Arrested Development Season 4

I’m the first to admit that I didn’t watch Arrested Development when the show was on air. As much as I’d like to say that I discovered it, I didn’t. I remember my friend introducing it to me in 2007, the summer I came home from my first year of college. We went on a road trip with two of our other friends to Sanibel Island and giggled about the running jokes throughout the trip.

Since then, I’ve watched seasons 1-3 two more times and fallen in love with different characters, catching references that I missed the first time, and studying the character development. As the years passed, everyone jumped onto the Arrested Development bandwagon. It used to be rare to find someone that had heard of the show, never mind liked it. Now, six years later, Arrested Development has developed itself into a cult classic but in a less cult-y way and in a more everyone-and-their-mom-has-seen-it kind of way.header-arrested-development-season-4-first-full-trailer

So the long awaited Arrested Development Season 4 was released on Netflix–15 fresh new episodes for us fans (everyone in the world?) to fawn over. I hate to say that I was disappointed. Here are a couple of things I hated about the new season (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Too Much Ron Howard

In the previous seasons Ron Howard lent his voice and narrating abilities to the show. It worked well–filled in the gaps for the audience, and even added to a lot of the jokes. This time around I felt like it was The Ron Howard Show. His narration was wayyy too strong. I would say that he had the most lines out of any character, and he, of course, appeared in this season as well, playing himself. Like, okay we get it, you produced the show. I also feel like his part in this season was so thrown together and unnecessary. In fact the whole Bluth movie story line seemed forced and dumb. Especially since nothing came of it.

Confusing Story Line

Maybe it was just me, but I was constantly trying to keep everything straight with these episodes. It felt like the writers were trying to jam in so many different views and new characters and old characters that it didn’t really seem cohesive. The time frame was also confusing for me because in one scene it would be “6 months earlier” and then the next minute it would be “a year later” and then they would show a clip from last season. Like, am I taking crazy pills? I feel like they could have simplified things and it would’ve given them more room for conversational jokes rather than depending on comical situations.Arrested-Development-Season-4

Michael Is a Completely Different Character

Umm is it just me or did Michael morph into a totally different person? Wasn’t he the only sane, sarcastic one out of his entire family in seasons 1-3? This time around he seemed immature, desperate, and frankly, stupid. I’ll admit that the part where he lived with George Michael in his college dorm was pretty funny, and probably one of my favorite parts, but it didn’t seem like a choice that the Michael Bluth from seasons past would’ve made. I didn’t like how George Michael was suddenly more confident and self-assured than his father, so much so that he punched him in the face and I felt like Michael deserved it. Which brings me to my last point.

Disappointing Ending

I thought more of the story was going to be wrapped up in the last episode. I felt like most pieces of the season were there for absolutely no reason (ex. building the wall on the border of Mexico, the sweat lodges, the Bluth movie, Gob and Tony Wonder, Lindsay taking over for Herbert Love, Lucille Austero’s 700,000, Lucille in prison etc.) because nothing came from them at the end. It just seemed like the story could have been more succinct. Compared to previous seasons, it felt too busy and messy with no direction.

What did you think of Season 4?



26 thoughts on “Arrested Development Season 4

  1. AD is fantastic!

    Haven’t got round to watching series 4 yet, so I skipped everything you wrote. I’m a naughty follower.

    You’ve changed your blog theme again.

    I cut my hair yesterday.

    • AD is great but I was less than impressed with the final season :/
      I did! I just can’t settle with one these days.
      Congrats on the hair cut! Those are always fun. Lookin fine, lookin fresh!

  2. I started this last night. I actually found a really good piece on why it wasn’t that good. I forwarded it to my sister and she didn’t respond so I’m not going to bother finding it again to try sending it to you.

    Like Michael, I didn’t read this because I want to avoid spoilers. I’m through the first 3 episodes and it’s finally the point where I can enjoy it. The big problem is the format is completely different. The original series was about being trapped with your family, both because you actually live with them in a model home and because you feel an obligation to stick around. I only laughed once at the first episode and it was at the poster in George Michael’s room that said “Music” then had a guy with a guitar.

    I actually did watch the show when it originally aired so I’m cooler than you. Or maybe you’re cooler because yuo were doing better things. Does it matter?

    • Yeah I mean, it definitely had some good bits for sure. But overall I thought it could’ve been better.
      Yeah yeah I agree about the format being different and weird. I get what they were trying to do, but ehhh ughghg.

      You are cool. I was probably too busy watching That’s So Raven.

  3. I am with you. We had planned to chug the whole season down in one night because zomg new AD season, but yeah, two episodes in and we called it a night. We’re only on the fifth one now and feeling superlatively meh about the whole thing. I want to love it but I can’t bring myself to. There are just so many things that are not quite right. We’ll plow through and finish it, but it’s a labor of love.

  4. Melissa Kocelko says:

    Girl I agree on everything (btw hi!!! β™₯ this) but I’ve loved Arrested since day one and signed a protest to keep it. Too much George senior. Wtf happened to Michael. And I hated how each character had their own show…., why?!?

    • Hey Mel!! Thanks for following my blog πŸ˜€ I miss you!!
      Wayyyy too much George senior! He’s my least favorite! At first I thought it was cool that they would all have their own show. Like, oh sweet a whole show about Gob? But then I realized that it didn’t necessarily mean that it would be funny. Sooo yeah. Weird and annoying.

  5. Marya says:

    Our family was doing a countdown to Episode 4 and what a total disappointment. We watched the show when it aired, when it aired. Like you, we have watched and re-watched Seasons 1, 2, and 3. We own Season 1. And we watch and watch it. That said, what is going on with Season 4? Let me repeat, what is going on in Season 4? I stopped after Episode 3. You hit it on the head with your frustrations: Ron Howard, weird time warps, crazy wrap ups to endings. I am sickened. I am saddened.

    Meredith just asked, ” Did ‘Lily in Canada’ turn black?”

    • Lol yes, Lily in Canada is now back and blacker than ever!

      I agree with you folks. It saddened me that something that was so perfect could be turned into something so dumb. I feel like they had different writers or something. It just didn’t flow the way it used to! 😦 Sad times!

  6. I don’t watch Arrested Development, but as I was here, I thought it would be rude not to say hi. So hi! πŸ˜€ Plus, your new blog layout is awesome.

    • Hey girl hayy! Thanks! For stopping by and admiring my new theme! I feel like I switch it up all too often, but I just can’t help myself sometimes.
      By the way, its really refreshing that you don’t watch AD. I feel like everyone does these days!

  7. I’ve watched about 10 or 11 episodes so far, but I still haven’t read this post. I know you said something in here about the story not being good. Do you feel their plot was a little too Southern California? That is, nobody really cares about the wall between the US and Mexico anywhere else other than that one small part of the country. I think that was one of the reasons why people didn’t get into it much when it was on TV. We already had The OC on Fox and now we’re getting another rich California people show. Have it take place in Jersey. Everyone likes Jersey…

    We will discuss further once I finish, which I plan to this weekend.

    • That’s very nice that you came back to the post. You probably could read it now because I didn’t spoil anything too much. And you would probably understand every point that I was trying to make.
      Yeah the whole build a wall, So Cal thing was kind of boring. They’ve done the Mexico thing before and it’s like ehhh. I feel like they spent way too much time on George Bluth Sr. and Oscar–two characters that kind of switched personalities and now it’s like uber confusing. Idk.
      But yes, Jersey Shore and New Jersey Housewives have both shown that people will watch and adore any show that takes place in NJ.

      • Okay I read through this now. I agree with you on all fronts. It felt too much like they were trying to show how smart they could be by slowly revealing all of their little jokes and stuff. True. They are smart. They don’t need to prove it to us by being so different though.Definitely very confusing at times, especially the first few episodes.

        Was there supposed to be a joke with George Michael and his “antisocial network” and the fact he and Jesse Eisenberg are the same person? I still have a few episodes to go, but I just realized that they probably did that because of how they are the same awkward Jewish kids. I still don’t think there will be a payoff.

      • Thank you for agreeing with me. It’s so rare to hear that these days. Yeah I feel like they were trying too hard to cater to all the fans but then it just didn’t seem genuine after that. It seemed like they were making a show about a show. They are smart, you’re right. Like there were definitely some jokes that made me laugh. I liked when George Michael wrote “Da” on his ballot to kick Michael out of the room. I thought that was awesome. But for the show in general, I thought they were trying to conquer too much.

        Yeah the George Michael thing was an ode to The Social Network I guess. P Hound was a good character that I wanted to see more of. I wish there was more George Michael, GOB, Lindsay, and Buster. 😦

  8. itsmyaveragelife says:

    I never watched the show when it was “fresh”, but I did catch it on Netflix, which is better since no commercials. I was really looking forward to S4, thinking it would be like the original but honestly I had a hard time making it through many of the episodes. The crazy quirky show seemed to be stale and dragging. I was vastly disappointed, but hopefully mistakes and criticisms will lead to a new S5 that will get back to the original fresh and fun show that we enjoyed between S1-S3. I doubt that S5 will be made but I have my fingers crossed.

  9. I agree with the too intertwined storyline. There were moments where I really enjoyed it, but at other times it felt like the whole season was playing catch-up. Which is understandable, but they could have gone about it in a more straight forward manner. The season was alright, but that is about the highest mark I would give it.

    • Yeah I feel like they were trying to accomplish too much in not a lot of time. And I got super tired of Ron Howard’s voice. Like, he if has to explain what’s happening that often, the story line is probably too confusing.
      There were some good parts, but not nearly a good as old episodes. I agree.

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