, creating my own world and reading and pretending I was some kind of silver-gold queen… :).

    • I know, right? I was spoiled! But then once I moved to Chicago, I didn’t really have any neighbors my age. Maybe one.
      Being on your own is good too though. There were a lot of rainy days when my brother and I would have to use our imaginations. Or I would just play with Barbies or color in my coloring books. Or watch Disney movies! At least you were creative! That’s a gift! Kids these days only play video games. I feel bad for them 😦

  5. I was a tall kid who was obsessed with being small, too.

    I so miss summer adventures with friends. I could stay outside for hours just doing whatever. Now, I go outside for 15 minutes, and I’m like, “Ok. Now what do we do?”

    • Hahah yes! You understand my pain!

      I know, right? I would stay out all day long–come home with black feet from being barefoot all day. Man, those were the days! I know, outside is good, but as an adult it’s like, inside is so much more comfortable…

    • It was kind of great how many kids we had around. We were entertained at all times. I’m glad we watched The Wonder Years during my Wonder Years. Haha very fitting 😀

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  7. Emily says:

    hi Lily! love your posts… this reminds me of the one you wrote from a memory in nursery school when the teacher was looking for her special paper weight and you hid it in the classroom : ) This was my favorite all-time story you shared from blogging. So mischievous and fun to hear such vivid descriptions of childhood. Always keep that wonder and spark in your lovely imagination! You’re talented and delightful… still my girl crush in cyber space. Always!

    • Aww thank you Emily! What an amazing compliment. I’m glad my crazy memories made an impression on you! You make me want to keep blogging!
      I LOVE that I’m your girl crush! You are now mine! Thank you so much! You made my day/week/life!

      • Emily says:

        Thank you, too Lily! I have never been anyone’s girl crush either… At least I don’t think so?! You’re a natural writer and I love reading your blog–some day I will be one of the masses : )

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