Things I Miss About England

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to jolly old England and I miss it dearly. I miss my friends, I miss the cozy rainy days (kinda), and I even kind of miss being in school and writing stupid essays the night before they were due. That country gave me 3 great years and I was totally ready to spend the rest of my life back in North America…and now I miss it again šŸ˜¦

Kebabs/Indian food.Ā 

O my G. I miss these foods so much. I mean, yeah we have some good Indian places in the States and in Canada, but you could get the cheapest, spiciest, butteriest Indian food in England. So yum. I have so many memories of getting kebabs at midnight with my friends. Waiting for our meat to be sliced and put in a pita, telling the men who worked there that we needed extra garlic sauce. They would smile, we would drool. Life was good.

Pounds, Pence, and Candy.

Don’t you love the chunkiness of a pound coin? They are awesome. Just when I would think I ran out of money, I would open up my change compartment in my wallet and find about 7 pound coins. It would feel like Christmas. I would spend most of that change on candy. England has the most candy ever. They have candy stores everywhere and pic ‘n mix stations in every grocery store and movie theater. I basically only ate candy for 3 months and my skin broke out and my nails grew really long and thick. It was the scariest thing ever.

Cobblestone Roads and Quaint Cottages.

Not sure about the pose. In the Cotswolds.

Not sure about the pose. In The Cotswolds.

I’m glad I didn’t spend my time living in London because I got to experience more of real life that way. Canterbury was a gem among the boring Kent towns. There was a small town vibe, a bustling High Street, and history everywhere you looked. I loved walking past the dilapidated buildings, the old wooden beams that held up the modern Subway sandwich place. The cobblestone roads set the scene while making the town an obstacle course for freshman going out in their 6 inch heels. So many broken ankles. So much fun.

Pub Life.

Literally living in pubs before, during, and after school.




45 thoughts on “Things I Miss About England

  1. So jealous you got to spend so much time there! It is my dream to go to England someday. I’m impressed with the Indian food you can buy prepackaged at Target so I’m pretty sure that if I ate the real thing, I’d go into a happy coma.

    • You would love it Em. Well, some things are frustrating–it kind of feels like you’re going back in time. But I’m sure you got the same feeling in Korea. You should defs plan a trip for when C is bigger.

    • True story. I didn’t even realize until I lived there for a bit that England’s national dish is curry. So weird. But so good. At least it’s not spotted dick.

  2. Waitrose. Tea. Devonshire cream on anything. Sunday roast, with perfectly roasted potatoes. Wellies. Malmsbury. Scotland. London taxis. Queues. Roundabouts. No, scratch the last one.

    Great list, Lily, with all the right reasons behind your choices.

    • Thanks Ads. Waitrose was good, but I’m more of a Marks and Sparks gal myself. Defs Sunday Roasts and Wellies and taxis and queues. Agreed agreed. Oh and Wimbledon–Devonshire cream on strawbs. šŸ˜€

      • Addie says:

        I loved buying my underthings at Marks ‘n’ Sparks–the good ole USA is behind in understanding nice undergarments. I did shop at Harrods Food Market once–heaven!

  3. I went to France (and Spain) about… six years ago (when did I get so old?) and I LOVED it. Since I was in high school I didn’t appreciate it, but I desperately want to go back and hide in the Louvre for a week and try every crepe place there is.

    • Omg I went on 3 choir trips in high school and I totally didn’t appreciate traveling until later. I was so stupid–in Sydney Australia, I went to the mall. Like, whyyyy?
      When you do go back, you will have an awesome time–and you’ll be able to blog about it so I can live vicariously through you! The Louvre is my happy place. Even the ceilings amaze me.

  4. Top, top post my dear Lily!

    The kebab one made me laugh especially, it’s practically a running joke over here. It’s amazing how many kebab shops you’ll see in one small town, all of them diligently feeding relentlessly drunk people demanding MOAR SALADS on their chips.

    We’ll gladly organise a party for when you come back to us.

    • Yesss. I love that no matter where you are in England, you will be able to find a Kebab shop. So good. MOAR SALADS hehe.

      Definitely! Now I have a reason to visit–to see you and Pete!

  5. I beg to differ on two counts 1)I find London the most miserable, soulless, full-of-assholes utterly overrated and in live with itself or no justifiable reason city in the world and I have lived in both New York and Los Angeles, so to beat both of them to that title is quite an achievement! and 2) The best Indian food in the world is in Canada! Is the Lahore Tikka House (although, I guess that is technically Pakistani) still there in Toronto? if you can eat there and live through the night you’ll know you have accomplished something šŸ™‚ Good times, good times.

    • For realz? I feel like England doesn’t try hard like NYC or LA. The people in both cities are so fake and gross. London is definitely dirty, but I like that it’s old school. I find most cities to feel a bit soulless, but maybe because I know London really well, I don’t get that feeling any more?
      Lol I’m pretty sure every big city has a handful of great Indian places. But England has them everywhere! But I trust that the one in Toronto is awesome though! I’ll have to go there some day!

      • Oh and drugs! london is the most scungy drug city I have ever been in – everywhere you look there are junkies, armpickers or tweakers stumbling about – and I come from Baltimore, so that is saying something!! And beggars – what’s with all the beggars in London?

  6. I know that pose! It’s the “I can’t believe I’m a giant in this miniature town,” pose. Right?
    Great post. Makes me miss all those times I got kebabs at midnight after a night of drinking… Oh, wait, that wasn’t me, I don’t drink or eat kebabs, for that matter. I miss London, too. šŸ˜¦

    • Lol yeah! That’s the pose. The-maybe-this-will-make-me-look-skinny-pose. We’ll have to go back to London soon. We’ll have to hit up Bath and Windsor…and Edinburgh…and Dublin….and Paris.

    • Ahh that’s so comforting! I will make an effort to make it back soon. Pic n Mix needs to make it’s way over to North America one of these days….

  7. Marya says:

    You were very brave to come back to North America, cousin Lily. Very brave, indeed. Elizabeth plans on studying abroad in London around 2015ish. Have you ever heard of the term, “Make Aliyah?” It is when Jews proclaim that the Israel is their (new) homeland. So, around 2015ish, Craig and I are fully prepared to receive a phone call from Elizabeth either in a phone booth or the local Apple store, “Making Aliyah,” to her (new and improved) motherland…England.

    • Oh that’s awesome! Elizabeth will have so much fun and never come back. I went with the intention of staying for 3 months and I ended up staying for 3 years sooooo.
      I’ll make sure to visit Elizabeth when she’s out there! We could show each other our favorite spots…now I have a reason to go!

  8. Lily, I loved this šŸ˜€ as one living in London it is a pleasure to read about the city and the country you have lived in a a while ago and see it with those eyes again. Your post made me laugh out loud! I love the city and I hate it, I have always believe you outgrow london, you know, like it has an expiry date, but 9 years down the line and I am still here. Whenever I go visit friends outside London I miss it, I miss the rush, i miss the crows, I miss how multicultural it is, only when you step away from it you notice how white the rest of the country is and I don’t like it. Gorgeous nature though…must travel around more.

    • Aww thanks so much! šŸ˜€ Yeah I definitely liked how sprawling London was–how much it had to offer. But I had an attachment to city centers and tourist spots like Bath, Canterbury, Oxford, etc.
      Yeah you have some great nature walks in your country. My husband and I bought a book of 100 Walks in Kent (or something like that) and we saw some great spots!

      • I am yet to see Bath, I have always believed it would take a 3 hour coach ride to get there until a colleague of mine told me there is a direct train that goes there and it only takes on hour. Felt like a cretin! True about walks, I am getting into that now.

  9. And you even haven’t seen Belgium yet…
    Nah, just joking! I understand you miss this all. Especially the pubs. I think they’re awesome, though I haven’t beer there myself yet…

    • I knowww! I’m missing out so much! I actually haven’t seen that much of mainland Europe. I need to make my way to Belgium one of these days. You’ll be the first to know when I do!

      You’ll love it when you go. Pubs are good no matter where they are though! šŸ™‚

  10. Pete Howorth says:

    You need to come to England anyway to come and see me! šŸ˜› it’s funny with kebabs because you’d never willingly go into a kebab shop while you’re sober at 12 in the afternoon and demand a kebab; the very thought sickens me but after 7or 8 pints of dirty beer there’s nothing better than some random Asian guy slicing some non-descript meat into a tray. YUM. I love how you’re almost as tall as that cottage too, all I can say is hurry up and visit while I still have a job and money šŸ˜€

    • Dude, yes. One of these days, I’ll be over there and it will be a glorious reunion (well technically it will just be a union because we’v never met before!)
      I’ve been gross and gotten a kebab for lunch because I had a weird craving for them once. But they do taste better at night for sure.
      Hah yeah I don’t think I would’ve fit into those cottages had I gone inside… šŸ˜¦ I’m too big for your country!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        God help you if you ever went to Japan then! šŸ˜›

        There’s nothing quite like waking up on a Sunday morning with the distinct taste of garlic in the back of your throat from the lashings of garlic sauce, urgh, the very smell of that sends me heaving until I’ve smashed a few pints down first. Having one in the afternoon, I thought that was illegal. You’re a bad ass Lillington.

  11. Oohh! I’m visiting London in a couple of months, so I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for all the candy! I’m actually eating candy at work right now, so let’s just say I’m preparing in advance.

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