Independence Day Mixtape

Canada Day has come and gone but the 4th of July is slowly approaching. Will you be bbq-ing it up with friends and family? Watching fireworks alongside the embarrassing people you have to share your neighborhood (and country) with? Maybe you’ll just spend the evening inside, watching Netflix and eating those awesome fireworks popsicles. You know the ones. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you may need a Independence Day mix to get you through the day. Celebrating our nation is tough and I have just the thing to make the day go a little smoother.

Side note: Some major American-themed songs have been left out due to my personal preference (ex. Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen). You can use my mix as a base if you like, and add all of your other American faves later. Or don’t.

America-Simon and Garfunkle

National Anthem- Lana del Rey

American Pie-Don McLean

American Girl- Tom Petty

Hollywood-Marina and The Diamonds (Simply for the line “Puking American Dreams”)

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

American Woman- The Guess Who

American Boy -Estelle/Kanye West

Washington DC -Magnetic Fields

4th of July – Aimee Mann

Independence Day-Elliott Smith

Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus (because I miss the old Miley)

Young Americans- David Bowie


21 thoughts on “Independence Day Mixtape

  1. Omg, I completely forgot about those popsicles. I must go purchase some.

    Also, American Girl is one of my favorite jams. Tom Petty’s voice….mmmmmmmmmm

    • Yes! They’re so good. So many flavors in one treat!
      Same! I love that tune. I always think he’s talking about me. But I bet every American girl thinks that haha! Yes, his voice is the best!!! So fun to mimic!

    • Glad I have your stamp of approval! Your stamp is the only one I really care about! And you’re probably the only one who will actually make this into a cd! 😀

    • Yes! I have a weird eclectic taste in music, but you already knew that 😉
      Country is kind of the worst. Except for like, Johnny Cash and fun stuff like that.

    • HAHAHA I always make fun of that song with my friends. It’s literally one of the most cheesy songs of all time. But the only time it’s ever kind of okay is on July 4th.

  2. Party in the USA is my jam!!! Old school Miley needs to make a comeback! I can’t do this whole Gwen Stefani/Pink wanna be thing she is trying to pull now…like no matter how much of a punk rocker you try to make yourself Miley , we will always remember you as Hannah Montana. So it’s like why even try?

    • Lol so true! Disney girls have such issues “finding themselves” when they grow up. Like, we know who the true Miley is. But I’m not gonna deny liking her new song. But the music video is so trashy! Poor MIles…

  3. Yesterday, I went outside, sang the only line from ‘Oh! Canada!’ That I know–which is Oh! Canada!–and thought of you and Paul. Then I drank my coffee. I like the bulk of the songs here, and, yes, I believe Bruce should be included.

    PS Did you know the American National Anthem took its melody from a 1700’s British Naval Drinking Song? You have to drunk or a castrati to hit those notes.

    • I didn’t know that about the National Anthem, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Our Country Tis of Thee is the same melody as God Save the Queen after all. I feel like we copied a lot.

      Yeah now I unfortunately know all the lyrics to O’ Canada. It’s okay, but no one puts their hands over their hearts when they sing it so I can’t take them seriously!

  4. unfetteredbs says:

    I’m a little frightened that you have Miley on here. I’ll chalk that up to the water you drink in Canada. ( grin)
    Just saying hello. No Lenny Kravitz?

    • I have no music shame! Miley is catchy as hell and I can’t deny that I love her new single too! Dude, I did the original American Woman instead of the Lenny cover. I had a great debate about it in my head though…!
      Glad you stopped by! Hello! Hope you have a glorious week!

  5. I was scrolling down the list thinking, where is Young Americans? Best for last! 🙂 I would also add Back in the U.S.A. by Chuck Berry. I like that American Woman kind of covers Canada Day & 4th of July.

    • Haha of course! Gotta represent David Bowie! Back in the USA is a good one too!

      Yes! You are the only person who noticed that the Guess Who kind of symbolizes the Canadian side! Nice one! 😀

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