I don’t know about you, but I have to laugh every time I hear the song ‘Babylon’ by David Gray. You may or may not know that often times US interrogators use barring music as a form of torture in order to get answers or responses from the people they’re questioning. It’s hard for me to imagine loud music on repeat ever bothering me, never mind torturing me, but I’m sure it’s painful and I wouldn’t ever want to experience it.

The thing that makes me giggle is that David Gray’s soft-spoken lyrics and smooth guitar melodies have been used to such torture. Take a moment and picture an inmate at Guantanamo crying, in pain from David Gray’s voice. Torture is not funny, but this image for some reason makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous.

The idea that his music could be seen as torturous to people pushed David Gray to address the media saying that “It doesn’t matter what the music is–it could be Tchaikovsky’s or it could be Barney the Dinosaur.” Meaning that, if any type of music is loud enough and played over and over, it will be painful. But they didn’t pick Tchaikovsky or Barney, Mr. Gray, they picked your mellow voice.

One night at dinner, ‘Babylon’ came on and I mentioned the whole debacle to my dad and brother and husband (who already knew about it). We all had a bit of a laugh thinking about the torture music we were listening to and my husband, Paul, defended Gray’s honor by noting that his album, White Ladder was featured in Rolling Stones’ Top 1,000 Albums of All Time.

My brother then responded, “Yeah it’s in my Top 1,000 Albums too because I can’t even think of 1,000 albums.”

I don’t know why, but I found this super hilarious and almost died laughing.

Do you like David Gray’s music or is it like torture to you?


15 thoughts on “Babylon

  1. Seen him, back right after Babylon came out.

    The Ting Tings are audio kryptonite to me. I took my girl to see Pink,and they opened.
    The horror. The horror…

    • Haven’t you seen everyone, Guap?

      Lol The Ting Tings! I actually like a couple of their songs, but I can imagine them being awful live. Heh. What a good dad you are…so many sacrifices!

  2. I have a soft spot for David Gray, but probably because it brings back memories of Napster. I’ll be listening to music with a new focus from now on.

  3. That is so crazy that David Gray is used to administer torture when there are so many more horrible, repetitive tunes to choose from! (John Mayor, I’m looking at you.) I’m not a huge fan of David Gray but I certainly don’t dislike his music. He was always on heavy rotation when I worked at the Gap.

    • I love that you’ve worked at Gap and Restoration Hardware and that you always remember the tunes they played. His music is fine, I mean, I could take it or leave it. I would be sooo offended if I were him though. I think he tried to sue someone about it. Or maybe I’m making that up. I just like picturing him super mad and in a rage because his music is so calm…

  4. I’ll take it over Barney. I can say listening to Tiny Tim would make me confess in a few minutes. Or, put me in a car with two crying toddlers…I’ll make up stuff in order to get out.

    I, personally, can name six albums (none of them contain Mr. G’s music). The idea of naming 1,000 is just plain silly. You could throw in anything and no person would argue because they’d be afraid they’d look like an ass.

    • Yeah definitely. There are many a tune I would confess for, but David Gray’s songs just seem so lame. Hah.

      Yes. You understand why I was laughing so hard. After I typed it out, I figured some people wouldn’t get what I was saying. Hah yeah you could just start making up bands and obscure album names and no one would really know. There are sooo many bands now a days.

  5. I bet if they gave these artists royalties for all the times they used it to torture Ali Al Blowupalotofpeople they would shut up.

    David Grey would be torture after awhile, say two or three minutes.

    • Zing! Yeah I only really know the one song of his and it isn’t even that good. It makes me feel weird. Hahah

      Omg imagine if they did get royalties? I would make awful music with an instrument I don’t know how to play and volunteer my tunes just to make easy money.

  6. I love David Gray, I almost did a Music Monday on him; I dunno about the torture thing though; I’ll have to try it the next time I’m alone, cuff myself, strap on a blindfold and just put it on repeat to see if I go mental. That should waste a day in itself. 🙂

    I love your brothers comment, so true; who could think of a 1000 albums?

    • Lol yeah I don’t think I could think of that many albums, but I do have a lot of artists in my itunes, so maybe I could? It was damn funny at the time though.
      Yeah David Gray is pretty soothing, but I’ve never really giving his music a chance and now I don’t think I could because all I can think of is torture.
      Lol yeah you should try to torture yourself. My mom once told me that waterboarding looked like fun sooooo.

      • I always wanted to try water boarding. Maybe get some waterproof headphones, blast Babylon on really loud, wrap my face in a towel and put my head under the shower… Imagine if I got caught doing that; I think I’d be seeing the inside of a padded cell pretty soon after that.

      • Carter says:

        I tried waterboarding myself once. It wasn’t that bad. I can imagine it would be worse if you didn’t have control of the shower faucet though.

  7. Carter says:

    1,000 Albums comment is great. Such sharp tongues on you folks.

    Do you think they picked “Babylon” because that was supposed to make them homesick (re: the historic location of Babylon being in Iraq)? I know if I came from a desert land, I would cry every time they played that Sting song, Desert Rose. I mean, I cry when it happens now.

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