Men With Earrings

The other day I was in the movie theater with my friend getting ready to watch The Internship. I was trying to enjoy my Milk Duds and also wondering if my friend would move seats with me if the women behind us kept talking as loud as they were. When all of a sudden a really weird Mr. Clean commercial came on.

It showed Mr. Clean as an animated baby (he grew up on a farm–who knew?!) and his journey through life with his passion to clean. Like, are these really the advertisements that companiesย are paying for? And why do we even have commercials at the movie theater? I hate the world so much.

Anyway, I couldn’t help noticing Mr. Clean’s earring. Has he always had that piercing? I was alarmed that I never noticed it before. Would it be too extreme if the reason I don’t buy any Mr. Clean products in the future is because I feel uncomfortable with his look? Like, he had to consciously take a break from cleaning his family’s farm, go to Claire’s piercing studio in the mall and get a gold hoop earring. For some reason I can’t picture it.

It's really convenient that his last name is something he loves to do.

It’s really convenient that his last name is something he loves to do.

Then I started thinking of other grown men who sport a single earring that I’ve lost all respect for. Off the top of my head I thought of Harrison Ford. I remember him being in a People Magazine spread with Calista Flockhart laying in the grass, looking awkward as hell. I remember my parents laughing at the couple and how malnourished Calista looked alongside Harrison who seemed to be going through some sort of midlife crisis. Hence the earring.

I also immediately thought of Bruce Jenner. Poor, sad, Bruce Jenner. I had lost respect for Bruce before I even knew that he was a respectable person. I mean, he’s the only one out of the Kardashian clan who has actual talent. That being said, he makes bad choices along with the rest of them, including but not limited to: plastic surgery, flying remote control helicopters, marrying Kris Kardashian-Jenner, wearing a single earring.

I think Bruce gets mixed signals though because I’m pretty sure Rob Kardashian wears an earring and so does Lamar Odom (his step son-in-law). But it’s different because Rob is young and Lamar is black so they can both look cool doing pretty much anything.

What are your thoughts about men with earrings?


37 thoughts on “Men With Earrings

  1. J.D. Gallagher says:

    I can’t stand men with earrings. I don’t know why…its like two guys could walk past me in the street, one wearing nothing but a yellow bikini, Justin Bieber tattooed on his buttocks and a pink Sombrero, and the other guy wearing a smart business suit and an earring and I would turn to my friend and say: look at that idiot with the earring.

    • Hahah I know, right? Something about it just seems off. I think my dad had his ear pierced in college and I pretty much lost all respect when I found out. *Shudder*

  2. I think I remember Mr. Clean always having an earring. I can honestly say I never thought about it until now. BTW, was the internship as good as “they” are saying? Now about men and earrings. I suppose when a guy is young, it may look okay but middle-aged men, not so much. That’s just my opinion. I’ve always thought men who wear too much jewelry are, let’s just say, more focused on themselves. I could be wrong; that’s just been my experience. But now, at this point in my life, no nada on the earrings on men. Hey Lily, how are you, girlie? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hello Brigitte! I’m pretty good, thanks for asking! How’re you m’dear?
      The Internship was ehhh. There were some kind of funny parts but I didn’t really howl at anything super funny. I’d say skip it and see something really cool. Maybe the new Superman movie or something?
      I’d agree with your opinion on men with earrings. I think there may be a cool factor age limit!
      Thanks for stopping by lovely!

  3. Addie says:

    I always remember him wearing an earring. I figured he was supposed to be a genie or something, with his crossed arms and bald head and earring. What did I know, I was a kid and making up stories about cleaning products.

    Harrison and Calista creep me out and don’t get me started on Bruce.

    • Lol your idea actually makes a lot of sense though. He does look like a genie and I think I thought of that one myself. Doesn’t he kind of nod his head in the commercials–like a genie granting a wish or something? Although, who would waste their wish on cleaning supplies? Ugh.
      Glad you are equally creeped by everyone mentioned!

      • Women, of course. That’s what we girls get off on – cleaning supplies. I mean, you STILL see women getting all excited about Mr. Clean and their swiffer. These ladies need to get out more.

  4. I have an earring. I’ve had the same spot pierced four times.
    Twice in bars, while drinking.
    Once when I was working as a camp counselor bu a girl who managed to not push it in straight. Plus it got really infected!
    Finally, I went to a place and they punched a neat, clean hole. Tight now, I have a silver palm tree stud. I also have a sun, a kokopelli, a surfboard and a sailboat that I rotate through.
    Probably get a silver or pewter rose next…

    • While I was writing this, I thought to myself, “I bet Guapo has an earring. I hope he doesn’t get offended!” haha
      I don’t mind studs on men nearly as much as hoop earrings on men. At least you have a cool surfer/beach theme going on. I can respect that. I think Paul had his ear pierced when he was in high school. Heh
      Crazy that you went through so many wonky piercing jobs! Nothing like the old piercing gun to get the job done!

  5. Marya says:

    Only George Michael should wear an earring. Notice I did not put George Michael BLUTH. Just “George Michael” the singer…WHAM! Per usual I love the insight on something we see daily, but not take deep notice or put words to what we see, i.e. earrings on men.

    I want to address something that was mentioned between the lines in this blog. Calista Flockhart. Her crooked, buck-teethed, GREEN toothed smile was ever so distracting and I could never watch the show she had in the late ’90s because of those teeth. Am I the only one that notice the green teeth? Every time on her “show” (the name escapes me), when the camera would pan to Calista’s malnourished face, the camera lens would immediately have this petroleum jelly film so as not to bring focus to the moss encrusted on her teeth. Nice…

    • George Michael is the only person who would actually look weird WITHOUT an earring. That must be a rough life. Thank you for appreciating my insight. You are too kind!

      LOL about Calista’s weird teeth. I look at people’s mouths a lot, like a lot A LOT, but I’ve never studied her teeth! Granted, I’ve never watched Ally McBeal either. Lol though. I am going to do some google searching to see if I can find a good green picture!

  6. I had an ear piercing many years ago, though it was a bar rather than a ring and it was at the top my ear. I had to get it removed as an odd lump of ear started sprouting next to it.

    Ear rings on blokes do indeed look a bit barmy. It makes them look like gypsies, which in turn makes them look like murderers, which in turn makes them look like scoundrels, which in turn makes them look like gypsies again.

    And Milk Duds sounds really rude.

    • I know those bars that you’re talking about. Those are kind of cool. The lump was probably scar tissue forming. Or cancer.

      Lol it’s definitely gypsy style for sure. Especially the hoop earring like Mr. Clean is wearing. Oh shoot, maybe Mr. Clean is a gypsy? Makes so much sense!

      Milk Duds are awesome! Think Toffifee but not as good and harder to chew. hah

  7. this is too hilarious! men with earrings are weird! my uncle has one and i always am tempted to ask him why in the world he ever got it…maybe one christmas eve i will get drunk enough to just do it and then i will let you know the thought process behind the male earring ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hah thanks girl! I think a lot of men get them randomly throughout their lives. I know my dad and my husband both got them when they were in college and removed them later in life. So weird. But yes, definitely let me know the thought process! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. The only thing I ever had pierced was my eyebrow. That was only like 2 years ago too. Maybe 3 this point. Wow what have I been doing with my life? My dad had his pierced back in the 70s when it was a cooler thing to do. It’s a certain breed of man who can pull that off. I find it more annoying when they have those big circular things that look like tires in their lobes. That’s trying too hard to get arrested.

    • It’s funny that you got your eyebrow done because I’ve always said that would be the one piercing I would interested in getting (besides my ears). I think eyebrow piercings look cool for some reason.
      Gauges? Yeah those are so ugly. People who get those are basically screaming “Please look at me!!”

  9. unfetteredbs says:

    What about the gauges ? Gack!!
    I must admit I married a man that had a pierced ear. But he had that whole scruffy hot artist look going on. What’s a gal to do? But he stopped wearing it by 22 so that’s a relief. I’m with Brigitte — only when they are young.
    Johnny Depp can pull it off no? What if Ryan Reynolds had his ears pierced? Mmmm that’s a tough one.

    • Lol yes! Gauges are gross. Tim mentioned them as well..ick!
      Some people can definitely pull off the earring look. When you’re 35 or under, I don’t really mind earrings on men. But the older they get, the more questionable it is.
      OMG that’s such a good question! Ryan can do no wrong in my book so I’m gonna have to say he’s fine no matter what! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Ahhh, I hate earrings on men, whether they have one or two. Either way it’s just NOT CUTE.
    It truly amazes me how much money goes into really stupid commercials like that. I’m not gonna base my cleaning needs off a man with an earring who’s that excited about “cleaning.” Advertising is SO lame!

    • Hahaha I’m glad you have such a big a opinion about this topic!
      I know right? Some commercials are just so dumb and cheesy. It’s like whyyy? I’m almost embarrassed to watch dumb stuff like that lol.

  11. I am not a fan of men with earrings either. They remind me of Justin Timberlands when he was in his gross Nsync hair gel phase in the mid-90s, and it also reminds me of my high school boyfriend who got hair extensions so he could have dreadlocks. So yeah, not a good look.

    • Lol so far I am sensing a theme in the lack of fondness for earrings on men. I don’t think I could’ve worded that any worse.

      Haha on tumblr people compare Justin Timberlake’s hair to a package of uncooked ramen noodles. So good.
      HAH omg Em you need to write about the hair extentions/dreadlock memory. SO funny!

    • Hah really? Teachers are so memorable especially if they are bald. He could’ve called himself Mr. Clean and everyone in the US would probably believe him!

  12. I feel like I’m focusing on the wrong part of your post…but how annoying are commercials at the cinema? Like it isn’t a big enough pain in the arse paying $20 to go see a film, and sitting still for 2 hours, they add another 30 minutes of shitty ads that no one wants to watch.

    • YES I was going to say, WHY DO WE HAVE TO WATCH COMMERCIALS BEFORE A MOVIE? So wrong. You’re so right. I should make another post simply about this topic and how much it pains people like you and I.

  13. IHateWeaklings says:

    No men wear earrings, that never happens. If you see a guy with earrings, he is not a man. I often meet guys with earrings and every time that happens I get a mental image of the guy standing infront of his bathroom mirror in the morning, carefully putting his jewelry into his earlobes. Nothing wipes away masculinity faster then that. The guy could be 7 feet tall with the look of a muscle bulging neo-nazi and it means nothing if he`s wearing earrings. He`s bascially a girl in my eyes. I seem to never get used to it and it`s so common, you can see it everywhere. I like to ask them if they need some tampons or emotional support, to match their earrings. Or why not some purty nailpaint? Some get really mad and it is hilarious, I enjoy it. They have taken a stand and they are telling the world they do not want to be men. So I take it upon myself to show them what a real man looks like and does.

  14. IHateWeaklings says:

    One more thing about earrings that many, many guys seem to forget. Earrings is just another thing to grab onto. If a guy messes with me and he is wearing earrings, I rip them out. Taste the pain, buddy. I`ll bet you regret dressing like a woman now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention noserings, those are alot of fun. Just grab the ring and pull and the guy is reduced to a whimpering mess. Girly men get what they deserve, they have to learn.

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