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Wimbledon Whiplash

My title doesn’t really make sense, but I’m a sucker for alliteration so whatever.

Yesterday I was cleaning out our PVR (It was stocked with Beachcombers reruns and Nazi movies…I’ll give you a guess who recorded those) when I saw that we had that old Kirsten Dunst/Paul Bettany movie, Wimbledon. I’d never seen it and I happened to have 6 hours of free time on my hands so I thought why the hell not?Wimbledon - Movie Wallpaper - 01

The movie itself was cute, but I thought it was a little convenient. There’s no way that a tennis player who’s ranked 115 in the world would ever be able to beat one of the highest ranked players of all time. I mean, it’s possible, but so rare that it seemed slightly unlikely for the movie to end that way.

Later that night Paul (not Paul Bettany, but Paul my husband) and I were watching the first day of actual Wimbledon and my eyes almost popped out of my head. One of the currently ranked best players in the game was being beaten by a nobody. This lucky guy was ranked maybe 120? AND he actually looked like Paul Bettany. I feel like I willed this twist of events to happen by watching the film Wimbledon. My bad.

Sorry Raf!

Sorry Raf!

This kind of thing never happens so that’s why I’m taking all the fault credit.


29 thoughts on “Wimbledon Whiplash

    • Hehe I like the way you think. You could always chop off a limb or get a tape worm. I think I wrote a post about quick weight loss solutions long ago…

  1. Haha, don’t forget that Paul Bettany was, at one time, ranked #11 in the world. He makes sure to remind the old ladies at the club about this. Compared to most sports movies, this one actually did pretty well as far as getting the little things about the game correct. Cheesy, sure. But not terrible.

    • You’re right, you’re right. That makes his odds slightly better. Yeah, I thought the movie was slightly cheesy, but I did enjoy it for sure! 🙂

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  3. And then Federer got knocked out too. Lily, what have you done?!?! Luckily, Paul Bettany look-alike didn’t make it to the third round. Too busy eating chips with Kirsten Dunst (Maria Sharapova? Both blonde…and both got knocked out prematurely).

    I fear I need to get out more…but now I just want to go home and watch that film.

    • I know! I ruined everything! I need to learn how to control my powers. I like that we will only refer to the guy who beat Rafa as “Paul Bettany look alike” haha. No credit whatsoever.

  4. Iris says:

    awwww, you did us a great help, Lily!! I dislike Nadal for the sole reason that my sister loves him too much. SO, YAYYYYYYY! Somebody beat Nadal. And, you watching Wimbledon did me good. :p You made a guy make history…..

    • I disliked him only because I love Federer. However, now I hate Djokovic wayyy more than Nadal! Haha
      But yeah at least it makes for exciting TV! 😀

    • I know right?! I needed a change! Tennis is kind of nauseating. When it’s filmed for TV it’s not as hypnotizing because it’s like a bird’s eye view. But watching live is like no way.
      Lol I have the same feelings toward Kirstin Dunst! Hah she’s pretty likable in Wimbledon–just a head’s up! Hah

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