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Happy Father’s Day?


24 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day?

    • Hah you get all the points for the most creative answer. Maybe you should start answering your own polls. I think you’d win every time!

    • Ahh don’t feel sad. Thanks for the love and kindness. If I’m able to make jokes then I’m in a good place so don’t worry about me 🙂

      • Addie says:

        I’m a professional worrier. People hire me to worry so they don’t have to take the time out of their lives. Plus, I like you. And, I’m a Mom.

  1. A Nickleback album, to send a message of loathing, and to inspire the sending of more money to allow investments in better presents.
    But now I am also sending you love. Just because.

    • Lolzzz I should give him a Nickleback album. We always joked about how bad they were too, so that would be kind of perfect.
      Thanks lady 🙂 You’re too kind.

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