Save It For Later

It’s hard to pick a favorite song. The song “Save It For Later” by The English Beat could be one of my top favorites. Something about the composition of the tune and the easy way the deep vocals flow puts me at ease.

Oddly enough, “Save It For Later” has also become my motto in life. So join me. Stop what you’re doing, save it for later, and listen to the new wave melodies of The English Beat with me.


14 thoughts on “Save It For Later

  1. I just watched Grosse Pointe Blank again the other day. A little wave of pleasure and nostalgia came over me when I heard The English Beat. It’s the soundtrack to my high school years. I’m glad you whipper snappers have the good sense to dust off the oldies!

    • Hah that’s awesome. You has wayy better high school music than I did. (I unfortunately lived during the Britney Spears era :()
      I love most New Wave music and the English Beat just hit all the right chords for my book! So pleasing to the ears 😀

  2. Lily, we’ve had our differences, haven’t we? The Dire Straits of Juan de Fuca Incident. The Confederation Conundrum. The Bruno Gerusi Broohaha. But first Elvis C and now this? You’ll always be OK in my books. (Or as we say in Canada, “Oak, eh?” Except no we don’t.) This has always ranked on my “If you had to pick one song…” list. It can’t not make you happy.

    • We definitely have had our differences–who knew I could be so opinionated on that many topics? I impress myself every day.
      YOU’LL always be okay in MY books for appreciating Elvis C and The English Beat. I cannot believe that you have so much love for this song. And I thought I was the only one with good taste around here! 😀

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